What Hair Can Say About Someone’s Health

What your hair says about your health
Bouncy curls. Unsplash.

2. Good Elasticity.

Healthy hair has a high level of elasticity, and this is what gives hair its body, bounce, and texture formation. If it stretches a bit and then returns to its natural state, you have normal elasticity. If it stretches more than usual and then breaks, or feels limp and mushy between your fingers, then it needs protein. When you achieve that gorgeous bouncy style that lasts all day, you have your hair’s great elasticity to thank.

It’s the quality that holds curl and makes all your hairstyle ambitions, voluminous blowouts to tight curls, a possibility. Elasticity is the measure of your hair’s strength and having poor elasticity can lead to excess breakage–and frizz. To check elasticity, start with wet hair. Take a strand, and stretch ever so slightly. If the strand bounces back into place when you let go, you’re in great shape.