Disturbing Facts About Our Bodies that People Probably Don’t Want to Know

2. The Next Time You Have Hiccups, Try A Rectal Massage Yes, you probably want to re-read that if you haven’t already. However, you also want… Trista - July 20, 2021

2. The Next Time You Have Hiccups, Try A Rectal Massage

Yes, you probably want to re-read that if you haven’t already. However, you also want to realize that this is genuinely a stomach-turning fact. There is a proven scientific cure for hiccups, and, no, it is not holding your breath or drinking water. If you have ever tried these two factors, you have probably realized that they don’t usually work. However, what does work is receiving a rectal massage. How did the doctors find out about this cure? Well, when one 60-year-old man’s hiccups wouldn’t disappear, they tried this unusual method, and it worked. 

Now, hiccups are usually minor inconveniences because we swallow air too quickly. However, there are stories out there that discuss how people have had hiccups for hours, days, even years. There are many tales about how people tried to get rid of these hiccups. However, few have read a medical journal that discussed the massage. As the journal states about the 60-year-old, “Digital rectal massage was then performed, resulting in abrupt cessation of the hiccups.” And yes, it worked again when his hiccups returned. So the next time you have hiccups, and you feel that they won’t go away, you have this stomach-turning fact to think about. 


1. Half Of Your Hand Strength Is Held In Your Pinkie Finger

Did you ever make a pinkie promise with your friend when you were younger? After reading this fact about your body, you will probably think those promises were a little stronger than you initially thought. Your pinkie finger looks like the weakest finger on your hand. Nevertheless, it holds at least half of the strength of your whole hand. Think about how you sometimes carry groceries. Come on. We’ve all been there. You are trying to carry in as many bags as you can, and sometimes you realize that your pinkie finger or your smaller two fingers can hold more than your larger two fingers. 

That is because they can, due to the strength of your little pinkie. The reason for this is because the strength of your pinkie grows with everything you do with it, even though you don’t realize it. For example, your pinkie will help your thumb pinch. It constantly supports your other fingers when trying to do something, even though it is much smaller. A hand therapist at National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, Laurie Rogers, told The New York Times that losing your pinkie would mean a lot. She said, “You’d lose 50 percent of your hand strength.” That’s a lot of strength to lose for a small part of your hand!