Everyday Things You Are Doing that Could Have Deadly Consequences

Using Windex and Bleach At The Same Time Is Dangerous This is something you probably don’t know about. People use these cleaners daily, but did you… Trista - October 5, 2022

Using Windex and Bleach At The Same Time Is Dangerous

This is something you probably don’t know about. People use these cleaners daily, but did you know that using them together on the same surfaces could be detrimental to your health? It’s best to use these types of cleaners separately. The problem lies with combining the chemicals in blech and Windex, which can produce harmful gases combined. The ammonia in Windex mixed with bleach can burn your lungs, forming a toxic gas called Chloramine vapor. Chloramine vapor can also turn into another gas that will explode. If you plan on using both cleaners, please use them separately for your safety.

Your Favorite Pastime At Home Could Be Deadly

Let’s talk about flat-screen televisions. They provide a wealth of knowledge, fun and exciting adventures, lots of laughs, and news from around the world. However, televisions are one of the leading causes of accidents with children. That’s right. Children can pull the television down and get injured in the process. The Pediatric journal found that 17,000 children were taken to the emergency room between 1990 and 2011 for injuries sustained while pulling T.V.s down. If you have young children and want to ensure their safety, there are steps you can take. Mounting your television on the wall is a safe way to keep your children from pulling it down and keeping it out of their reach is the best way to ensure their safety around televisions.  

Do You Use Magnets On Your Fridge?

Magnets are used to hold papers and pictures on your refrigerator, but did you know they can be dangerous? They aren’t something you would expect to see on this list, that’s for sure. These are other things you should worry about with having young children. If they eat the magnets, they can compress together in the bowel, causing a blockage. The American Academy of Pediatrics says magnets can cause ischemia, perforations, and bowel obstructions in children. All of which can be extremely dangerous. It’s best to keep magnets away from young children’s reach. If you want to use magnets, that’s fine, but put them high enough where your kiddos can’t reach them. 

Something You Use In Your Home Whenever You Cook

Your range hood in your kitchen may not be working as well as you think. These range hoods are designed to take the air out of your home while you cook. The problem lies with their design. Range hoods don’t pull enough air out to deter your home’s carbon monoxide or other gases. If they could be designed to pull more air out, it would help the situation. Millions of people are being exposed to pollutants every day while using their stoves, and the air is getting trapped in their homes without proper ventilation. Nitrogen Dioxide is another dangerous gas that you can encounter while cooking. Your range hood won’t do much to get this dangerous gas out of your home. If possible, buy a stronger fan for your range hood to ensure it is pulling enough toxic air out of your home.

Wetness In Your Home Can Cause Dangerous Mold

Mold is a common occurrence in most homes. The problem lies with the spores that make their way around your home. If you have mold in your home, it can cause asthma and other respiratory problems. Mold can be extremely dangerous, so getting rid of it as soon as possible is essential. Some types of molds can create toxic substances that cause immune system problems, cancer, liver damage, and central nervous system damage. If you find mold in your home, go to your local store to find products that will help to get rid of it. In some cases, you may need to hire professionals to rid your home of mold. It may cost you a lot of money, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

A Dangerous Cleaning Product

You’ve probably used oven cleaner at least once in your life. It helps to remove stuck-on debris from your oven and leave it sparkling clean. However, did you know that using oven cleaners can be dangerous? Oven cleaner is dangerous for your health because it contains cleaning products that can cause chemical burns on your skin. If you spray your oven and then decide to use the self-cleaning option on your stove, it can be even more dangerous. When you use the cleaner with the self-cleaning option, it can release toxic fumes. The fumes from the oven cleaner can cause respiratory distress and even death in serious cases. If you plan to use oven cleaner, don’t use the self-cleaning option. Use the self-cleaning function first, then clean out your oven with the cleaner. It will reduce the risk of inhaling those toxic chemicals.

Pheromone Diffusers For Your Pets

If you have cats, you know how they can sometimes get into fights. There is a product out there called Feliway that contains pheromones. It helps to calm your furry feline and stop the fighting. They can also help with pets who mark their territory. The problem with these diffusers has nothing to do with your pets. The problem arises because these specific diffusers can cause house fires. Suppose you plan to use these types of diffusers. It’s best only to have them plugged in while you’re awake. It will help to avoid dangerous situations in your home. These types of diffusers are flammable. Finding another way to stop your pets from marking their territory or fighting with each other is better. 

Furniture Stain Is Flammable

Did you know furniture stain is flammable? Whether creating something new for your home or touching up an old piece, it’s best to do it while outside to avoid dangerous consequences. Besides being flammable, furniture stain also gives off toxic fumes. If you plan to use it indoors, be sure to have proper ventilation to avoid respiratory problems. It’s fun to stain new pieces for your home, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health. You can always use a respirator as well if you aren’t sure if you have enough ventilation. 

Do You Use Nail Polish Remover?

Here is another deadly item that you might use daily. The active ingredient in nail polish remover is acetone, a toxic substance that can cause various problems and even death when ingested. It’s crucial to keep nail polish remover out of the reach of children. The National Capital Poison Center has discovered that nail polish remover can cause chemical burns and respiratory distress and lead to internal bleeding. If you choose to use nail polish remover, there are plenty of options available that are safer to use. These products contain no acetone. The strong nail polish remover fumes are dangerous to breathe in without proper ventilation. Always wash your hands thoroughly after using nail polish remover to avoid dangerous chemical burns on your skin.

