Hospital Staff Reveals Scary Stories of the Paranormal

Have you ever thought about what happens when you pass away? It’s a controversial topic – filled with all sorts of theories. Some people believe you… Trista - July 25, 2021

Have you ever thought about what happens when you pass away? It’s a controversial topic – filled with all sorts of theories. Some people believe you just fail to exist, while others believe you go somewhere to begin a new life. However, there are millions of stories from around the world where people have seen something unexplainable. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, a lot of these stories come from credible sources. What would you do if you saw a ghost? A lot of people are fearful of what they can’t logically explain. The following stories come from hospital staff. They may make you change your mind!

We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best paranormal stories around- focusing on hospitals and the people who work there. With as many deaths as occurring in hospitals, it’s logical to believe some of those people might stay right at the hospital. These people might be unrested or have a message to pass on to a family member. They may roam the hospital where they passed until their message can be passed along. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some spooky stories of hospital workers who reveal their personal stories of the paranormal. You won’t believe some of them.


30. A Terrorized Hospital Patient

AutarchUrth tells her story of the paranormal that will leave you feeling like you need to crawl under a blanket and hide. “I’ve worked as a nurse in a cancer center for many years. I’m Not claiming this was paranormal, but it was creepy as heck. The patient was rapidly dying of end-stage pancreatic cancer. The patient was too weak to get out of bed for many days. One night shift, we heard screaming coming from that room, so we all rushed in. The patient was crouched in a corner, pointing at the window, yelling, ‘They are here! Stop them.’

“There was Nothing there that we could see. We got the patient back to bed (had to use a hoist), but the terror persisted. The patient died that night, still terrified of something we could not see. A nurse stayed all night with the patient, and we never could work out how the hell they got out of bed.” This patient was terrified. If only they could see what was scaring the patient so badly. Sadly, the patient passed away in such a state. The patient was seeing something, so it makes you wonder what could be so terrifying.


29. A Spooky Hospital Experience

A Reddit user by the name of LadyBrittsy has a terrifying story to share. Keep reading to find out what happened! “I’m not a doctor, but I worked in a hospital. Everyone who worked there knew floors 2-8 were haunted. It used to be the old cancer ward but was now used for day surgery. My husband worked for transport, and one night he and a helper had to walk through the unit to collect a body on another unit at the other end. When he walked through the first time, all the lights were off except the nurse’s station.

“Took them 15 min tops to collect the body and on the way back they discovered all the lights and TVs on in the LOCKED patient rooms. His colleague refused to walk through there at night again. That’s just one of several stories I heard about that unit.” Well, that’s terrifying! Can you imagine walking by a bunch of rooms and everything seeming completely normal, then coming back to find all the lights and TVs on? It makes you wonder who or what wanted their attention! I, for one, would be sleeping with the lights on if something like that happened to me.


28. Hearing Something That Wasn’t There

A deleted Reddit user says, “I’m not a doctor but was a patient with pancreatitis. I mention this because one is only sleeping for a couple of hours at a time. After all, the pain will wake you up. I had awoken because I heard a girl plain as day say, ‘NO, don’t,’ right in my right ear. I instantly thought it was a nurse or a Tech coming in to take my vitals. Nobody was there. Then I heard what sounded like a conversation going on with that same girl’s voice and a male. They were mumbling, so I couldn’t make out what was being said. The conversation came directly behind my head where the blood pressure apparatus and oxygen valve is located.

“A wall there, and it freaked me out. As I looked around the room, I noticed the clock showed 3 AM. I also ask that the door be closed so that it drowns out the noise from the halls. This late at night, though, it’s usually really quiet in a hospital. I was also in the room by myself. No other patients. Maybe it was an auditory hallucination caused by the pain meds. I’m not sure. I have chronic pancreatitis and have stayed in the hospital nine times because of it. I have never had this happen to me the other times.”


