Cosmetic Surgery Altered these People’s Lives Forever

8. A Major Mistake At A Young Age A deleted Reddit user is upset by her decisions. She says, “I got breast implants in my early… Trista - September 8, 2021

Plastic surgery can be a life-changing experience for those in desperate need of help. People with deformities or others with damage from an accident just want their lives back. Plastic surgery is often very expensive, so you should be sure it’s what you want before proceeding. After scouring Reddit in search of some great stories, here is a complete list about people with plastic surgery. More importantly, how they changed after going under the knife — for better or worse. Does gettinga boob job or new nose really fix everything? These celebs became unrecongizable after getting extreme makeovers! Keep reading for stories about what getting plastic surgery is really like from actual people. Is the before and after everything they wanted?


30. A Wonderful Experience

Ellumina talks about a life-changing experience with her eyes. She says,” I had double eyelid surgery on one eye due to uneven eyelids (one eye had a natural double eyelid, the other did not). The unevenness made me self-conscious, even though no one ever noticed it. I still remember applying blue eyeshadow evenly on my eyes in middle school and not understanding why one eye showed the blue and one eye didn’t when I had both eyes opened. I’m so glad I did the surgery. It was pretty minor (suture-based, no incision, so it’s reversible), but I feel a lot better about myself.

“Doing eye makeup was a bit easier too because I used to have to do my eye makeup in a way to make my eyelids look even. Here is an album of my surgery. Monolids are beautiful and aren’t something that needs to be “fixed.” I wish people didn’t feel pressured into getting surgery (only do it if that’s what you truly want, as opposed to just societal pressure to fit in), but it just seems like this is the norm in many Asian countries. For myself, I don’t think I would’ve had surgery done if BOTH my eyes were even monolids. I just hated how uneven my eyelids used to be.”


29. A Reddit User With Regrets

A deleted Reddit user says, “One of my breasts never fully developed. By the time I was 16, my left was a full D, and my right an A. My doctor considered it a birth defect, as tissue never developed on the underside of the right one, but the top half grew somewhat normally. I was incredibly self-conscious because it was pretty noticeable in clothes if I didn’t wear something in my bra to fill it out, and I could never be in bathing suits around people. At 17, I had a saline implant put in, and it drastically changed my self-esteem for the better. I could wear clothes that fit normally and comfortably, and I recovered just in time to fill out my dream prom dress. The only things I regret: 1- I had it put in really early. While it helped high school me, adult me continued to grow chest wise. My left is a DD, and my right is a small D. It’s noticeable with my shirt off but not much else, and it doesn’t bother me at all, but given a second chance, I might’ve waited until I had grown more.

“2- I did absolutely no long-term research. At the time, my health insurance covered a significant portion of the procedure because it was considered a birth defect, and my dad covered the rest. But implants need to be replaced eventually, and I’m nearing ten years post-surgery with no health insurance and no 4K to spare on an emergency boob job. With that being said, I can’t imagine not having it done. It’s done wonders for my confidence! It came to light later that my sister had the same defect. The doctors think it’s either genetic (although we have no known history) or a side effect of my mom’s prolonged drug use either during or before pregnancy. We’re so lucky to have a great father, and I feel lucky I’m able to guide my sister through her process, something I wish I had myself.”


28. A Tragic Ending

An unknown Reddit user shares her story, and it’s what you’d expect. “I had a bi-lateral breast reduction nine years ago. My left nipple became necrotic, and I lost it. There is a weird crater there now. I have also lost my husband because of it. My self-esteem was blown, and I fell apart. I am severely depressed and am not looking forward to the future alone. It’s actually not quite the same. When you have a mastectomy, they remove the nipple and cover the area with skin from the surrounding tissue. I basically got gangrene and lost just the nipple.”

