Tips to Rebuild Personal Confidence – Post Lockdown 

By Trista
Tips to Rebuild Personal Confidence – Post Lockdown 

The last few months of the current crisis took many people by storm. You’ve been trying to work from home, take care of your children, and try to unwind from the chaos that was distance learning before your children go back to school and start the post-lockdown learning process, which for many of us is known as hybrid learning. You might still have your children home half of the week because they can only be in school for a couple of days every week. This concept doesn’t mean they’re not learning – they’re learning on the kitchen table or a desk in their bedroom. 

Then, there are the changes you’ve had to make in your life. Maybe you had to leave your job to take care of your children while they were in school. Now, with the changes, you still can’t go back to work, but you’re trying to get into the new normal – for you and your family. Needless to say, the last few months weren’t kind to your confidence. You might feel like you were drug through the mud. Maybe you’re just emotionally and mentally exhausted. You’re asking yourself how you can put up with a whole school year of hybrid learning when you barely handled a couple of distance learning months. Plus, the summer was spent at home trying to keep your family busy with crafts, binge-watching Netflix, and so much more. It’s time to take a step back and focus on rebuilding your confidence so you can walk into the new normal with less worry and more of an “I got this” attitude. 

Like many people, you don’t realize the psychological impact that the current crisis has on you, even if you’re starting to come out of lockdown. Shutterstock.

Understanding the Psychological Impact of the Current Crisis

When you are going through the motions, it can be a lot to deal with at once. You are handling the current crisis while doing your best to keep your children from too much worry and stress; you don’t think about what it’s all doing to your mental and emotional state. It might be because you felt that you didn’t have time to stop and think about yourself. Maybe you just kept going because you were an essential worker and it’s what you had to do. It’s also possible that you don’t understand the psychological impact that these last few months had on you because your mind doesn’t go that route. 

Take a moment to think about where you are sitting emotionally and mentally right now. Yes, you can do this. It’s essential to take time to focus on you. Did you fear that the current crisis would turn you into a boring person or that you became easily frustrated and angry at people around you? Are you currently beating yourself up because you didn’t achieve everything you planned, mainly because you had months? Do you feel generally anxious about what is to come?