27. That Was Unexpected

Noh6uisssiw shares a scary story with no explanation. “I’m Not a doctor, but a nurse. I did a placement in a small district hospital. I was on a level with three wards – Medical A, B, and C. But, Med B was shut, with no patients, just beds. You have to walk through A and B to get to C, and while I was walking through to get to a night shift, I could have sworn I saw a white figure looking out the window in one of the rooms. It was the creepiest, most absurd thing I have ever seen in my life…

“It was standing. And it had a thin figure, and it was leaning against the glass window. I didn’t see its face – thank god, or I would’ve shat myself. At first, I thought it might’ve been a visitor who got lost or someone who just wanted to be alone. Visiting hours were well, and truly over, so I was going to ask if everything was alright. When I was about 15 meters out, I realized the figure was slightly transparent. I muttered and ran until I saw a colleague.” This is terrifying! Can you imagine seeing a full apparition? This poor nurse is probably scared to go to work now.


26. A Hospital Story That Will Give You Chills

newRN says, “I work in an acute adult medicine unit. Due to the acuity of the patients, we often have deaths on the unit. We have found that the patients who are nearing the end of their time often speak of seeing or hearing young children laughing or seeing someone dressed in white visit them. Odd things happen on night shifts mostly; lights turn off randomly down an unused hall, or doors slam out of the blue down the same hall (which is an old, creaky wing of the hospital). The nurse’s break room has a picture hanging off the old CRN (aka charge nurse), who passed away as a patient in our unit.

“The break room has some eerie events that happen during the night shift. Many nurses describe night terrors, feeling like they are being suffocated and unable to scream, but can see the other nurse on break napping. Some describe having their hair pulled. One time we were napping in the break room on the night shift, and we were awakened by a loud knocking on the door. However, the other nurses were busy in a code at that moment, and no one else was around to have knocked. I know it doesn’t seem that freaky, but that room gives me the creeps. Many nurses will skip their night break because that room freaks them out too much.”


25. Movement That Creates Nightmares

A deleted Reddit user shares a story about a funeral home. Keep reading to find out what happened that scared their ex-father-in-law. “My ex-father-in-law owned funeral home and was a mortician/embalmer (not sure the correct term). I had to help him a couple of times to move bodies too/fro. I went down once right before he started embalming somebody who had died within the past few hours (an elderly person from a nursing home). The person was covered up on the embalming table, and he had just asked me to grab a hearse/do some small favor.

“All of a sudden, the arm moved and flopped out the side of the table. I’m pretty sure I jumped into my stomach and nearly passed out. He and his assistant laughed and said that’s not uncommon- apparently, one time somebody sat straight up. That would’ve probably killed me. I guess it’s fairly common for muscle spasms to happen, but nope, nope, nope- he’s a great dude, and somebody has to do that job, but it would never be me.” While this isn’t technically a paranormal story, it’s still pretty scary for someone who doesn’t know these things could happen.


24. An Unexplainable Laugh

Another deleted Reddit user shares an interesting story that will chill you to the bone. Keep reading to find out what happened to make this security guard scared of his job. “I’m no doctor, but I worked security at a medical facility in the college. I’m walking through a closed area (renovation), and I hear a little girl laugh. I didn’t look or turn but straight up sprinted the heck out of there. So I brought brass knuckles the next night. I don’t know why I thought this would help me against a ghost; but dang, I sure did feel better walking around with brass knuckles on.”

Anyone would do the same thing as this security guard – run right out of there and never look back. It would be terrifying to hear a little girl laugh – especially when she’s nowhere to be found. Not only was he just doing his job normally, but the area was closed for renovations, so no one should have been in the area. This type of situation is completely unexplainable, and I’m sure the security guard watches his back when walking through this particular area. I can’t imagine hearing a laugh like that while walking through a dark space being renovated. How terrifying!


23. Something Was Wrong With Her

Bb_or_not_bb shares a terrifying story. “The worst was after the nightly movie (held in the cafeteria), three of us walked past the TV room with a nurse. Another patient was in there, and the nurse popped her head in to see who it was. The woman in the room was scratching the plexiglass box that the TV was enclosed in. The room was pitch black. The nurse asked if she needed help. The woman kept scratching. We had all walked into the room at this point, watching the woman scratch furiously at the plexiglass. The nurse asked again if she needed help. And the woman started screaming in some language that was not English or Spanish and scratching the plexiglass to the point where her hand was bleeding.