“It went deep, so I had to be hooked up to a machine that removed all the air from the wound and encouraged scar growth. So, instead of a canvas of clean skin, I have a deep scar in a circle on my breast. That’s the gist, anyway.” I’m sure this isn’t what this poor woman was expecting. On top of having a botched breast reduction, she also lost her husband. It sure says a lot about her husband’s character – leaving his wife because of a botched surgery. That’s terrible, and she certainly didn’t deserve to be treated that way.


27. Things Will Work Out

IJustGotBurgers357 shares a co-worker’s experience with plastic surgery. “My co-worker had her right breast removed due to cancer. They did reconstructive surgery that did NOT go well. Her whole right side is sunken in and scarred. While all this was going on, her husband started cheating on her. They divorced. She was 45 and thought she would never find anyone to love her. Then one day, a man walked into our work, and they hit it off. She just turned 50 yesterday and is celebrating three years with her new man who looks at her like she is an absolute goddess!”

“This man worships the ground she walks on, scars and all. You will find your value again. Don’t give up!!” Aww, I’m glad this story has such a happy ending. Everyone deserves to love and be loved in return. This Reddit user got it right. You should never give up. Things may seem awful right now, but the sun will shine again and lead you to greater things. Bumps in the road happen, but everything happens for a reason. Everything will get better. It’s so heartwarming to hear a story like this one. I wholeheartedly believe there is someone out there for everyone, no matter how you look, your beliefs, or your interests.


26. Onward To Better Times

Tookie7 says, “I had a rhinoplasty done this year. My life is so much better. My nose wasn’t the worst thing ever, but I had a hump, and I didn’t like its shape. I’d wanted a nose job since I was a teenager. Now, weirdly, the best part of it is that I don’t think about my nose. Unless I’m looking in the mirror, it’s no longer on my mind like it was before. It’s not a worry I carry with me everywhere anymore. When I do look in the mirror, the cute nose I have now made me so happy. It’s really just been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. In terms of others, I don’t think anyone would have pinpointed that my nose was different afterward. I think it looked like something was different, but people weren’t sure what. I didn’t do this for others. Yes, I did it for me.

“Edit: so many replies! Thanks, everyone! A couple of people have asked how much it was, and I mention it in the comments, but I figured I’d include it up here – it was 8,500 USD. Recovery wasn’t too bad! There was never any pain. I didn’t need or use the painkillers they gave me. There also wasn’t any gauze or stuffing shoved up my nose when they were finished, as many people think. Rhinoplasties are advancing in such a way where that isn’t always necessary anymore. My nose did swell, externally and internally, so I couldn’t breathe out of it for four days. It definitely pays off to go to a reputable, good surgeon.”


25. A Major Confidence Booster

Mushiemadness shares her experience going under the knife. She says, “I had a tummy tuck. From weight gain/ loss, I had a big piece of tummy that hungover and wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. Getting it removed was the best thing I’ve ever done. Exercising was easier, my clothes fit better, and the impact on my confidence was huge. I had surgery. The piece was so big that I don’t think an alternative would have got me anywhere. I only did my stomach, as it was the area that caused me the most distress.”

“It didn’t scar very nicely but compared to what was there before. It’s incomparable. I have a large scar from hip to hip, and half is okay, but the other half is still (two years later) raised and uneven. I’m pregnant now, so I am anxious to see how it goes. I’m in Australia, and it was $10k for everything.” It sounds like this woman had a remarkable experience with plastic surgery. It helped her to feel more confident in her body and also exercise more often to keep the weight off. These types of surgeries do come with some risks, and I’m glad she didn’t experience anything other than scarring.


24. A Horrible Experience

Ovaryeacting says, “I got LASIK and have had a horrible experience since day one. My eyes are always dry, and I’ve spent more money on eye drops than I have on food. My complaints have always been met with, “use more eye drops” or “give it time.” It’s been almost a year, and I use eye drops all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing in 20/20, but even my optometrist has told me that the dryness is keeping my eyes from reaching their full potential. It sucks, but all I can do is continue to drown my eyes in eye drops and wait for things to improve.”

