This is What Triggers ASMR

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Human lives are prone to disease and ailments. Every day we are exposed to severities that can make us sick both mentally and physically. There are plenty of conditions that can be life-threatening. The human body responds to each and every sensation and change that happens around us. Your brain receives signals and instructs the body to behave in a certain way in different situations. So, anything that happens with your body is a result of messages your brain receives. For instance, when you place your finger on a candle flame, your mind gets the signal that your finger is burning and sends the message to the finger to move it away from the fire. That’s how the brain works.

If you have been wondering why a particular sound or happening frustrates you and irritates you to the extent that you can shut yourself out, then you are not alone in this. There are plenty of people who experience ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) that can be triggered with any possible thing happening around you. In this article, we will be discussing the common triggers of ASMR and how it can be used as a treatment tool. But, before delving into its triggers, it is essential to understand a bit more about ASMR.

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1. What is ASMR?

A tingling sensation that starts from your scalp and reaches back down to your neck and spine can be called the autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR is also deemed as the mild form of paresthesia or bad experience of euphoria. ASMR is characterized as positive tingling along with a static sensation on the skin. Generally, ASMR is triggered by particular visual or audio stimuli or voluntary attention control. Recently, a genre of videos has been created by YouTubers that possibly trigger ASMR. Since these ASMR triggering videos have been uploaded on YouTube, they have received millions of views around the world.

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From watching a person speaking softly into the microphone, clicking fingernails to slicing soap shavings, ASMR can be triggered by possibly anything. The triggers vary from person to person. So, if some visual or audio stimuli trigger ASMR in you, it is not necessary to work the same way for other people as well. Most people consider this tingling sensation as relaxing and, at times, pleasurable. There have been studies that have proved that people loved having such feelings and deliberately triggered their ASMR. It was only recently that scientists discovered more about ASMR and claimed that it could be used to treat several mental ailments like depression, stress, and anxiety.

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2. What Does ASMR Feel Like?

ASMR is all about feeling the tingling sensation. People often call ASMR as brain orgasm. The tingling caused by ASMR is not similar to the shivery chills you experience when you are emotional or delighted.

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It is quite peculiar and distinctive from all other tingling sensations. ASMR tingling starts from your head scalp; you feel like your hair strands are arousing. The tingling then travels down to your neck and spine. In some rare cases, the tingling goes to your arms and legs as well.

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3. Facts About ASMR

ASMR can be triggered by either live experience or a recorded video. You don’t need to be physically present somewhere to trigger your ASMR. A YouTube video can also give you the chills. Everyone doesn’t need to experience ASMR. Some people have not yet found their trigger to ASMR, or they are naturally immune to the tingling sensations of ASMR. Though it is deemed as brain orgasm, there is no sexual experience involved in ASMR. Most of the producers of ASMR videos and the viewers have confirmed that there is no sexual element or pleasure in these videos. It gives more of a relaxing, pleasing, and close to the feeling of meditation.

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Different voices and videos have different effects on different people. There are various triggers for males and females. If you watch ASMR videos, you would realize that some of the videos will only trigger males, and others will only target females. Roleplay ASMR is a real thing. It adds a soothing effect to your tingling experience. This roleplay can be anything or anyone, such as a nurse, sci-fi themed videos, or mountain winds. Your hair is closely related to ASMR triggers. Videos of hair brushing, braiding, and anything that involves doing anything with hair can be a trigger for ASMR. People who don’t experience ASMR find these hair videos mesmerizing, and they can binge-watch them together. ASMR tingling gradually fades away and does not stay for long. People who experienced ASMR found that the levels of stimuli and relaxation feeling slowly fade away. ASMR videos that are going viral on YouTube are the biggest triggers for ASMR

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4. ASMR As a Treatment Method

Scientists have conducted research and studies to find that ASMR and the tingling feeling involved in it can be used to treat depression, stress, and anxiety. The relaxing and pleasing atmosphere you get from ASMR can help you sleep better and combat issues of depression. Studies have found that people who watch ASMR videos before they go to bed will have an excellent and interrupted night sleep. There are plenty of other studies as well that have proved that ASMR videos and sounds tend to change the mood. Most of the people reported that triggering ASMR helps them cope up with their depression symptoms. Though ASMR is just a temporary fix for depression, stress, and anxiety, it can undoubtedly give considerable relaxation to the issue. The effect of the ASMR trigger fades away within hours, but those few hours can be accommodating to tame the symptoms of depression and stress.