“The nurse started calling for assistance and trying to get the three of us out of the room when the woman turned towards us and screamed, ‘He’s coming to eat your entrails tonight. All of you! He’s going to roast your skin over his fires.’ I was so worked up I practically begged the nurses to put me on a Q5 (that’s a check every five minutes by a staff member, I was on a Q30 at that point in my stay just to make sure I wasn’t self-harming). They tried to calm me down and told me that the woman was having her meds adjusted and being transferred off the floor.”


22. Odd Occurrences In The Hospital

Reddit user Lilpin13 says, “When I was a Navy Corpsman, I worked on the inpatient surgical ward. Our ward was one huge rectangle, and one-half of it was the Same-Day Surgical Unit. It had also served as a POW ward after Vietnam. Several times on nights, the patient call bells in those empty rooms would go off. It didn’t happen every night, but it was often enough to get downright annoying while still being a bit scary. Usually, if a patient’s bell went off, it’d only be that room for that night. Other nights, two or three would go off. We’d have to get the keys from the Pyxis machine and go unlock the door with the call bell ringing.

“We found that if we just turned the bell off and relock the door, the ringing would continue sporadically all night. Whenever I had to go check out the bell, I’d pretend that I was talking to just another patient and tell the empty room that their ‘pain medication’ was here. I’d almost pantomime giving the patient pain medication in the hope that the bells would be quiet for the night. The bells would always cease for the rest of the night afterward. We’d also have wheelchair wheels that would spin all by themselves. These wheelchairs were always stowed in a little nook in the wall. The wheels would spin quite fast and for a long time, at a constant speed, too. That, luckily, was a rare occurrence.”


21. A Grandmother’s Experience In A Creepy Hospital

Reddit User BoerboelFace Shares their paranormal experience involving a family member. Keep reading to find out what happened. “My folks come from an itty bitty Lil town with only a clinic and no real hospital. About a year or two ago, my grandma fell and had some breathing problems, so we took her to the hospital, and for about 2 minutes, she was in ‘total arrest,’ as the nurse said it. At the time, our neighbors (well, sort of… their land is next to ours, and they are distant relatives of ours) were also there as one of their family members got into a bad car wreck.”

“We’ll call them the Bobs. The morning after my grandma was in ‘total arrest’ or ‘dead’ for us laymen, she was telling me that she had a dream (they didn’t tell her she was dead), that she was floating around the hospital, and that she saw the whole Bob family just a couple of doors down. Then she started listing the ones that were there… It was all of the ones that were there. They were two doors down from her room. A nurse was just outside the door, and she went pale in the face while hearing the story.”


20. A Frightening Confrontation In The Hospital

A Reddit user by the name of Smellycheesefeet shares a scary story involving their great grandmother and nephew. You won’t believe what they saw! They say, “This might get buried and is not nurse related other than the fact my grandmother’s nurse told me. My great-grandmother was 94 and just started suffering from dementia. She told the home nurses and me that there was a little boy in the corner of the living room who would teach and tease my great grandmother while laughing at her telling her she was going to die. Well, at first, it was a little disturbing, and we all shrugged it off because of her dementia.

“But then stuff got real when my best friend came over with his little boy, who is about 3 or 4. The little guy pointed over to the same corner and yelled, ‘I’m going to beat you up!’ When we asked him what that was about, he told us that he saw another little boy in the corner and he is not nice! We flipped the heck out! I got shivers just typing this… Maybe Nana wasn’t hallucinating.” Well, this is frightening. Can you imagine seeing a ghost that tells you you’re going to die? It’s possible the Great Grandmother was hallucinating, but that doesn’t explain the nephew seeing the same thing.