It must be awful to have to use eye drops all the time to ensure your eyes aren’t dry. This poor woman regrets her decision to have LASIK surgery. Sometimes the risk of these types of surgeries just isn’t worth it. I wonder how bad her vision was beforehand? She makes it sound like it wasn’t worth it, but if she’s seeing better, isn’t that the entire goal? I can’t imagine having surgery on my eyes. This sounds absolutely terrifying as it is probably a possibly you could lose your sight. Do you wonder how often something like this happens with LASIK surgery?


23. Contacts Fixed The Problem

A Reddit user by the name of pipestream shares a story about their Father’s experience with eye surgery. Pipestream goes on to say, “My dad lost most of his tear production after a pretty intense treatment program, but he has been given these contact lenses that cover half of his eyeball. He drips in fluid before putting them in, and it’s helped immensely. Before getting them, he’d get to around noon, and then he practically couldn’t see any longer, and his eyes would feel terrible. Now he still uses eye drops, but he functions decently until evening.”

“I don’t know the cost, though, or how available they are. We are so fortunate to have excellent health care (Scandinavia), so we got all, or at least most of the costs covered.” I’m glad this Reddit user’s dad was able to find something that helped his eyes. Although it’s technically not a surgery, he was still likely in pain from having dry eyes. Speaking from personal experience, the dry eye feels like you have sandpaper in your eye. It’s awful, and I wouldn’t wish the pain on my worst enemy. This man was lucky enough to have remarkable health care coverage to cover the cost of his contacts.


22. Enjoying Intimacy Is An Important Part Of A Relationship

Pineal_entrance had a unique surgery to improve her sex life. She says, “Okay, this may sound like a joke, but it’s real. I had cosmetic surgery on my vagina (labiaplasty), and honestly, everything about my sexiness has changed. I can wear tight little thongs, really naughty lingerie, and tight swimwear without being self-conscious. It’s also way more comfortable! My sex life has skyrocketed. I feel amazing. Finally, I look the way I always wanted to. I can have rough sex without it hurting. I can play with toys without my lips getting in the way. Sex feels better and doesn’t hurt me whatsoever anymore.”

“I didn’t realize how much it was actually bothering me until I did something about it. I’m sorry if that’s too much information, but nobody talks about it because it’s considered “taboo.” I believe this topic should be something we can talk about freely. How did I pay for it? Well, I got a loan at the age of 23. I knew if I didn’t, I would regret my sex life in my twenties.” Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their body. This woman was having difficulty with her sex life, so she decided to have surgery to repair her vagina. Intimacy is an important part of every romantic relationship.


21. It Wasn’t An Issue For Her

Reddit user thesixthamethyst shares her personal experience with a certain body part. “I had inverted nipples, and for some reason, I didn’t realize it until my mid-twenties. I don’t know how I didn’t notice mine were different from others. But honestly, my ignorance was my saving grace. I never felt uncomfortable, and I never had a partner even comment on it. It was a non-issue all around. I only discovered it because my sister had it too and brought it up. She actually had surgery to fix hers. I definitely think women can be our own worst enemies when it comes to body “anomalies.”

“I don’t even like that term because I don’t think they’re anomalies. Mainstream media/advertising/social media has made us think that. Anyway, after pregnancy, my nipples turned the opposite way. They haven’t inverted anymore, and you know, I kind of miss them the way they were. Anyway, I’m not criticizing you for changing yours. I hope this doesn’t come out that way – just offering my thoughts/experience with inverted nipples.” I agree. It seems like something like inverted nipples would be a non-issue. She’s comfortable in her body and shouldn’t have to change it for anyone. Her sister felt the need to have hers repaired, as is her right.


20. A Rough Go Of It

MrsBox had a rough start to her life. She says, “For a bit of a different take on it, I had plastic and microsurgery followed by cosmetic surgery before I turned 2. The family dog attacked me and tore up half my face. Literally, a quarter of the skin and muscles on my face are just hanging there. I had to have Emergency surgery to return blood flow (micro/plastic), then cosmetic to neaten it up. It’s not what most people think of when asking about cosmetic surgery! I’m certainly grateful for it but wish I could tweak a couple of things.”

