People Recount Terrifying Animal Encounters That Nearly Took their Life 

3. Meeting a coyote isn’t a pleasant encounter. Redditor BobisBadAss talks about a crazy deer hunting encounter. “I was bow hunting for whitetail, sitting in full… Trista - September 10, 2021

3. Meeting a coyote isn’t a pleasant encounter.

Redditor BobisBadAss talks about a crazy deer hunting encounter. “I was bow hunting for whitetail, sitting in full camo on a downed tree, leaning against another tree, in a dark, thick cedar swamp. I dozed off for a while and woke to the crunching sound of footsteps. So, I darted my eyes around and saw the back end of a canine as it stalked through the trees within about 20 yards, going from my right to my left. From the reddish in the fur, I assumed it was a coyote and not a wolf, although I didn’t see it long, and it was a BIG coyote.

“As it got far enough to the left, I lost sight completely behind the tree I was leaning against and could only hear it. I sat there with an arrow nocked, just listening, when suddenly I heard and felt a thud of this animal jumping up on the log I was sitting on. I sat there and listened to sniffing sounds at the back of my head for a few seconds. It then jumped back down, and I heard it trot away as calmly as it had approached. My heart was racing the whole time, but it wasn’t “terrifying” since coyotes/wolves pose zero threat to humans.” 


2. Finding a massive green frog in your house will make anyone jump.

You might think frogs aren’t harmful to humans. A single “golden poison frog” harbors enough poison to kill ten adults. Perhaps these frogs are the most poisonous animals alive. They’re among the many species of toxic frogs, which people refer to as poison dart frogs. You will notice that they are all small yet deadly, making the encounters quite scary. Redditor jakiblue explained his terrifying experience.

“Just last week, I went to the toilet at home, only to discover a massive green tree frog in the doorway. Not scary to some, I know, but I have a phobia about them and was absolutely terrified, out of my mind screaming, scared. Hit the hallway wall whilst screaming for my husband and then sat on top of the kitchen table while he took the frog outside, in case it got loose and hopped around and attacked my legs. My family thinks it’s hysterically funny and continues to give me frog-themed gifts at Xmas and birthday. They’re all sitting in a box in the cupboard, and I refuse to look at them.” 


1. An ankle-bitter got the best of him.

Cuddy606 shared a scary animal encounter on Reddit. The user said, “It was grade 7, and for some reason, I was just a little late for school. As I started to walk across the big field in front of the school, this ugly little dog came out of nowhere and latched right onto my boot. He was ugly, like a cross between a chihuahua and a rat or something. It was winter in Canada, and I had big thick boots on. Well, it wouldn’t let go of my boot. It just kept growling and shaking its head.  

“Luckily it was too small for its teeth to make contact with my feet. I didn’t want to kick it or anything, so I just kept walking, dragging this crappy little dog about 200m to the front steps of the school. As mentioned above, I was just a little late for school, and class hadn’t started. So, all the kids on that side of the building were in the windows watching this dog and me in mortal combat and laughing. So, it probably wasn’t terrifying in the traditional sense of an animal attack, just embarrassing. 30+ years later, and I still hate that dog. I’m glad it’s dead.”