19. A Scary Experience For A Nurse and A Patient

Reddit user Joowulz offers a terrifying story. Keep reading to find out what happened in this hospital. “I’m a Nurse! I was working the night shift when a ward patient’s relative came running to the nurses’ station in a panic. ‘Nurse! Come quick!’ she cried. ‘What happened?’ ‘You have to see it for yourself!’ I ran to the ward when this little old lady patient was crying and holding on to the bed for dear life. Her bed was shaking. Now, you’re probably thinking that the lady was the one causing all that shaking. But she was this frail, practically emaciated thing.

“She couldn’t have barely rattled the bed rails. The ward had only two other patients in it and their respective watchers. Everyone was huddled in a corner, shaking in fright. That particular ward was seldom used, and the bed that old lady lay in was rarely occupied. People who have laid in it complained of nightmares where they hear screams and laughter of angry children. I guess some restless spirit called dibs on that particular bed.” Well, this is scary! How could the bed be shaking on its own? I can’t imagine anything that would cause this other than an earthquake – but in that case, everyone would have felt it.


18. Maybe She Stayed In The Hospital For Good

Much_Karma says, “This patient was notorious for several reasons, but among them would be her blank stare, followed by a very wide smile and a turning of her neck. A lot of the doctors have noted that her eyes were wide open but blank and ‘lifeless.’ She was admitted to the ward after she was caught having mutilated (but not murdered) a passerby. She has been placed in isolation on the 4th floor of the ward due to the distractions she would bring to the other patients by constant scratching of the walls with her fingernails during the night, her constant screaming, her defecation, and smearing of feces across the walls, her annoying ‘clicking’ sound that sounds a lot like ‘kekeke’ and her refusal to communicate with any of the staff.

“When attending doctors and nurses would pass her by, she would simply stare blankly with a large smile and start turning her neck side to side. She would refuse any food, and she’s rarely been seen sleeping. The nurses would often refuse to go near her because they were often freaked out. After about three years, she was found to have committed suicide by biting off her tongue. In the years that followed, floor four has been renovated, but patients would frequently note strange clicking sounds and a woman with long, disheveled hair and distressed clothes staring out the window.”


17. A Frightening Night In The Hospital

Another Reddit user by the name of AirportFriendlyShoes has a frightening story to share. “On this particular night, I was the only one in the basement when I heard whistling at the end of the hallway by the elevator. I poked my head around the corner, expecting to see my only coworker on duty that night, but there was absolutely no one there. I shrugged it off; I’m not easily spooked. Nights are slow, so I ate some snacks and hung out in the break room for a bit. The next thing I know, I hear a loud bang. I walked into the hallway, and a bed is rolling down the hall bumping into the sides. At this point, I think that my coworker is messing with me. I radio him, and he says he’s upstairs in the cafeteria.

“Okay… Starting to get a little nervous. I walk into the laundry room, and the machines completely stop. I freeze, then run out and head towards the elevator when I hear whistling again. At this point, I know I am the only worker in the basement. As I am standing there waiting for the elevator, things start falling off of the shelves down the hall. Boxes of gloves, tissues, packages of tubes… I am standing there watching them fall off one by one at the opposite end of the hallway. My entire body broke out in goosebumps, my hair stood on end, and I had this strong gut feeling I was being watched. I was not alone. As I’m getting into the elevator, I feel what feels like someone brushing my arm. I went upstairs and found my coworker in the cafeteria, freaked out on him.”


16. An Unexpected Sight

A deleted user says, “One ward of the home had recently become a unit specifically made for individuals with Alzheimer’s, Mental Illness. It was a creepy hall to work on, not because of the residents but because it was locked down and dark. There was no TV and no sound except for the ac. The ward was T-shaped, and at the top of the T was the dining room, the door to the rest of the building, a door to a smokers deck, and the nurse’s station. The long part of the T was all rooms, and at the end was a door that led to a special garden for the residents. The halls had cameras on them that we could see on TVs behind the nurse’s station.