“My eyebrows and eyelids are distinctly uneven to me. Others don’t notice it, but I do. It was A minor thing, I know. Other than that, it’s some muscle differences that are showing up now in my forehead, where pulling the skin and muscle tight to cover the damage means I’m getting a wrinkle on one side and not the other. Neither issue is a “big deal” to me, just things that sometimes bug me very minorly. I’m super happy actually to have a face at all, you know, so I’m not complaining!” Wow, What an awful thing to happen to a baby!.


19. The Right Decision For Them

Embracing_insanity says, “I also got a nose job – when I was 23. It made all the difference to me. I felt so much more comfortable with myself after. Even though many people said they couldn’t really tell the difference – for me, it made a huge difference and was the best decision ever. I was also fortunate to have no pain after the day of surgery – and the day of, I was mostly loopy coming off anesthesia. But, the next day, when I was supposed to take a pain pill, I didn’t need it. I didn’t end up using any of them because I really had no pain.”

“It was also partially covered by my insurance as they also corrected a deviated septum, and I went from a mouth breather to a nose breather! I never actually realized how bad my stuffiness was until after. I always wondered how people could breathe through just their noses because whenever I tried, I’d feel like I was suffocating. The only downside is that ever since I’ve had a perpetually runny nose and have turned into my grandmother with tissues in all of my pockets. It was still totally worth it.” It sounds like this woman had a wonderful experience with her plastic surgery. She can finally breathe through her nose, too!


18. Her Mom Made The Decision

Babaorom shares her plastic surgery story. “I live in a city where plastic surgery is so frequent it’s almost the norm. My mom actually pushed me to have a nose job when I was 16. I had broken my nose when I was 9. And I admit the bump always bothered me to a point where I’d try to hide it however I could. I was self-conscious and extremely shy. I asked for the bump to be the only thing they would touch, but my mom must have asked them to “fix” the tip as well because my nose turned out to be noticeably shorter and thinner.”

“I’m 16 now and super happy with my nose. I feel prettier and a lot less insecure. But I can’t help but feel like a fraud sometimes when people call me pretty. Maybe because it wasn’t really my choice? I don’t know. I’m always scared someone is going to find some old photos and ask about them. I know I would not have felt as pretty with my real nose, but I would have liked a chance to try to accept myself the way I am.” Wow, she’s so young! I can’t imagine having surgery like that at such a young age.


17. Plastic Surgery Can Mean A Better Quality Of Life

Rey8 had a medical illness that causes her breasts not to form correctly. “I had a breast reconstruction/augmentation at the age of 17 to correct my severe case of tuberous breasts. I’m 20 years old now and so grateful that my parents allowed and supported me with my decision to have surgery, as my self-esteem has improved immensely. I finally feel comfortable in my body. I also have PCOS and a range of other health issues that aren’t exactly treatable, so being able to fix that cosmetic issue had a huge positive impact on my life.”

This woman had tuberous breasts – a condition caused by a congenital abnormality. It causes the breasts to be misshapen and not form correctly during puberty. I can imagine something like this would leave you feeling different from everyone else. Your self-esteem would take a major hit, so the logical choice is to fix it, so you’re able to have a positive outlook on life. She also has PCOS, which makes it difficult to have children and causes a variety of health problems like diabetes, hirsutism( hair in areas of the body where it shouldn’t be), and more. It’s devastating for those who have it. So, having reconstructive surgery gives this Reddit user the confidence for a better quality of life.


16. Such A Sad Story

Wolfslinge shares a shocking story from their childhood. They say, “I had ten surgeries to remove burns I got when I was eight months old from hot water. I have a brother who is eight years older than me. This was back in the ’90s when you could change your hot water tank before they changed that. Well, my brother took me from my crib, swaddled me in a baby blanket, and then took me to the back of the house. He turned up the hot water tank, then turned on the shower and tub because the ’90s, and then tried to drown me in the water. To this day, everyone, including him, says it was my other brother, who was only five at the time.