Using A Wood Stove

We get it. A wood stove makes for a cozy space in your home, and the crackling of the fire is relaxing. Wood stoves can leak dangerous carbon monoxide into your home without proper ventilation. A wood stove makes a nice centerpiece for your living room, but it’s hazardous. In order to keep you and your family safe, be sure to have your chimney cleaned every year before using it for the first time. Also, keep carbon monoxide detectors with fresh batteries in your home to know if carbon monoxide is leaking from your fireplace. Wood stoves can also cause dangerous fires in your home. Never use a wood-burning stove without supervising the fire inside. It can be dangerous for you and your family.

Candles Give Your Home A Relaxing Vibe

Here is another deadly item that you might use daily. Candles smell wonderful and fill your home with a sense of comfort. It’s easy to forget they are even burning. This is where the problem lies with candles. They can cause unexpected fires if left unattended. Never burn candles in your home unless you’re there to watch them. The National Fire Prevention Associated reported that candles cause three percent of all house fires. You may have difficulty believing it, but there are an average of 25 candle-related fires per day in people’s homes. This is why it’s important to remember if you have candles in your home. We’re sure many people out there forget about them only to find them a few hours later, still lit.

What Kind Of Lightbulbs Do You Use?

Certain types of lightbulbs contain mercury, so it’s important to know which kinds are safe to use. You should always try to avoid using CFL lightbulbs wherever you can. Mercury is toxic to humans as well as pets. We’re sure we all have broken a lightbulb at one point or another. Do you know how to clean up a broken lightbulb properly? There is a necessary procedure to follow. Turning off your ventilation systems, like a furnace or central air, is vital to avoid spreading toxic chemicals throughout your home. Open a window to allow fresh air into the room and ensure no one else is in the room with you. Thoroughly clean the area with a wet cloth and be sure to dry it as well. This will help to avoid spreading mercury throughout your home.  

Using Real Christmas Trees

A real Christmas tree fills your home with that wonderful pine scent, and it’s such a fun time cutting down your own, but did you know they are also dangerous? That’s right. Real Christmas trees can cause house fires. It’s essential to shut off your Christmas lights when you go to bed at night to avoid causing dangerous fires in your home. There is an average of 210 Christmas tree fires every year around Christmas time. There are ways to ensure your tree won’t cause a fire in your home. Be sure to buy a freshly cut tree or cut one down yourself. This ensures your tree won’t be too dry. Also, be sure to water your tree, so it doesn’t dry out. This is when fires can occur with Christmas trees. Lastly, keep your Christmas tree away from fire sources like fireplaces.

The Cords on Your Mini Blinds

Here is another deadly item that you might use daily. We all have some sort of curtains in our homes, but did you know the most dangerous type is mini blinds? Children are notorious for wanting to play with them. Research shows that one child dies per month from playing with mini blinds and getting tangled up in the cords. It is such a sad thing that could be completely avoided. If you have mini blinds with cords in your home, the best thing you can do is remove them to keep everyone safe. There are budget-friendly replacements available in most stores now without the cords. If you have them and don’t have the budget to change them out, flip the cords over the top of the blind. This will be a temporary fix to ensure everyone’s safety in your home.

Do You Use Batteries for Your Devices?

Batteries may seem like something that shouldn’t be on this list, but they are pretty dangerous. Batteries contain corrosive chemicals that can cause burns to your skin and eyes. Furthermore, it causes fatalities if ingested. If you use batteries at home, be sure to keep children away from your devices or tape the backs shut so your children can’t access the battery compartment. Suppose you come in contact with battery acid. In that case, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands. If you have ingested battery acid, immediately go to the Emergency Room for life-saving help. Batteries may seem like the least of your worries, but they are actually one of the more dangerous items on our list. 

Teflon-Coated Pots And Pans

Do you use Teflon-coated pots and pans in your home? Did you know that Teflon can be dangerous? The problem with these types of pots and pans comes when the pans begin to chip or flake. These pans are only meant to be used with plastic utensils to avoid chipping the Teflon. If you do chip the Teflon and ingest some of what chips off, it could be harmful to your body. If you have these types of pans in your home, it’s best to get rid of them and switch to copper or stainless-steel pots and pans. There isn’t enough information available on the damaging effects of Teflon on the human body, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you decide to keep them, at least throw them away if they begin to chip or flake.

You Might Need A Plumber If You Smell This

It’s not something you like to talk about. The stinky things that happen in the bathroom. However, you’ll have to call a plumber if you have a blocked sewer drain. They can help to deter those stinky methane gas smells you get when you go outside. Breathing in methane gas is dangerous for your health and can cause various problems. Methane gas can cause headaches, nausea, heart palpitations, unconsciousness, and dizziness when exposed to too much. Call a plumber immediately before it gets worse if you smell something stinky coming from your yard and begin to feel the effects of methane gas poisoning. It’s not a pleasant smell and may smell somewhat like rotten eggs.