Nine Warnings Your Nails Send You About Your Health

By Melisa Silver
Nine Warnings Your Nails Send You About Your Health

Several signs and symptoms related to any disease indicate an ongoing pathology, which may be localized or generalized. For example, an aching joint indicates a disease limited to that area. Similarly, a stomach ache also indicates a localized pathology. A general symptom such as headache, can be a hint towards a vast set of diseases, ranging from a simple stress to a lethal cancer. Systemic involvement by diseases such as hypertension, acidosis, etc. may also produce a headache. However, very few amongst us might be aware nail changes that a disease can produce as symptoms.

Our nails form an alive, yet hard sclerotic parts of our body, and are constituents of the external defense mechanism. Ever wondered what could cause the nails to change their appearance or consistency? What body system might be directing the nails to change their normal anatomy?

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  1. Nail pitting:

We usually tend to ignore slight depressed points or you may call them “pits” on the nail surface. Well, after reading this segment, it is likely that you may not over look such small changes the next time you discover it. “Ice-pick-like” depressions are a feature of psoriasis in most cases. If not so, then it may be associated with an autoimmune diseases called as Reiter’s syndrome (a type of arthritis caused due to bacterial infection), or alopecia areata. So anytime you notice such nail changes, you know well that you immediately need to see your doctor.