Here’s How to Disinfect a Home After the Flu and Keep Everyone Else Healthy

The deeper the clean, the less likely you are to get sick. Shutterstock.

2. Make Sure You Clean The Communal Hard Surfaces 

The sickling may have visited the kitchen to make themselves some soup, so you’ll need to think of this and clean everything like the countertops, handles of appliances, and even the taps that they may have used during this time. But, trying to clean every surface would be exhausting – which are the ones that vitally need to be disinfected? 

They’ll be the distinct commonly touched hard surfaces. These include items such as door handles and also the TV remotes. These can become an excellent place for germs to breed. You should obviously make sure these areas are cleaned regardless of if someone is sick or not but especially clean them when there is any bout of sickness in your home.