“He was definitely not tall enough to reach the hot water tank. I have been tormented about them pretty much my whole life, and I have always had problems with my self-esteem because of them. Most of the surgeries were done between 16 and 17. I dropped out of school because of the stress of dealing with people asking about what was happening and mocking me for the scars. And I have only recently come to terms with my burns still being here. I may always have a bit of resentment about not having pristine-looking skin. Maybe I would have ended up with a big ego, though otherwise.”


15. It Changed Her Views

Smallcircus talks about her experience with breast augmentation. “I also had Breast augmentation. It’s been two years, and it’s still the best thing I’ve ever done. Apparently, I have body dysmorphia, and this did wonder for my confidence. Especially since I’m a Burlesque dancer and my pre-surgery confidence got so low that I wouldn’t even perform. I got the teardrop shape and quite a small/modest size, so you wouldn’t know I’d had it done unless I’d told you. It’s made me look more proportional and healthy, plus I could actually find clothes that fit my chest properly.

I’m also considering getting liposuction on my tummy next year to sort out a stubborn estrogen dominance pouch. However, I’m still being stubborn about that. I’m a strong advocate for “why get surgery if you can solve the problem with hard work.” However, I’ve been working on this tummy for six years, and it’s more stubborn than I am. I’m an advocate for everyone deserving the right to feel comfortable in their body. This woman had a serious illness called body dysmorphia that causes you to perceive your body in a different way than it actually looks. This mental illness can be dangerous for those suffering from it.


14. Ear Troubles

Ataxy talks about her surgery experience. “I had my ears pinned back and reshaped when I was 14. It completely changed my life. I was so embarrassed by my ears and would never stop thinking things like “are my ears showing?” or “are they looking at my ears?” I would spend so long getting ready before school to put my hair up in a way that they were somehow covered as we weren’t allowed to wear our hair down at school. I wasn’t even bullied about them that much. To be completely honest, they were just something I loathed myself.”

“Finally, after years of mentioning my ears and suggesting it, my parents booked me in to get them pinned back, and it completely changed my life. If there’s something you’re so heavily caught up on that it is seriously ruining your day-to-day life, I really recommend cosmetic surgery.” This Reddit user was uncomfortable with the way her ears stuck out from her head. It made her so uncomfortable that she would do whatever she could to hide them. That’s no way to live. She decided the best course of action was to get the surgery and feel more comfortable.


13. She Had No Regrets With Her Plastic Surgery

Lorrien says, “Last year, I got a nose job, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!!!! My old nose didn’t really fit my small face; it had a huge bump, and the tip was really bulbous. Sometimes people would ask me if I had broken my nose in sports, and I’d have to say no, it just looks like this. My new nose is small, delicate, and fits my face a lot better. The biggest difference I notice is that my glasses aren’t always sliding off my bump (yay), and I am okay with people taking pictures of me from the side.

“Before, I would be so self-conscious of people even looking at me from the side, and I never ever wore my hair up because I felt like it made my nose look bigger. I am so much more comfortable and confident in myself since I’m not thinking, “I hate my nose” every time I look in the mirror.” This woman got a major confidence boost when she had her nose job. The surgery for this requires breaking the nose and resetting it into a better shape. That must be so painful! I couldn’t imagine going through something like that and dealing with that kind of pain.


12. Plastic Surgery Was The Best Decision Of Her Life

Missgryffindor discusses, “I had a breast reduction, and I went from a size I to a size D. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of weight lifted from my shoulders. So I literally said to my mom that I felt like my shoulders were at my ears because of how light they felt. I absolutely love it! I didn’t have a ton of pain after mine, just discomfort. The first day was the worst, but I slept for the most part. After that, I used a lot of ice. Absolutely no regrets.”