“One night, I was working alone back there (short-staffed), and I kept hearing the back door bang open and closed. I thought it was a resident who was still very much there and got up to go outside to ask her if she wanted a blanket, only to find the garden empty. I checked all the rooms, and all the residents were in bed. As soon as I sat back down, I heard the banging again. I looked up at the monitor, and I could see a tall man (I don’t know how I knew it was a man, I just knew) standing at the door, looking out through the window. There were no men in the hall able to walk, so I was pretty confused about who would be standing at the end of the hall. As slowly as I could, I rolled my chair into the hallway and looked down at their door; there was no one standing there even though I could clearly see someone on the screen.”


15. He Was Frightened By What He Saw

Where_is_my_Whiskey says, “I worked overnight security in one of the largest, best, and oldest hospitals in the US. My fellow security officers and I all have stories about one building in particular, but the one that I’ll tell is the one that happened to me. My story: My rounds for that night happened to include said building. At night this building was empty due to recently being converted into offices and the drones who worked there wanting to leave promptly at 1700, if not earlier. In some of their haste, they left their office doors unlocked, which is a big no-no due to medical information being located in their offices. It was our duty to go to each floor and make sure every door was locked, and if it wasn’t, to secure it ourselves.

“I did my initial sweep of the building to make sure it was clear (nobody in the building) and proceeded to do my door checks. The hallways were pretty narrow, so I could check both sides of the hallway’s doors at once. At the end of this hallway, there were two sets of doors you had to go through to reach the final office, which was a dead end. Everything was secure. Awesome. Time for the next floor. I exited the two sets of doors from the dead-end office and stood frozen from what I saw. Every door ajar. Set perfectly so their weight wouldn’t cause them to shut again. And one wheelchair, at the end of the said hallway, facing towards the steps.”


14. A Terrified Child

Whoawhoawhoathere is a psychiatric RN with an interesting story. “I worked in an acute care adult unit but was sent to work with the kids one evening shift. It was after 10 PM. All patients were in their rooms and bed. I heard a child screaming and a psych tech trying to calm him. I ran to the room. The 7-year-old boy was hysterical. He was crying, sweating, and shaking. He said he saw ‘something. After he settled down, he told me that he saw a white man with gray hair in a hospital gown in his room. While we discussed what he saw, the child froze in fear, tears rolling down his face…

“He said ‘Ms… Whoa, whoa, whoa. There, be still. Oh my God, he’s right behind you.’ We decided to address ‘the man’ and tell him that the little boy was scared…the boy said the man turned around and left after that. The only thing anyone in the unit would have heard was the boy screaming at the beginning… all other discussion was in his room and quiet. Not even 3 minutes later, a 17-year-old male at the end of the hall started screaming. I ran to his room… he was standing on his bed trying to get away from a white man in a hospital gown.”


13. A Creepy Mannequin

A deleted Reddit user shares an interesting story. Keep reading to learn what happened. “I saw a mannequin blink. This was when I was still training to be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) at our local community college. Now, we had these regular non-horrifying mannequins we used for all the dressing, bathing, and bed-making practice. They even had erred, attachments for catheters. We didn’t store all the equipment in the classroom; there was a small back room that was locked off that we had to get some stuff out of one day. I volunteered to go grab it (some clothes for the mannequins, I think), and when I unlocked the door, it was pitch black inside.

“It was like the room sucked out some of the light coming IN THE room. When I flicked on the ceiling light, before me on a ragged old stretcher, lay the most inhuman, terrifying-looking freaking mannequin I have ever seen. I don’t know what these manufacturers use for a reference when they’re making the face, but they can’t be human. It was so twisted and looked like it was in agony. This thing looked like it was in PAIN. It was Freaking creepy. Anyway, I grabbed the stuff our teacher wanted, and when I took a look back, I could see one of its plastic eyelids close and open. Freaked me the fuck out, didn’t go in that room again for the rest of the course.”


12. A Trip Down An Elevator

Jiberjaber says, “Here is my own experience! I’m neither a doctor nor a nurse, but my ex is a nurse. She used to tell me about this man that the staff used to see in random places at Austin hospital, and he used to vanish in thin air! We had one of our friends staying at the hospital, and my ex was looking after him. I went to visit him after work then headed back home with my ex. I remember after saying goodbye to our friend, we were walking in the corridor towards the elevators. There was a man about 10 meters ahead of us.

