This is What Triggers ASMR

Not many people know what it is. Shutterstock.

1. What is ASMR?

A tingling sensation that starts from your scalp and reaches back down to your neck and spine can be called the autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR is also deemed as the mild form of paresthesia or bad experience of euphoria. ASMR is characterized as positive tingling along with a static sensation on the skin. Generally, ASMR is triggered by particular visual or audio stimuli or voluntary attention control. Recently, a genre of videos has been created by YouTubers that possibly trigger ASMR. Since these ASMR triggering videos have been uploaded on YouTube, they have received millions of views around the world. 

From watching a person speaking softly into the microphone, clicking fingernails to slicing soap shavings, ASMR can be triggered by possibly anything. The triggers vary from person to person. So, if some visual or audio stimuli trigger ASMR in you, it is not necessary to work the same way for other people as well.

Most people consider this tingling sensation as relaxing and, at times, pleasurable. There have been studies that have proved that people loved having such feelings and deliberately triggered their ASMR. It was only recently that scientists discovered more about ASMR and claimed that it could be used to treat several mental ailments like depression, stress, and anxiety.