Where Only the Most Elite Get Their Healthcare

If you want to be part of the elite, you need access to elite healthcare. And elite healthcare means only the very best doctors, hospitals, and… Trista - November 13, 2022

If you want to be part of the elite, you need access to elite healthcare. And elite healthcare means only the very best doctors, hospitals, and treatments money can buy. For most people, this is simply not an option. But for the wealthy and powerful, it’s a given. They can afford to pay for the best of everything, including their health. This article would blow your mind if you thought you had seen it all. So, if you’re looking for top-notch medical care, don’t look elsewhere. I’ll show you the very best in the US, as well as some extraordinary choices from across the world. Hang tight and listen up because you are about to learn where the rich and famous go for their medical needs. Not only do these luxury hospitals have the best of the best in specialists, equipment, and services, but they offer first-class amenities. Some places offer personal chefs, luxury thread count sheets, and other hotel-like opportunities that will make you forget you are in the hospital. From heart surgery to maternity care, these medical care facilities are simply amazing. Check out where only the most elite get their healthcare.

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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California

The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California, is coming in at number one. Voted number one in California and number two in the Nation by US News & World Report’s Best Hospitals Honor Roll. And if that’s not enough for you, I mean, getting tippity-top-care, you may even room next to a Hollywood star, how about that? No seriously. It costs $1,000 to $3,000 a night for one of their luxurious suites is no joke. But living life as the top 1% just does not compare. The whole hospital does not have that price tag, but they have dedicated an entire floor to VIP access. This hospital not only has raving reviews from the patients and world-class publications but also is pretty high up there as far as employee satisfaction. I guess dealing with patients at such high levels does come with a reward.

High earnings and amazing employee perks are the order of the day. And along with that comes the gorgeous facility itself. From the outside, it looks more like you are arriving at a JW Marriott hotel than an actual medical facility. With perfectly manicured gathering areas and glass windows from top to bottom, you don’t miss any gorgeous Beverly Hills views. This place is a favorite among expectant celebrities. Surrounded by original works of art from Warhols and Picassos with rooms equipped with every luxury you can imagine. Gourmet meals, luxury linens and beds, cozy rubs, and doulas are some things these moms can expect in their maternity suites. But again, aside from the luxuries, it is a medical center that has pioneered neurosurgical and organ transplant programs.

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio

Chances are you’ve googled a medical question and advice from Cleveland Clinic has popped up. They offer the best advice, research, education, and healthcare in the state of Ohio — and practically the entire country. Consistently ranked number one in the nation for cardiology and heart surgery, there’s no doubt of the medical ranking at the Cleveland Clinic. This medical group counts more than three hundred facilities across the US, and they truly offer top-grade patient care even if you are not paying for their top-of-the-line accommodations. But for those with a little extra cash in their pocket, the Cleveland Clinic has an option called the Founders Suites (G71). Insurance does not usually cover it. They are in the G building at that complex medical location. The price ranges from $600 to $1,500 a night.

All of them have high-speed internet, endless cable TV packages, and newer bathrooms to fit the patient’s spending budget. Needless to say, these are all private suites, but they have limits and cannot take reservations. Those patients willing to pay are on a first come basis since they are assigned as per the admission date. In addition to those accommodations for the patients, Cleveland Clinic also cares about their patient’s family members. The suites have separate seating areas and will accommodate extra beds for those family members staying overnight. So, you know they don’t have to go through the painful experience of sleeping on an upright single hard chair, as we commoners have had to endure. And to top off the experience in luxury, each of those suites comes with a dedicated gourmet menu that will be tailored to the patient’s eating requirements as well as the family’s particular wishes.

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Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Massachusetts

The Johns Hopkins Hospital is a world-renowned hospital that sets the standard for patient care, research, and education. This medical facility is the teaching and biomedical research facility of the John Hopkins School of Medicine. It is located right in the center of Baltimore. This facility not only ranks with top medical care but has made a pocket space to accommodate those patients with higher expectations. It has about fifteen rooms, including some suites, with prices ranging from $325 to $1,300 a night. Although the accommodations are not brand new, they all have expansive views of the historic John Hopkins Baltimore Campus and downtown Baltimore.

Much like a nice hotel, each room has oriental throw rugs, DVD players, TV, and CD players in their alarm radios. To make the patient’s care more comfortable, they can enjoy waffle-weave robes. A tuxedo staff delivers all of the meals. Wonder where they got that from? Well, one of the coolest things at this medical location is that the staff’s exceptional customer service methodology. They follow the training from Disney and the Ritz Carlton! So, you may not necessarily get the most modern shower, but you sure will be getting treated like you are on vacation, and wouldn’t we all wish for that at times when we are feeling the most vulnerable?

