10 Amazing Simple Steps To Aid With Wrinkles Prevention

8) Overlooking your Eye routine When thinking of wrinkles, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Yes, that’s it, your eyes! Wrinkles can be… Luna - June 16, 2017

How to prevent wrinkles - Eye-Wrinkles

8) Overlooking your Eye routine

When thinking of wrinkles, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Yes, that’s it, your eyes! Wrinkles can be found all over the body. However, wrinkles around the eye area are what represents ageing. So why do we tend to ignore a proper eye care?

The skin around our eyes is very thin. Thus it shows any sort of damage faster than other areas. Also, it is very hard to undo damage around the eyes for this same reason. With just a few steps below you will learn how to prevent wrinkles in the eye area. It is important to use different products than on other parts of the body because of the composition of this area. Also, some products should not get in contact with the eyes.

How to prevent wrinkles – Steps for a correct Eye care

  • Make sure not to rub your eyes. Rubbing produces damage by rupturing the small vein vessels around the eye area. If your eyes are itchy, wash them gently with cold water instead. Avoid rubbing at all cost.
  • Use gentle, fresh eye cream daily. The eye cream is different than the standard face cream. This is because of the same reason above. The skin around your eyes is thinner and more fragile, so it needs different care. Keep your eye area moisturised.
  • Use only gentle oils to remove your eye makeup. Most eyeliners or mascaras are waterproof, so it takes a lot of rubbing to remove them with normal makeup removers. Instead, if you use for example sweet almond oil and massage it gently in circular motion, it will remove all makeup and won’t produce any damage.
  • Additionally, wear sunglasses to prevent damage from UV rays. If you’re not a fan of sunglasses, make sure to apply SPF15-30 whenever you plan to go outside and wear a hat.

How to prevent wrinkles - Facial expressions

9) Facial Expressions

Most people tend to be very expressive when communicating their feelings. However, this expression is not always verbal. Our faces can deliver just as well as our voice. Some people also have very expressive faces and tend to make facial expressions all the time. Even though this is very useful and even funny, it can be detrimental to avoid getting wrinkles. Just by looking at your computer screen all day, or when reading, you’re most likely making a facial expression.

If you realise that you tend to frown, squint, or pout… you may want to reconsider your face expressions! These ones together with many others, if done daily, will definitely produce fine lines and wrinkles where your skin folds. No face is alike and so are facial expressions. If you notice distinct fine lines that you hadn’t noticed before, they may come from a facial expression. It is important that you try to make your skin as healthy as possible and avoid making hard facial expressions.

How to prevent wrinkles – Less repetitive facial expressions

  • You don’t need to become a lifeless robot. However, you need to be aware that repeating some facial expressions all the time will bring consequences for your skin.
  • Try to understand your own face and see what changes you can do to avoid certain lines.
  • Additionally, try to make your skin stronger by applying quality moisturising creams both in the morning and at night.
  • Avoid pulling or stretching your skin when applying or removing makeup. Also, when removing it, don’t use hard chemicals, instead use oils and massage gently.
  • Every now and then, use a deep conditioning and moisturising mask for your face. And make sure to always use specific eye cream for your eyes area as mentioned above!

How to prevent wrinkles - Hands Feet

10) Your Body Matters!

Even though wrinkles are usually seen and recognised only in the eye area, they appear in many more places around the body. When we start ageing, wrinkles and folds appear in our neck, ears, hands, elbows, and more. These fine lines are as important as the ones in our face. Our skin in this area tends to get soggy, which also makes us look older. And all these ones can also be prevented!

Weight control will help to prevent sogginess in a particular area such as the neck, underarms, and legs. However, other regions will not depend on weight loss but more on moisture and dryness. For example, it is extremely important to keep your whole body moisturised. This can be accomplished by applying a body butter or cream after each shower. That way the skin will lock the moisture of the cream better. However, this is not the only way. Check our list below for a better idea of what to do when in need of an extra step in preventing fine lines and wrinkles over your body!

How to prevent wrinkles – Hands, neck, and ears

  • Hands: If you work with your hands handling chemicals (for example cleaning liquids), you will most likely see changes in your skin. Your hands may appear older than your actual age. To prevent this, make sure to wear gloves if possible when working. Also, wash your hands with gentle products or just water instead of strong chemical cleaners. Scrub your hands once a week using a mix of oils and sugar. Be gentle and massage your hands in circular motions. Then rinse off with lukewarm water and apply a moisturiser. Always moisturise your hands daily.
  • Neck: Your neck is extremely important even if we tend to forget about it. Make sure to follow the same exfoliation routine as with your hands. Try to exfoliate once a week with a gentle scrub. Then apply a moisturiser. Also, whenever you apply your day or night cream, make sure to use the same and apply it on your neck as well.
  • Ears: It may sound silly, but your ears also need some care! Make sure to keep them clean and moisturised all year-round.
  • General: Your body needs to be taken care of. Exfoliate once a week and apply a body butter moisturiser.