Hospital Staff Reveals Scary Stories of the Paranormal

7. A Creepy Apparition Reddit user GolfTripAnimal shares an experience their mother went through. “My mom used to be an RN at a hospital in a… Trista - July 25, 2021

7. A Creepy Apparition

Reddit user GolfTripAnimal shares an experience their mother went through. “My mom used to be an RN at a hospital in a small western town. This hospital was connected to a senior living home, and at night, the RN over-watched both sides of the building (hospital and living home). She was usually the overnight RN and would have either one or two CNAs working as well. She has experienced this apparition about 6 or 7 times during her 10-year stint there, and everyone has referred to the apparition as ‘The Man in Black.’ Each experience was identical except for the location in the building. Frequently throughout the night, she would have to do her rounds (checking vitals, etc.) and would have to walk around a corner from the nurses’ station/ER towards the (6) beds in the hospital and towards the senior home.

“She would see the apparition either right after rounding the corner or right after walking out of a room and walking to the next… The apparition was of a person in a black, old (old west type) suit with worn black cowboy boots and worn black cowboy hat to match. The creepiest thing about this man (assuming) is that his face was not very distinct. She would describe it as though a man’s face was drawn with charcoal and slightly smeared, making it slightly blurred. He was about 6’5″ and would tower over her 5’5″. Whenever she would see him (whether it’s 10 feet or 3 feet away), he would stand there looking at her and then turn and walk into the room he was outside of.”


6. A Handsome Ghost

Flashimusprime says, “I don’t work as a Nurse at a Hospital, but my fiancé works as an RN at a Nursing home. Besides her telling me they superstitiously open a window when someone dies, she told me of one time when one of the residents passed, and the roommate (unaware of the passing at the time) was asking the staff who the visitor was in the room last night. The staff, of course, knew there were no visitors at that time and no one there other than their all-female staff. The elderly lady said some man was in the room dressed in all black. She couldn’t remember much other than he looked around for a long time and that he was very, very handsome. That always creeped me out.”

This is certainly one of the creepier stories I’ve heard. Believers and non-believers like to see these sorts of things for themselves to believe. It’s normal to feel scared when something like this occurs. What would you do if you saw a ghost? Would you be afraid? A lot of people love doing paranormal tours of hospitals to see things for themselves, and they are often successful in their attempts. Keep reading for more scary stories from hospital works that will chill you to the bone. We only have a few left, but they certainly won’t disappoint!


5. He Just Wanders Around The Hospital

Reddit user cheska_fringer says, “I work in a level 1 trauma center for 11 counties (implying a fair amount of carnage routinely). One morning between 3 and 4 AM, I was alone in the bay (we have four trauma bays and two restrooms in a rectangle surrounding a nursing station) catching up on documentation. I became aware of a man walking from behind me on my right, outside the nursing station and into one of the trauma rooms. Except I hadn’t heard any doors open (big noisy motion-activated doors). He looked at me over his shoulder as he walked through the room doors but didn’t answer when I called out, ‘Hello?’

“I walked around (losing sight of the bay door as I rounded a big column) to make sure it wasn’t a lost visitor and there was no one there. There’s no way out other than the door, and it was out of my sightline for maybe a second max. I later related the story and heebie-jeebies I felt while I was looking for the strange dude to another nurse. She said she’d had an identical experience that same week. People bring it up from time to time, the same story. A guy walks into the room and then is gone by the time you go look for him. We’ve decided to just leave him alone. I hope he finds what he’s looking for, though.”


4. He Was Following Her

Pseudotoast says, “I work the night shift as a CNA in a hospital. I had a patient last year. He was in his 50s, totally with it. I had him for a week or two and never showed signs of confusion at night or otherwise. He liked to keep his door open at all times, and he was in a room close to the nurse’s station, so he saw me and plenty of other staff walks by throughout the night. One night, around 2:30 in the morning, he saw me walking by and called me into his room. He says, ‘Is that your son or something?’

” ‘Who’? I asked. He answered, ‘The little boy that’s been following you all night.’ I proceeded to ask what he looked like because I could not see him. He said he looked to be about seven years old, with short, dark hair and a baseball cap. Both of us were freaked out about the situation, and he requested to keep his lights on after that. I’m getting chills thinking about it now.” Well, this is certainly nerve-wracking! Imagine being at work and having someone tell you you’re being followed by someone. Whether the little boy was alive or a ghost, it’s still scary!


3. Was It An Omen?

Catiefsm shares a story that will leave you feeling scared of cats. They say, “I worked in a hospital as a CNA for over two years. Every time a patient would mention having a dream about a cat, they would code within 24 hours. And this was not a hospital where people coded particularly often. I got into an argument with a doctor about it once. The SWAT nurse had mentioned that a patient had dreamed about a cat, so he was going to keep a closer eye on him. The doctor (we weren’t even talking to him!) dismissed it.

“He then told us that he was the doctor, and he said it was completely impossible, so don’t even talk about it anymore. I told him I hadn’t known that his MD had come with a degree in paranormal psychology. He didn’t take too kindly to that. Anyways, I don’t know if it’s paranormal or if maybe we just have a social/cultural awareness of cats as omens, so our subconscious brings them to the forefront when something is going wrong. And if you were wondering, the patient mentioned above coded and died later that evening.” There are all sorts of omens all over the world!


2. Was He Hallucinating?

Reddit user DeeepPeanut shares a frightening story. They say, “I was working a night shift, looking after one patient who needed supervision due to his hallucinations. This patient had a routine where he would like to go out for a cigarette every hour. I took him out in a wheelchair for a cigarette which seemed to increase his hallucinations. I had been taking this patient out multiple times during the night. At around midnight, I took him outside for his last cigarette before going to sleep. Once we were outside, He asked me if I could see a small ginger boy trying to get out of the locked cafe in front of us.

“I said no as I did with all of his hallucinations; this seemed to help reduce the length of time they appeared for. He then informed me that he could see a man and a dog running towards us; it is night with no one around in the hospital, there was no man or dog. However, when the automatic doors 50 meters behind us opened with no one in sight, I was no longer sure if they were just hallucinations. I moved us back to the ward very quickly after that.” Is it just a coincidence the doors opened right after the patient said that? Or was it a ghost?


1. A Sign From Beyond

Reddit user beeoakly shares her experience from work. You won’t believe what happened to her. “I work midnights in a long-term care facility as a nurse’s assistant. I have two men under my care, and both of them are unable to use their call lights. They have severe dementia and debilitating Parkinson’s disease, but still, their lights are looped around their bed rail. One night their light came on, and I went to answer it already confused and creeped out. I turned it off and left the room. Before I could get two doors up, the light came back on.

“I went in there, and both lights were unplugged from the wall and thrown under their beds. I fished them out, plugged them back in, and left. I’ve seen shadows standing over the dying and felt a tap on my shoulder while doing chest compressions, so I knew that lady had passed. I’m not a believer, but some of those things can’t be explained.” Non-believers are being turned to believers every day for stories similar to this. The unexplainable is such a vast network of topics and stories. So, what do you believe? Do you think it was a ghost tapping her shoulder?