Tips to Rebuild Personal Confidence – Post Lockdown 

Invest In Yourself One of the best investments you can make in your life is investing in yourself. This concept is when you put effort into… Trista - November 19, 2020
Take a few minutes to write down all the skills you’re good at and then find ways to invest in them so you can build on your skillset. Shutterstock.

Invest In Yourself

One of the best investments you can make in your life is investing in yourself. This concept is when you put effort into building on your skills and abilities. It helps you realize what you indeed are capable of and allows you to continue to blossom in ways that you never imagined. You have many skills, such as crafts, art, writing, music, filming, science projects – the list goes on. Take a moment to make a list of skills where you excel.

Now, it’s time to focus on ways to develop these skills. You don’t need to work on them all at once. Pick one or two skills and look at how they can grow. For instance, could you take a class? Could you practice your talent to increase? Maybe you will invest in becoming healthier by exercising and eating right. You might even develop an exercise routine and create a weekly meal plan.

Your posture doesn’t just say a lot about you to other people; it says a lot about yourself. Shutterstock.

Focus on Your Posture

Have you ever heard that the way you sit and stand can make you feel a certain way? One scientific study in 2018 found that students taking a math test felt less anxious when they didn’t slouch and instead sat erect in their seats, helping them perform better on the test because they felt more confident. This idea means that you can give yourself more confidence by doing the same thing – not taking a math test- but sitting straight and standing tall.

Focusing on your posture is an easy way to build confidence. The key is you need to take time to notice how you’re sitting and standing so you don’t end up slouching over time. Don’t worry if this action happens; just sit up or stand taller. Over time you will notice your posture becomes better without you thinking about it.

You need to make sure your emotional needs are met, and one way to do this is to ensure you feel needed and loved. Shutterstock.

Don’t Forget About Your Love and Belonging Needs

This notion is probably one of the most essential tips on this list. You haven’t seen your friends and maybe individual family members for months. Sure, you’ve talked on the phone, did a few Zoom video calls, and text, but this doesn’t mean you’ve seen them. You haven’t felt their presence or touch in months, which can bring anyone down in many ways. Think of it this way: if you feel withdrawn from the people you love and care about the most, your confidence will decline because your emotional needs and wants are all tied together.

Work out how you can re-connect with people close to you. If they’re comfortable with you coming over, then go for it. If you’re comfortable inviting them over, then get together. Maybe you will meet someone at a park or outdoors where you can stay farther apart but communicate.

Don’t forget about your need to feel accomplished because when you finish a project, your confidence increases. Shutterstock.

Think and Focus on Your Accomplishments

You worked on building your skillset at work and then laid off for an undisclosed amount of time because of the current crisis. You were heading to a conference to give a presentation, but it’s canceled; now, you’re starting to feel like your accomplishments are taking a back seat. This task is challenging for everyone because there is a human psychological need to feel influential and accomplished.

Start by jotting down a task or two that you’ve wanted to accomplish over the last few months but haven’t yet. It doesn’t matter if it’s painting the living room or creating a vision board. Make a plan to complete the task and then focus on how accomplished you feel. Don’t think about how long it took you – focus on the finished product and how great it is.


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