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ASMR sensation treats different issues differently. Some feelings have been found to manage just your insomnia, while other sensations can result in coping with the symptoms of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Though there has been no scientific evidence that ASMR can treat mental ailments, the triggers can be used to tame down the symptoms without having any side effects on your mental health. If you can’t trust ASMR videos to treat your depression, it can be used to manage your insomnia. Plenty of ASMR online forums and groups are filled with people sharing their stories of incurable, insomnia, and anxiety. Those who have treated their issues with ASMR have recommended watching ASMR videos. If you have been having insomnia and trouble having a good night’s sleep, then try watching these ASMR videos; it might help you get a great sleep.

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5. Why Do Only Certain People feel ASMR?

Only a few people indeed experience ASMR, and others don’t feel anything listening to the same triggers. There are neurological nuances for each person that’s why these ASMR triggers work for some and not for all. According to scientists, there is no specific evidence why only certain people feel it; it can be only said that people have a different response to these triggers that’s why it can’t be triggered in all.

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The ASMR Research and Support Organization is looking forward to kicking start scientific research on ASMR that will be divided into two categories. The type A will be dedicated to people who find these triggers relaxing and consider it as a meditation form. Type B of the research will be focused on people who need some external stimuli to trigger the euphoria. To ascertain whether you belong to type A or B, you just need to conduct a few tests. For instance, watch a video of hair brushing and determine whether you feel anything unusual.

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6. Why Are Sounds More Impactful Triggers?

When it comes to ASMR triggers, there are plenty of common triggers, but the sound has always remained the prominent one. Your brain responds to the sounds much faster than the visual, maybe that’s why ASMR is instantly triggered with particular sounds. The sound chalk makes when scribbled on a clean blackboard, fingernail tapping on a solid surface, sandpaper rubbing on a coarse surface are some of the sounds that are likely to trigger ASMR in people.

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Some triggering sounds are pleasing and others and quite irritating. You just need to figure out what gives you a relaxing effect and what gets on your nerves. As mentioned above, ASMR can be used to tame the symptoms of depression, insomnia, and anxiety, you need to find the sound that will give you a pleasing effect. Sounds are undoubtedly the most impactful triggers for ASMR. So, if you have been watching ASMR videos lately, try shifting to natural sounds to have a more remarkable effect.

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7. Possible Triggers of ASMR

The autonomous sensory meridian response is everywhere right now. There are some sounds and videos that can give you a tingling feeling. If you have experienced the same sensation, then you have definitely experienced the euphoria of ASMR. Today, social media feeds and YouTube is full of such ASMR videos that trigger that tingling sensation in your body. It was YouTube that started the rage of ASMR videos. YouTube vloggers are trying hard to discover new sounds that can possibly trigger the ASMR in people.

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If you have been searching for such triggers that can cause a tingling sensation in your body, then look no further and delve into the below list of some popular triggers. The ASMR triggers are divided into different categories, like some triggers are sound-related; others are physical or situational. Get to know more about these triggers and ascertain what can basically trigger your ASMR.

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8. Sounds and ASMR

Sounds are those ASMR triggers that are triggered when you hear a specific type of noise that gives a relaxing effect and pleasing experience. Take a look at the few sounds that can be triggering.

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It is found that white noises are extremely triggering. There are plenty of sounds that are characterized as white noises such as lawn mowing, oscillating fans, or vacuuming. As these sounds involve multiple frequencies, they result in additional tingling sensation. They are considered as the popular trigger of ASMR.

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9. Whispering and Blowing

Whispering is among those common sound triggers that are highly popular in the YouTube ASMR videos. Gentle whispering in the ears can give you goosebumps and send a sensation of calmness and relaxation. If you also experience such an impression, then your ASMR is triggered by whispering. Some people say that slow whispering over the microphone is the biggest trigger.

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After whispering, blowing is the second most common ASMR trigger. Blowing sounds are quite similar to whispering. It works like a gentle wind hitting your ears. Blowing is also considered a great ASMR trigger to stimulate sleep and treat insomnia. It is essential first to detect whether blowing is your ideal ASMR trigger or not, and then continue to discover videos on the same.

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10. Scratching or Buzzing

This ASMR trigger can be pleasing and irritating to people. It works differently for different people. Due to the mixed reactions it gets, this ASMR trigger is often left in controversy. Sound of scratching metal, plastic, nails, or a coarse surface are the familiar sounds that trigger ASMR in people. In some people, scratching can be relaxing, while it can make others frustrated. So, it totally depends on personal choices, whether you like the sound of scratching or not.

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Buzzing is among those sounds that can be profoundly relaxing as well-pleasing. This sound is generally created with electrical items like a razor. Vibrating sounds can also be considered in the category of buzzing that can send tingling sensations to your body. Vibrating is much more relaxing and soothing than buzzing as it involves less intensity than a buzzing sound. So, next time when you are looking for some ASMR trigger, thinks of listening to vibrating sounds.