“Now, I can buy shirts that fit my whole torso, not just on “can my boobs fit?” Even with t-shirts, it was a pain as I’d end up with such a long shirt. It was pretty much a dress. Another thing is now I can buy bras at normal stores! My bras were so expensive, and I had to go to a specialty shop, but now I can just go to Kohl’s or any department store.” This poor woman had to deal with having such large breasts that I’m sure caused a lot of pain in her back. Now she’s able to feel more comfortable and buy the clothes she likes, instead of what fits.


11. Becoming Who She Always Was

A deleted Reddit user shares her experience of becoming a woman. She goes on to say, “I don’t know if transgender women are welcome in this thread, but I had a trachea shave (reduction of the adam’s apple), and it has really helped my confidence a lot. My profile looks a lot different now, and I’m not constantly putting stuff in front of my neck to hide it while talking to people. It really sucks being that conscious about a body part because people make (in this case, accurate) assumptions based on that body part, or it confuses people and makes them unsure if you’re male or female.”

“I’m still not the most feminine-looking woman in the world, but at least I don’t have what looks like a knuckle poking out of my throat.” I just want to say to this woman, of course, you’re welcome! Going through such a transformative moment in your life is sure to be a stressful experience. I’m happy she was able to get surgery if it helps her feel more comfortable in her own skin. Everyone, no matter their race, gender, or sexual preferences, deserves to live a long and happy life. It’s good she feels more confident now after what I’m sure was a painful surgery.


10. Kids Can Be Cruel

Mxivme talks about a high school surgery experience. They say, “I’m not sure if this counts, but I had little cartilage in my ear and had to get it reconstructed in high school. I was bullied for it as a kid, and one kid tried to bully me with edited photos of my ear on dumbo in high school, but then my boyfriend threatened to kick his butt, but that’s another story for another time haha. I’m glad I got my dad to help me get it done and fixed before I went into college! I never really paid any attention to it unless people were saying rude comments.”

“I’m glad nobody has anything to say anymore, and there are no other deformities I have now.” This poor girl was bullied because of a deformity. Kids can be very cruel, especially in middle and high school. She didn’t deserve the ridicule for something she couldn’t help. I’m sure she’s glad she was able to get the surgery and stop the bullying. Hopefully, she didn’t have to deal with any more bullies after the surgery. Please don’t bully people; no one deserves that. And the people who do it should take a better look at their own lives before dishing it out to someone else.


9. She Learned From Her Mistakes

Hkyogi shares,” I had breast augmentation surgery last year in December, followed by an explant (breast implant removal) in May. My breast implant experience was absolutely horrible. I had small breasts (not even a full A cup) and always thought I would benefit from a bit more curve to my figure. I was always afraid of the aesthetic outcome but felt the push to do so when I started dating a new partner who was excited and supportive of the idea. After surgery, I was about a 30D, and they looked godawful. I was devastated by my body but hoped in time they would soften and become natural-looking.”

“They never did settle in, and in fact, they came to cause me immense amounts of pain. Working out became a source of pain instead of pride. I struggled to cook because carrying heavy shopping hurt my chest, and chopping was painful too. They were honestly a nightmare. I cried almost every day I had them and finally found the courage to get them explanted. My breasts are now back to their former glory (albeit with some new scars), and I have a newfound appreciation for my small natural boobs. Sure, I’m pretty flat, but I’m finally pain-free and would never consider implants ever again!”


8. A Major Mistake At A Young Age

A deleted Reddit user is upset by her decisions. She says, “I got breast implants in my early twenties, and it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made and probably ever will. I immediately felt ashamed and didn’t want anyone to notice. So, I stopped meeting up with friends. And I wore baggy clothing. I’d done it with the mistaken belief it would increase my self-confidence. Clearly, it did quite the opposite. Most importantly, despite eventually getting them removed, I will never be able to feel either of my ENTIRE breasts again. The surgery caused permanent nerve damage, and for nearly ten years and the rest of my life, I have had zero sensation. It was the worst thing I have ever done.”