“As he got close to the elevators, one elevator reached the floor. Its door slid open, and my ex and I walked faster to catch the elevator. The man ahead of us walked into the elevator, we ran to the elevator, and we both had our jaws dropped! No one was in the elevator before that day. I didn’t believe her stories, and I was like people get tired at work and think they see things. we both saw him!” This is certainly a scary story. You see someone ahead of you in a hospital, but when you get to the elevator, you’re headed to, no ones there. That has to be frightening!


11. It Had No Explanation

Dangermuus shares a horrifying story from her mother. “I have a couple of stories, one from my mother and one from me. My mother’s story is probably the creepiest and has always stuck with me. Especially with all the paranormal stuff she has seen. My mom worked the night shift at the hospital in Arizona, in a town by the border, and went figure. It was an old mining town. Well, anyway, she’s working her night shift going room to room when an old lady who walked the halls due to insomnia told her some weird goat-man kept trying to get in through the doors. My mom didn’t think anything of it, but she is Catholic and had those moments of silently praying to herself.

“After a few moments, there was a shriek. She couldn’t explain it, but that it was a horrible shriek that made your blood turn to ice. She then went to the nurse’s station to ask if anyone else heard that, and it turned out that they did. They came to realize that the shriek was heard all around the hospital. It was freaking everyone out, especially paranormal religious ladies and men. A few of them go to look out the Windows and see hoof marks by the doors and windows, and the marks had no trail towards or away from the building.”


10. Don’t Open This Window In The Hospital

Dangermuus shares another frightening story of her own. She says, “I became a CNA and worked locked-down dementia and Alzheimer’s unit at night. I’ve had creepy moments. But this one will always stick with me. I was finishing up my binders when a light went off out of the hall, so I took it, punched my code in, and went out since the other CNA was busy with someone else. I go in, ask if everything is okay. Sleepily my little lady tells me there’s a darn woman who keeps knocking on her window wanting to come in and that she wants to go back to sleep. She insists I go and let her in, and I’m thinking to myself, `Ohhh No, this sounds all too familiar.’ I reassure her, peek out the window, nothing.

“Maybe she was dreaming and tired and mistook it for her roommate. After that incident, I headed back into my unit. Sit, eat a snack, chat with my head nurse, talk with my usual insomniacs, mind you, it’s around 3ish am now. Light goes off, and in my unit. Also, this unit has no outbound lines at all. I head down to her hall and ask if all is okay. My lady says she can’t sleep, someone keeps banging on her window, and she is scared. I pretty much crapped myself at this point. Again, I reassure my lady, thinking, what just happened. I told my nurse, and she laughed and said, this has been happening for years. Great.”


9. That Was Unexpected

Panencephalitis shares a funny story about their time in the Emergency Room. “I worked as an Emergency Room Porter/Attendant before med school, and one night one of the security guards came bolting down the hallway telling everyone not to use the taps. Of course, a nurse was right in the middle of washing her hands, so she freaks out, flinging her hands in the air, thinking the taps are poisoned or something. I’m not sure what her reasoning was, but I digress. The security guard asked her if the water was really hot, but she replied that it was only lukewarm at best. What had happened was he was using a toilet up on the 3rd floor and was splashed in the rump with boiling water.

“His first assumption was a boiler malfunction followed closely by a fire in the walls boiling the water in the pipes. The security team brought in the fire department just in case, and they did all kinds of systems checks with the water shut off. Nothing. No fire. No other hot water except in his one magical ghost-infested throne on the 3rd floor. The older staff always claimed that the Ambulatory Care unit was haunted by a ghost named Winnie, an old nurse that died while at work, and the toilet the guard was on happened to be directly above the unit, albeit two floors up. I’ll never forget how freaked out he looked thinking he was splashed on the butt by a ghost.”


