Aging Skin: 15 Signs And Some Great Home Remedies To Deal With It

By Simi
Aging Skin: 15 Signs And Some Great Home Remedies To Deal With It

Unfortunately, aging is part of a normal process. Being older and wiser brings some wonderful benefits, you might still feel young, but your body will begin to show some subtle and not so subtle signs of aging. Your skin is the first to demonstrate this, and you will soon notice the signs of your aging skin. There are many ways that the process of aging will affect your skin.

As your skin begins to age, you might notice the first signs of change. The main cause of these changes is a loss of the skin’s elasticity. Your hormones change as you age, and so does the way your body produces both collagen and elastin. These are mainly responsible for keeping the skin smooth.

Tight youthful looking skin even as you age can be achieved by taking care of internal and external factors. Some of the main factors that affect your skin are harsh weather conditions, sun, and pollution and not keeping it pristine clean.  Internally you can ruin your radiant complexion by poor nutrition, excess alcohol consumption, and by not drinking enough water.

A lot of the research on aspects of aging skin dwells on the aesthetic aspects of the aging skin. Scientific research is aimed at ending or reversing signs of aging. Here are 15 signs of aging skin and how you can combat some of these problems with remedies that you already have in your home.

1. Wrinkles on your Neck

These lines that run across your neck are somewhat unkindly referred to as “Turkey neck.” These are one of the first signs of your skin losing elasticity. This jowly look comes from a loss in the elasticity of the skin’s inner dermal layer of the skin. The dermal layer is the next layer under the surface of the skin, and it contains collagen, which gives the skin its flexibility and smoothness.

Once the production of collagen is reduced, the subcutaneous fat layer starts to thin, and the skin starts to sag. The neck is a large smooth, thin expanse of skin, so it loses its elasticity quicker. Losing weight can emphasize this effect and so can exposure to sun and weather extremes.

Drinking plenty of water will help moisturize the skin over your whole body, but it will also help to remove neck wrinkles. As you age, drinking lots of water is even more important for your health. Being properly hydrated can help remove toxins from the skin and plump out your wrinkles. Your collagen production will increase with a diet that contains antioxidants, like raw fruits, berries, and vegetables.

Your neck will thank you for using a good sunscreen not only on your face but also right down to any exposed décolleté. This delicate area is prone to dryness, and a good daily moisturizer will make a difference. Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and massage oil. Massage it into your skin with slow, upward movements. Regular massage before you go to bed will also help to tighten the skin and increase the circulation.