This Reddit user believed getting implants would boost her self-confidence when, in fact, it did quite the opposite. She felt ashamed by her choice and immediately wanted them removed. Please make sure the work you want is actually important. Never do a life-altering surgery unless it’s medically necessary. She also says she can’t feel her breasts anymore, and the nerve damage caused by the surgery will never go away. It’s possible that she even has nerve pain from her decision. So, think long and hard before making such a huge decision like this. Keep reading for more stories about how plastic surgery changed people’s lives!


7. Possible Regrets With This Plastic Surgery

ItsallvowelsbutY discusses her experience with plastic surgery. She says, “I had a breast reduction at 19. Suddenly people stopped openly talking about and ogling my body. I didn’t feel like I looked too sexy when I was just trying to wear normal, flattering clothes anymore. I think I stopped getting attention from people who were only interested in my chest. But my breasts were kinda flat and saggy post-op. Now they would only be appreciated by a select few. After I gave birth, they went back up to a G cup. For those of you who don’t know, that’s rather big.

“I don’t know how out of control they would have been if I hadn’t had the reduction. Now they are back to a D. I barely ever think about them.” ving a breast reduction surgery is a safe procedure meant for those dealing with pain and body image. This Reddit user had large breasts and decided to get breast reduction surgery at a young age. I’m sure she was in a lot of pain from her breasts and decided it just wasn’t worth it. It seems like she liked the attention she was getting from people before her surgery, but people shouldn’t be looking at her breasts – they should check out her personality instead. It sounds like the smaller size worked out well for her at the end, which is a good thing because a lifetime of back pain from large breasts just isn’t worth it.

6. A Major Change For Teeth

Ekboney00 talks about a significant change in their mouth. They go on to say, “I’ve been wanting to get those invisiliners braces for my teeth. My top teeth are mostly straight, but I have huge gaps in them. When I was a kid, I was told that if I got braces, I would only need one tooth pulled, which is fine. Go ahead and take the one that has a million cavities. I feel like I have such a pretty smile, but I’m very insecure about having such an overbite. I really don’t want to feel insecure anymore.”


“Edit: I find it humorous on a thread about cosmetic alterations; I want to get braces because I don’t like how my teeth stick out at almost a 45-degree angle. People are saying, “Don’t do it, I think you look great!” Also, people, I sucked my thumb because my family life was so terrible I needed that much additional comfort to sleep at night. Every time I consider my smile, I have to consider that as well. Thank you for the compliments, but what matters here is that I am uncomfortable with my smile.” I say, go for it!”. You shouldn’t have to feel insecure like that.


5. A Significant Change That Cost Some Significant Change

Cunnilingonberry talks about her plastic surgery experience, saying, “I had a tummy tuck and breast lift/reduction a little over five years ago. All in all, it cost around $14k US, and I am so happy I did it. I had lost over 100lbs and had a large flap of stomach skin. My breast had gone from a size 44f down to a size 36dd and was very saggy and pointed downward. The surgery gave me body confidence that I had never had, having been overweight since childhood.”

“I was in my mid-20s when I had the surgery, positive I didn’t want any more kids (already had one son when I was 22). However, this summer, I had another son. My muscles in my stomach stayed tight but still allowed my ultimately 8lb baby boy to grow normal and healthy. About a week after birth, my stomach is flat again. I’m also still able to breastfeed, though my breasts are not as lifted as they were post-surgery pre-pregnancy. Whenever someone tells me, they want surgery to fix something that’s causing them distress. I say DO IT. Of course, research your doctors and all necessary due diligence, but ABSOLUTELY DO IT.”


4. An Expensive Treatment

CapitaineKirk received life-changing laser treatments with superb results. She says, “I had scar reduction done with lasers because I somehow ended up with two red raised scars from acne on the middle of my chest, right where a choker would hit. It was super visible and was making me miserable because I felt uncomfortable wearing any kind of top that wasn’t a crew neck! I had them for a few years and had tried Mederma, rubbing them with bio-oil and scar sheets, but nothing was working. Scars never truly go away, but boy, oh boy, did the lasers make a huge difference!”