8. A Concerned Ghost

Mamabrains says, “I came into work one night, and Jen, one of the nurses, told me and my other coworker Jay the creepiest thing happened a few hours earlier. A patient had passed in one of the rooms abruptly. The room was cleaned and was quickly occupied by another patient who had coded, was pronounced dead, but was resuscitated. Soon after being admitted to his room, he complained to the nurse, ‘I can’t be in here. This man won’t stop looking at me. He’s really worried about his dog. His dog doesn’t know that he’s dead.’ She had assumed he was just seeing things and said, ‘Oh yeah? What does he look like?’ He described the deceased patient perfectly. I could see the chills running down her spine as she was telling us the story.

“Jay said, ‘I don’t believe in ghosts. Those aren’t real. I wanna see it. Tonight I’m gonna provoke it so it can show itself.’ 3 AM rolls around, and all 3 of us are at the nursing station. Jay starts playing YouTube videos of various puppy sounds. Soon after, two lift team guys come up, we forget what we’re doing and start another conversation. Suddenly, we all hear it, except for Jay. A dog barks. In the same room. Loudly, clear as ever. The lift team guys say, ‘Does someone have a dog in here?’ Jen and I simultaneously crapped ourselves.”


7. A Creepy Apparition

Reddit user GolfTripAnimal shares an experience their mother went through. “My mom used to be an RN at a hospital in a small western town. This hospital was connected to a senior living home, and at night, the RN over-watched both sides of the building (hospital and living home). She was usually the overnight RN and would have either one or two CNAs working as well. She has experienced this apparition about 6 or 7 times during her 10-year stint there, and everyone has referred to the apparition as ‘The Man in Black.’ Each experience was identical except for the location in the building. Frequently throughout the night, she would have to do her rounds (checking vitals, etc.) and would have to walk around a corner from the nurses’ station/ER towards the (6) beds in the hospital and towards the senior home.

“She would see the apparition either right after rounding the corner or right after walking out of a room and walking to the next… The apparition was of a person in a black, old (old west type) suit with worn black cowboy boots and worn black cowboy hat to match. The creepiest thing about this man (assuming) is that his face was not very distinct. She would describe it as though a man’s face was drawn with charcoal and slightly smeared, making it slightly blurred. He was about 6’5″ and would tower over her 5’5″. Whenever she would see him (whether it’s 10 feet or 3 feet away), he would stand there looking at her and then turn and walk into the room he was outside of.”


6. A Handsome Ghost

Flashimusprime says, “I don’t work as a Nurse at a Hospital, but my fiancé works as an RN at a Nursing home. Besides her telling me they superstitiously open a window when someone dies, she told me of one time when one of the residents passed, and the roommate (unaware of the passing at the time) was asking the staff who the visitor was in the room last night. The staff, of course, knew there were no visitors at that time and no one there other than their all-female staff. The elderly lady said some man was in the room dressed in all black. She couldn’t remember much other than he looked around for a long time and that he was very, very handsome. That always creeped me out.”

This is certainly one of the creepier stories I’ve heard. Believers and non-believers like to see these sorts of things for themselves to believe. It’s normal to feel scared when something like this occurs. What would you do if you saw a ghost? Would you be afraid? A lot of people love doing paranormal tours of hospitals to see things for themselves, and they are often successful in their attempts. Keep reading for more scary stories from hospital works that will chill you to the bone. We only have a few left, but they certainly won’t disappoint!


5. He Just Wanders Around The Hospital

Reddit user cheska_fringer says, “I work in a level 1 trauma center for 11 counties (implying a fair amount of carnage routinely). One morning between 3 and 4 AM, I was alone in the bay (we have four trauma bays and two restrooms in a rectangle surrounding a nursing station) catching up on documentation. I became aware of a man walking from behind me on my right, outside the nursing station and into one of the trauma rooms. Except I hadn’t heard any doors open (big noisy motion-activated doors). He looked at me over his shoulder as he walked through the room doors but didn’t answer when I called out, ‘Hello?’

