8 Amazing Facts about Left Handed People

6. They are very good artists Arts is more inclined to thinking. Whichever the art one is involved in, you need to think big and come… Denis Courtney - July 24, 2016

6. They are very good artists


Arts is more inclined to thinking. Whichever the art one is involved in, you need to think big and come up with something that can be heard/ seen or felt by others. We all know that art is not as easy as its spelling, its a matter of creativity and thoughtfulness.

You may have noticed that your left handed friends are more inclined to take artistic careers unlike the right handed lot. This is because they are good in divergent thinking. This simply means that they are better in idea generation that explores the various solutions to a problem. I don’t know if you have noticed but various successful celebrities like Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, and Oprah Winfrey among others are left handed. A pro-lefties research which was conducted sometime back also showed that lefties tended to find advantages in music, arts, sports and information Technology fields unlike their counterparts. Another plus is that they are more likely to lean on visual based courses while in school and not the languages as they are good in drawing and coming up with creative ideas

7. Left-handers recover after stroke.


The logic behind this claim is still unclear. Scientists however believe that this could be attributed to the fact that while they were trying to adjust and navigate the right minded world, they too strengthened both sides of their brains. Another factor is that when they suffer from stroke, they are still able to use their non-dominant hand making it easier for them to recover easily from the damages of stroke on their brain. This does not necessarily mean that their recovery from stroke will be easier than their counterparts but that they can easily adapt to using their non-dominant side.

However, this fact just tries to explain the fact that a left handed individual has higher chances of recovering from a stroke attack as opposed to a right handed individual. This group of people must be a luck lot.

8. Lefties like drinking alcohol


Anyone can be an alcoholic whether they are left or right-handed as this depends heavily on your emotional state. In the case of left-handers, there is no clear conclusive evidence as to whether they are alcoholics. There is however a myth that suggests that lefties are more likely to be alcoholics. A research which was conducted on about 25,000 people from 12 different countries however showed difference results. It was discovered that even if lefties are not prone to becoming alcoholics, they tend to drink frequently than their right-handed counterparts. This was concluded that lefties just simply like letting loose and having fun and not necessarily because they are addicts.

There are so many myths surrounding left handed people. It just takes the right people with the right minds to understand and adjust to their needs. If you happen to have a child or a relative with lefty tendencies, just embrace them because they have very amazing attributes and talents you can all benefit from today and in the future. You may not see them today but you will surely experience time in due time.