The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas

Methodist Hospital is ranked the number one hospital in all of Texas and counts a total of 900 beds and more than seven thousand employees. It is the flagship quaternary care hospital of Houston Methodist academic medical center and among the best for a holistic approach to treating cancer patients. Among those 900 beds, the Methodist Hospital has dedicated 23 suites for their top-of-the-line out-of-pocket paying patients. These suites are in the Sue Fondren Trammell Pavilion. Prices range from $335 to $1,300 out-of-pocket per night. The suites are on the twelve floors of the medical facility with views of the city and attendants trained to care for high-demand and international patients.

The facility boasts conference centers with high-speed internet and conference tables ready for any mogul that requires hospitalization. And in addition to room service, the designated suite floor also counts with its own private dining room separate from the hospitals. The food is of superior quality as the main chef was formally trained at the renowned Tony’s steakhouse. With cloudy-feeling linens and fine accommodations inside the suites, this level of care is accessible if you can spare the extra bucks. The Methodist Hospital has patient referrals from inside Texas and all over the US.

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MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC

Washington Hospital’s luxurious private suites are designed to look like five-star hotel rooms. The thick carpeting on the floors and heated towel racks offer an ultra-pampering experience that is not necessarily a need but sure feels nice to have. Patients enjoy gorgeous views of DC’s National Cathedral from their room or suite bathroom. Plus, they can indulge in style with marble vanity tops and dual sinks. And for those particularly hard days while in hospital care, patients can use the suite’s soaking tub for ultimate relaxation after surgery!

As pretty much standard for these types of accommodations, patients can enjoy gourmet meals prepared onsite by the in-house highly trained chef. And when you feel like you are human again, the view on the corridors is adorned with fine art pieces, so you can forget that you are in a medical facility. This medical facility specializes in cardiac care, neuroscience, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrinology, transplants, and burns. And it is the largest privately owned medical facility in all of Washington, DC. Keep reading to learn more about where the most elite get healthcare, and which luxury hospitals are around the world.

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Fortis La Femme Hospital in New Delhi, India

And taking a trip worldwide, let’s visit the Fortis La Femme Hospital in India. India is a developing nation and counts as the world’s sixth-largest economy. The Fortis La Femme Hospital in New Delhi is a world-renowned medical facility specifically focused on women-related medical problems. It is a well-known medical tourist destination that treats everything from obstetrics and gynecology to in vitro fertilization. There is also fetal medicine, neonatology, cosmetic surgery, and general surgery. The facility itself is modern and cutting-edge, with comfortable and beautiful-looking gathering areas for the patients and their guests.

Their most popular rooms are the four top-of-the-line delivery rooms. And for the patient with some money to spare, the presidential suite is available. With an open balcony with panoramic views, all the luxurious amenities you can think of inside the suite, and even a kid’s playground. Yes, because if you have a second or third child, you definitely want to keep the first one entertained. And to top the luxuries off, as if they didn’t have enough, the facility is full of artwork in the hallways, and the gathering common places are just like being inside the most expensive malls. Because well, it is a women-focused medical facility. Between tests and needles, you can roam the mall, do some shopping, sit, and watch one of the dancing fountains.

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Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai, UAE

As the modern poster child for high tech and luxurious lifestyle as a whole, Dubai could not fall behind when talking about medical accommodations. And to prove they really can excel at anything, they have the Mediclinic City Hospital. Within this multidisciplinary medical facility in the United Emirates, you will find their twelve suites located in their VIP flood, where only 1% can afford such accommodations. And they certainly don’t hesitate to spare any details.

To begin with, a limousine service transfers the patients paying for such accommodations. Upon arrival, they will access the facility through their private and exclusive entrance, where you will check in. They will guide you to one of their premier suites. Patients and their guests receive a private indoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, spa, and gym on this exclusive VIP floor. As if when you are feeling sick, you really want to partake in that? But I think they were thinking more of their family members not being completely bored from accompanying their loved ones. Of those twelve rooms, six are state-of-the-art suites, and five are presidential suites.


Matilda International Hospital in Hong Kong

Matilda International Hospital is a well-known private hospital in Hong Kong. It is known for its personalized patient care and state-of-the-art technology. Sitting atop Victoria Peak, Matilda’s main facility has been serving communities since 1907, when it began to provide free healthcare for overseas Filipino workers returning home from England. The founder set out in his will the planned construction of an institution “not solely focused towards the medical profession but rather focused on serving the happiness of the individual.” What a beautiful statement and mission.