“I walked around (losing sight of the bay door as I rounded a big column) to make sure it wasn’t a lost visitor and there was no one there. There’s no way out other than the door, and it was out of my sightline for maybe a second max. I later related the story and heebie-jeebies I felt while I was looking for the strange dude to another nurse. She said she’d had an identical experience that same week. People bring it up from time to time, the same story. A guy walks into the room and then is gone by the time you go look for him. We’ve decided to just leave him alone. I hope he finds what he’s looking for, though.”


4. He Was Following Her

Pseudotoast says, “I work the night shift as a CNA in a hospital. I had a patient last year. He was in his 50s, totally with it. I had him for a week or two and never showed signs of confusion at night or otherwise. He liked to keep his door open at all times, and he was in a room close to the nurse’s station, so he saw me and plenty of other staff walks by throughout the night. One night, around 2:30 in the morning, he saw me walking by and called me into his room. He says, ‘Is that your son or something?’

” ‘Who’? I asked. He answered, ‘The little boy that’s been following you all night.’ I proceeded to ask what he looked like because I could not see him. He said he looked to be about seven years old, with short, dark hair and a baseball cap. Both of us were freaked out about the situation, and he requested to keep his lights on after that. I’m getting chills thinking about it now.” Well, this is certainly nerve-wracking! Imagine being at work and having someone tell you you’re being followed by someone. Whether the little boy was alive or a ghost, it’s still scary!


3. Was It An Omen?

Catiefsm shares a story that will leave you feeling scared of cats. They say, “I worked in a hospital as a CNA for over two years. Every time a patient would mention having a dream about a cat, they would code within 24 hours. And this was not a hospital where people coded particularly often. I got into an argument with a doctor about it once. The SWAT nurse had mentioned that a patient had dreamed about a cat, so he was going to keep a closer eye on him. The doctor (we weren’t even talking to him!) dismissed it.

“He then told us that he was the doctor, and he said it was completely impossible, so don’t even talk about it anymore. I told him I hadn’t known that his MD had come with a degree in paranormal psychology. He didn’t take too kindly to that. Anyways, I don’t know if it’s paranormal or if maybe we just have a social/cultural awareness of cats as omens, so our subconscious brings them to the forefront when something is going wrong. And if you were wondering, the patient mentioned above coded and died later that evening.” There are all sorts of omens all over the world!


2. Was He Hallucinating?

Reddit user DeeepPeanut shares a frightening story. They say, “I was working a night shift, looking after one patient who needed supervision due to his hallucinations. This patient had a routine where he would like to go out for a cigarette every hour. I took him out in a wheelchair for a cigarette which seemed to increase his hallucinations. I had been taking this patient out multiple times during the night. At around midnight, I took him outside for his last cigarette before going to sleep. Once we were outside, He asked me if I could see a small ginger boy trying to get out of the locked cafe in front of us.

“I said no as I did with all of his hallucinations; this seemed to help reduce the length of time they appeared for. He then informed me that he could see a man and a dog running towards us; it is night with no one around in the hospital, there was no man or dog. However, when the automatic doors 50 meters behind us opened with no one in sight, I was no longer sure if they were just hallucinations. I moved us back to the ward very quickly after that.” Is it just a coincidence the doors opened right after the patient said that? Or was it a ghost?


1. A Sign From Beyond

Reddit user beeoakly shares her experience from work. You won’t believe what happened to her. “I work midnights in a long-term care facility as a nurse’s assistant. I have two men under my care, and both of them are unable to use their call lights. They have severe dementia and debilitating Parkinson’s disease, but still, their lights are looped around their bed rail. One night their light came on, and I went to answer it already confused and creeped out. I turned it off and left the room. Before I could get two doors up, the light came back on.

“I went in there, and both lights were unplugged from the wall and thrown under their beds. I fished them out, plugged them back in, and left. I’ve seen shadows standing over the dying and felt a tap on my shoulder while doing chest compressions, so I knew that lady had passed. I’m not a believer, but some of those things can’t be explained.” Non-believers are being turned to believers every day for stories similar to this. The unexplainable is such a vast network of topics and stories. So, what do you believe? Do you think it was a ghost tapping her shoulder?