“Now the scars are flat and white, so no one notices them at all. I think I paid around $2,000 total, and each scar was treated around three times. Sure it was expensive, but now I’m comfortable again in my body, and that is priceless.” Good for this Reddit user! It sounds like they got exactly what they needed from the laser treatments. It’s important to feel comfortable in your skin, and if that means getting plastic surgery or laser treatments in problem areas, then so be it! Plastic surgery isn’t a bad thing unless you go overboard with what you’re changing.


3. Exactly What She Wanted

A deleted Reddit user talks about their experience with plastic surgery. “I had my breasts done when I was 20. Why? I was barely an “A” cup and wanted to look better in clothes, swimsuits, and such. I was always insecure about my teeny “fried eggs.” But, I didn’t want huge ones. Just a solid “B” to “C” cup size; something natural for my height and weight. People considered my cosmetic surgeon an expert in breast enhancement. He did a beautiful job. They look and feel natural and don’t look like the so-called “bolt on’s,” which we all can tell are fake.”

“My boyfriend didn’t even know I’d had them done until eight months into our relationship when he mentioned something about someone’s obvious fake boobs. When I told him, he was shocked.” This Reddit user had an amazing experience with her surgery and feels comfortable with the results. She’s lucky, compared to others with botched results. Something could have gone wrong during her surgery to cause irreparable damage. I’m glad she got the natural-looking results she hoped for. When you make a life-altering change to your appearance, I’m sure you go through a plethora of emotions, but it sounds like she handled it well.


2. Wanting More

No_Ad3198 shares, “My first surgery was in 2013, which was rhinoplasty. I never had a large nose per se, but I just wanted something smaller, delicate, and feminine. The surgeon I went to in my city is known for his nose jobs. I knew I wanted to go to him when I saw a before and after of a patient who had a similar nose to mine, and I loved her after result. I was and still am extremely pleased with how my nose turned out. It suits my face perfectly. At the time of my consultation, he suggested a chin implant, but I didn’t think I needed it. After my nose had healed and the swelling had gone down, my receding chin became more noticeable to me.”

“In 2016, I was living overseas in South America. Before heading back home, I had arranged to have my chin implant done while in Brazil. Again, super happy with the outcome, no complications, and it was a lot cheaper there than prices here in Canada. I feel like my nose and chin made my features more cohesive and attractive. In 2018, I decided to have buccal fat removal. I’ve always had a bit of a rounded face, and I wanted to change that. With this procedure as well, I’m very happy with the outcome. Gives me a nice, defined, chiseled look on my cheekbones. It sounds like I’ve had a lot done, but my results are all very natural. I’m now looking into getting fat transfer for my under eyes and upper cheek area.”


1. An Indescribable Sadness

Gen369Sept says, “I had a botched rhinoplasty 11 months ago. I’ve lived through a lot of pain, but no pain like losing my face. That pain cut deep into my soul in a way I can’t describe. I’ve deleted all social media apps and have decided I will just not take pictures from now on. Being a 27-year-old, recently engaged woman makes this difficult, but I don’t know how else to manage all the sadness I have from this. I just take things day by day and try to focus on the other things in my life. Some days are harder than others. They definitely don’t tell you about the odds that you won’t like your plastic surgery. I tell you what- unless you hate something about yourself, don’t change anything. It’s not worth it. It’s just too risky, despite what social media and celebrity plastic surgery say.”

“Those posts make it look like makeup (I actually explained it to my fiancé that way… just as easy and minimal as makeup), But it’s far more intensive than that, and it absolutely does chip at your identity. My beautiful (but wide) bulbous nose is gone forever. My surgeon gave me a wide, stick-straight sausage nose, and every day I regret my decision. Several times in my darkest hours, I have wondered about stepping away from it all… but my fiancé keeps me here. His gentle heart does not deserve that. Living with the red-hot emotion of regret has been very difficult, though. And I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. I would love to learn from other’s experiences about how to move forward.”