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11. Tapping or Page Turning

Tapping is similar to all the above sound triggers. It generally includes the sound of nail tapping on a different surface to trigger the ASMR. Just like scratching, tapping also has a different effect on different people. So, it depends on individual receptiveness how this trigger works. Try tapping on various surfaces with different objects to learn what triggers your ASMR. Generally, tapping with a nail tip on a solid surface is considered ideal for the ASMR trigger.

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If you have ever found the sound of page-flipping fascinating, then it is probably your ASMR trigger. It generally involves the crinkling noise of newspapers, books, and magazines that supposedly soothe the senses. People who enjoy the sound of the turning page would love to listen to the sound again and again to trigger ASMR.

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12. Chewing

Has the sound of chewing ever made your senses tingle? Then possibly your ASMR trigger might be eating. It is a popular sound ASMR trigger that works differently for different people. While watching chewing videos, you can either love them immensely or hate them wholeheartedly.

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Eating ASMR is also a proper term where videos are dedicated to eating, and the sounds developed from it. Whether it is slurping, crunching, or chewing noise, eating ASMR can be highly stimulating.

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13. Sticky Fingers

Not everyone finds it pleasing to listen to the sound of sticky fingers. ASMR sticky fingers are a popular trigger that does exactly what it sounds like. A soft tone that generates when we squish our sticky finger, this trigger can be very pleasing and soothing if done in the right way. While some hate the sound of sticky fingers, some people binge-watch sticky fingers video just to get those tingling sensations.

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Generally, sticky fingers ASMR videos involve people making sounds with their wet or sticky fingers and bringing it close to the screens to give a pleasing experience.

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14. Writing

Some people even love the sound of writing on paper. It is proven that writing sound can trigger the tingling sensation and lead to ASMR. Some people have also shared their experiences, where the continuous sound of writing led them to deep sleep.

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ASMR videos have the sound of a pen writing on a scratchy surface. You can watch these videos to trigger your ASMR and experience the relaxing and satisfying tingling sensations.

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15. Humming

Humming is similar to the sound of whispering that can send electric signals to your senses. For some, buzzing can be annoying, while others may enjoy the music of someone humming into their ears. People have also stated that humming works as a lullaby for them.

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Humming can also be treated as a tool to sleep at night as it helps in relaxing your sense and imparts a soothing effect to your sensory system. You can try humming music or plug into any of the ASMR humming videos to get the experience.

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16. Water Drops

Just to think of the sound of water dropping gives a soothing effect. Whether the drops are big or small, the natural sound of dripping water can be amazingly relaxing.

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According to the National Sleep Foundation, hearing the dropping of water, whether natural or artificial, can improve the quality and intensity of your sleep and prevent the issue of insomnia. There are numerous videos on YouTube that you can watch to have such an experience anytime, anywhere.

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17. Ticking Clock

Not everyone loves the sound of their clock ticking. But, for some, it is the best ASMR trigger. The repetitive sound of the clock ticking is so soothing for the brain. It works wonders for people having insomnia issues. Those who find it difficult to sleep at night must concentrate on the sound of their timepiece to get a good sleep.

It is an incredible ASMR trigger that is proven to treat insomnia as well. You can either watch ASMR videos of a clock ticking or casually pay attention to your wall clock.

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18. Cat Purring or Motor Humming

Sounds or noises that individual animals make can also be considered as ASMR triggers. Cat purring is an unusually satisfying sound for some people. When you listen to cut purrs with your eyes shut, it can give you a soothing and relaxing effect.

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Have you ever listened to your motor humming when you start your vehicle? Did you witness any changes in your sensory system? If it left you with a tingling sensation, then motor humming is the ideal ASMR sensation for you. While for some people, it might be disturbing, so it entirely depends on personal choices. If you love the sound of motor humming, you don’t necessarily have to start your vehicle again, and again, you can just watch some motor humming videos on YouTube. This way, you won’t be disturbing others with your cravings.

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19. Ear Brushing and Hair Playing

Ear brushing is a technique to trigger ASMR. Your makeup brush can make the perfect ear brushing tool. Be it a small eye shadow brush or a contour brush, the sound created with these brushes can be incredibly soothing and relaxing.

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Playing with hair or seeing someone playing with hair is a popular ASMR trigger. Running your hands through the hair or using any other tool to do the same is more likely to trigger the ASMR in people. Hair brushing also falls in this category of ASMR triggers.

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20. Massages

Massaging is also considered as a physical ASMR trigger. Whether seeing a person stroking someone or getting a massage yourself, anything related to a massage can be a trigger for ASMR.

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From deep head massage to body oil massage, ASMR can be triggered with anything. So, next time if you are looking for an ASMR trigger, try seeing a massage video or get a super relaxing massage yourself.

