Practical Meal Plans and Healthy Foods For Babies And Toddlers

Whole grains actually have protein and will keep your child regular. Wikipedia.

Grains And Dairy For Kids

Some primary grain foods for your kids are pasta, bread, noodles, couscous, breakfast cereals without marshmallows, corn, rice, and polenta. Some parents can even feed their kids quinoa, barley, and oats as they help in offering energy to grow, develop, and also learn. Grain foods comprise a lower glycaemic index to provide your child with lasting power and keep them full. 

In terms of dairy foods, the best choices are cheese, milk, and yogurt. These foods contain a higher level of calcium and protein. You can introduce dairy food items in your child’s diet when they are around six months old. But first, you should start with infant formula or breast milk. It is your baby’s leading source of nutrition until they are 12 months old. After that, the kid can drink cow’s full-fat milk. As children grow quite a lot before they turn two, it is vital to give them full-fat dairy items for excess energy.