All the Information Known About COVID-19 Thus Far

Asian civets were responsible for transmitting the disease to humans. Shutterstock.

How Can Coronaviruses Hurt the Body?

These viruses usually have pneumonia-like symptoms, including inflammation in the lungs, fever, and respiratory illness. Coronavirus can be transmitted to humans from animals. SARS causing germs, for example, were transferred to humans from the civet, a cat-like animal that is native to tropical Asia and Africa. The World Health Organization states that several known coronaviruses are circulating among these animals, which have not yet been transmitted to humans.


However, it appears that the latest coronavirus can be spread amongst humans through humans. The source of this new mysterious disease has not been determined yet. However, the Hua Nan Seafood Wholesale Market, Wuhan’s large animal and seafood market, is taken as the birthing place of this virus. It is because many of the patients affected by this illness’ outbreak went to this market. It can be hard to determine the exact place the disease originated from since Wuhan is home to more than 11 million residents.