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21. Certain Words or Eye Contact

You would be surprised to know that certain words can possibly trigger ASMR. Generally, words starting with S, P, and K are considered triggering. They generate calming sounds that prompt the tingling sensation. If you have been witnessing changes in your sensories due to some words, then possibly they are the ASMR trigger for you.

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A form of personal attention ASMR trigger, direct eye contact can also become a strong trigger. When you make constant eye contact with a person, it sends a chill down the spine, giving you a sense of intimacy and passion. When you are watching a romantic scene from a movie where the lead actors make eye contact, it tends to develop a tingling feeling while watching it. Eye contact can be a powerful ASMR trigger that can result in maximum pleasure.

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22. Roleplaying and Personal Attention

As mentioned earlier, role play is also a significant trigger for ASMR. It involves putting yourself in a particular scenario and experiencing pleasure. For instance, creating an ambiance of a hair salon can be one of the triggers. Some role play acts involve specific environments. Irrespective of what you choose, each roleplay has its own significant impact on your senses.

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Specific personal attention ASMR videos are known to trigger the ASMR and relieve your stress. These videos are aimed at promoting your sleep and preventing insomnia. In these videos, the creator makes direct contact with the viewers and looks right into the camera and generally places their hands on the lens to make viewers feel like they are touching your face. They speak in a calming and relaxing tone.

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23. Hand Movements or Watching Someone Concentrate

A lot of ASMR video creators incorporate hand movements into their videos that are often triggering for some people. Blended with whispering, hand movements can be highly triggering. Gently movements of your hands, along with whispering sounds, can be extremely triggering for your ASMR.

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In the visual ASMR triggers, watching someone concentrate for an extended period can be triggering for your ASMR. Watching someone studying can trigger your ASMR. It generally occurs when combined with other triggers as well like brushing, and soft speaking.

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24. Color Swatching and Paint Mixing

Color swatching is all about making soft sounds. When you see colors swatching in front of your eyes, you are sure to witness a tingling sensation if this is one of your ASMR triggers. Beauty enthusiasts are more likely to fall for this trigger, as makeup reviews are all about color swatching. Whenever you feel like having one of those tingling sensations of ASMR, just tune in to any of the makeup review videos or color swatching ASMR videos to get the experience.

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Do you love the way different colors mix? Then paint mixing is your ideal ASMR trigger. Watching dry paint can be tedious or even frustrating, but watching wet paint getting mixed can give your a relaxing effect if this is your ASMR trigger. When combined with whispering and gentle noises, paint mixing videos can be profoundly relaxing and soothing for people. It is one of the dominant visual ASMR triggers that people use to get those tingling sensations on the go.

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25. Light Patterns

Although light is not associated with good sleep as they tend to interrupt your sleep, there are plenty of light patterns that are considered in the category of ASMR triggers.

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Yes, some light patterns can also promote your sleep, as well. If you are looking for a peaceful and soundless trigger that can also stimulate your sleep, then shifting to light pattern videos is something you should opt for.

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26. The ASMR Effect

The autonomous sensory meridian response is a sensory feeling that triggers indeed happening, sounds, or videos. It gives a tingling sensation that starts from your head and reaches the back of your neck to the spine. ASMR is generally triggered by specific sounds and videos that leave a tingling sensation in your body.

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Different triggers work differently for people. Earlier, ASMR was called another form of orgasm and was deemed a brain orgasm. After in-depth research and extensive studies, it was found that ASMR has nothing to do with sexual pleasure. Though it gives a relaxing and pleasing effect, it doesn’t have any relation with sexual desire. The sensation and phenomenon of ASMR are characterized by a mild electric current that runs through your body.

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27. More About That Tingling Feeling

This tingling feeling on the skin is generally called paresthesia, which is in its pleasure form. There is no sure way through which you can deliberately trigger your ASMR. It has a few triggers that work for people. You need to detect your idea ASMR trigger if you are looking to trigger it to experience the tingling feeling and get a relaxing effect. ASMR does not negatively impact your mental well being; instead, it imparts a soothing and pleasing effect on your senses that is considered healthy for your nervous system. The above mentioned were some of the standard and popular triggers of ASMR that can possibly cause you a tingling feeling. There are variations of the tingling you experience. It is not necessary that your ASMR trigger must trigger your friend well.

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With the inclusion of ASMR trigger videos, where people create sounds and videos that can possibly stimulate the tingling feeling, people have got more reasons to experience ASMR. Some find this tingling feeling pleasant, while for others, it can be frustrating. Scientists have found that ASMR can be used as a treatment tool to dampen the symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. Though it doesn’t have a lasting impact, it can undoubtedly give a pleasing effect on depression. Watching ASMR videos is also proven beneficial to treat insomnia as it promotes uninterrupted sleep.