How the Moon Affects Behavior and Health

37. Kidneys Along with the brain, other organs may be affected by a Full Moon. Urologists have found that pain caused by kidney stones increase significantly… Trista - August 26, 2019
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37. Kidneys

Along with the brain, other organs may be affected by a Full Moon. Urologists have found that pain caused by kidney stones increase significantly during a Full Moon. Other studies have shown that more patients with urological issues are admitted to the hospital more frequently during a Full Moon phase.

On the other hand, people with kidney issues can see their conditions calm down during a New Moon. Our kidneys contain about 60% water, which is why the Moon may have an effect over them. As the Moon and its gravitational pull affect the tides on Earth, they can also affect kidney calmness and pain.

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38. Blood Flow

If the Moon’s gravitational pull can affect our brains and kidneys, it’s a no brainer that fluids that flow through our body would also be affected. Brain chemicals, mucus, and blood can all be impacted by a Full Moon. A recent study shows that the rate of gastrointestinal bleeding may significantly increase during a Full Moon.

Conversely, during a Full Moon, researchers have found that surgeries are more successful and result in less bleeding. Patients who have surgery during a Full Moon are 79% less likely to die than those who have surgery during a New Moon. Surgeries during a Full Moon typically result in a shorter hospital stay.

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39. Increased Injuries

If you are clumsy and prone to accidents, be extra careful during a Full Moon. Emergency calls tend to go up during a Full Moon. The Full Moon phase will see an increase of about 3 percent in emergency calls. During a New Moon, that rate will drop by roughly 6 percent.

Researchers discovered a link between medically unexplained symptoms and the lunar cycle. During a Full Moon, patients will be admitted to the hospital with various types of pain. They will complain of numbness, coordination problems, and headaches, but doctors will not be able to find any physical issues.

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40. Increased Birth Rate

Since many people believe that the lunar cycle relates to a woman’s menstrual cycle, it would make sense that the birth rate could be tied to the phases of the Moon. Researchers in Japan found that there was a substantial increase in births during a Full Moon. Even though it could be scientifically difficult to prove this, this theory may help women trying to conceive be successful.

It is believed that a Full Moon can boost fertility because of how the Moon and Earth align during this phase. As the gravitational pull of the Moon and Earth are strongest during a Full Moon, that could potentially lead to an increase in births. An Italian study found that a higher number of babies were born within two days following a Full Moon.