Tips to Rebuild Personal Confidence – Post Lockdown 

While you’re working on rebuilding your confidence, think about times when you were confident and remember how you felt and why. Shutterstock.

Think About a Time When You Were Confident

Sometimes you’ve lacked self-confidence for so long that you don’t remember what confidence feels like. When you’re confident, you believe that you’re good at something, such as a job or hobby. For instance, you know you’re good at playing the piano or a great singer. You’re not afraid to show off your skills to other people because you know that they can depend on you for this particular situation. 

To help you find your confidence again, you need to think back to a time when you were confident, and everything was at ease. For example, creating a project that you were passionate about or winning an award at work. Take a moment to bring yourself back to that time and do your best to feel what you felt. Why did you feel confident at that moment? Were you surrounding yourself with people who cared about you? Recreate as many of these sure moments as you need to while you’re rebuilding.