This medical facility is right on top of Victoria Peak, a historical landmark in Hong Kong. And its luxury suites have a breathtaking view of the South China Sea as seen through the suites’ floor-to-ceiling windows. But the views don’t come cheap. They start at a price tag of $4,800 per night, with maternity packages starting at $5,200 per night with a three-night stay and accommodations in one of the balcony suites. This hospital is well known for its pediatric and surgical wards, providing top-of-the-line patient care. All the food for the VIP suites comes from the Shangri-La Hotel chain which in Hong Kong is like referring to the best-tasting steak house you can find in the US.

Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City

Jumping back across the pond to America. Ahh, New York, the icon of power, luxury, and literally, the richest of the rich. If you have ever visited, you were taken aback by the conglomeration of tall and powerful-looking buildings, the busy streets, and the fast pace of life. That is until you hit Central Park. At first, you can’t imagine how such a peaceful and beautiful oasis exists amidst such a hard-looking city. And not to sound poetic, but this is true happiness without a price tag. But if your trip leads you there due to a medical procedure, rest assured that money will not buy you happiness or health. However, it can buy you a suite at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, beautifully located on the East side of Central Park.

Renowned for offering the most luxurious of accommodations for any mogul that can afford it. Of course, it is not just about the accommodations since this is also a world-renowned teaching medical facility with members of the faculty, past, and present. They all have made large contributions to the world of medicine and medical research.

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More About Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City

But back to the accommodations. The suites have an elegant yet modern and simplistic aesthetic to not cloud the gorgeous nature view of Central Park. With a top culinary menu and visitation allowed around the clock, patients can feel more like they are at home than at a medical facility. At the same time, they are away from the hustle and buzzle of the city outside.

Did I mention the parting gift is Belgian chocolate? But I mean, why would you want to leave if, while inside, you have offerings such as daily afternoon tea and meals prepared by top chefs using mostly local and organic ingredients? This new world of luxury medical care is no small accomplishment, and facilities like this can gross over $1 million dollars a year just from those VIP suites alone. It’s no wonder the industry is expanding with more and more rooms available at this standard. Keep reading to learn more about where the most elite get healthcare, and which luxury hospitals are around the world.


Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand

We can land in Bangkok when heading west and crossing a big stretch of the Pacific Ocean. Bangkok is a city of contrasts. Modern high-rise buildings stand alongside traditional temples, and luxury hotels line the banks of the Chao Praya River. But it’s not just the architecture that makes Bangkok such an interesting place; it’s the people. From the young Thai women who work in the city’s many shopping malls to the Buddhist monks who wander the streets collecting alms, Bangkok is a melting pot of different cultures and traditions. And then there are the city’s notorious traffic jams, which can make getting around Bangkok a very frustrating experience! But despite all its challenges, Bangkok remains one of Southeast Asia’s most fascinating and vibrant cities.

And in that most vibrant of cities, you will find the Bumrungrad International Hospital, which makes the list of the world’s most luxurious medical facilities. And it is also a high point of interest for medical tourists. This facility alone tends to more than 400,000 medical patients a year! They are so popular that the facility has an in-house travel agency to help patients accommodate travel from around the world.


More About Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand

They offer procedures in all medical specialties. Patients can expect updated accommodations loaded with luxuries and high-tech rooms when they stay there. In addition, you can surely enjoy shopping and dining in your free time, since the facility offers two whole floors completely devoted to that.

The atmosphere of luxury is set inside the rooms, starting with the color choices. It is geared towards light and warmth, making visitors feel like they are taking a break at a spa. And the common areas feel secluded, with dim lighting and manicured greeneries to calm your mind and ease your body. There is no way that while inside, you could feel the vibrancies and hectic life moving outside its walls. Keep reading to learn more about where the most elite get healthcare, and which luxury hospitals are around the world.


Asklepios Klinik Barmbek in Hamburg, Germany

Where do you find the most expensive of all medical facilities in all of continental Europe? If you said Germany, you would have been right. But before I tell you about it, let me tell you why in Germany. Germany is best known for its economic strength and position as a leading member of the European Union. There is so much to this country. That includes some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, like the snow-capped Alps and the winding Rhine River. Not only that but also their cars and watches. What comes to mind when you think of Germany to me is discipline, luxury, and precision.

This is no small feat since the country has been at the center of two world wars. And when talking about medicine, they are not lacking behind. Asklepios Klinik Barmbek leads continental Europe as the most expensive and largest medical facility. But size is not a handicap for offering excellent accommodations and service. The hospital caters to patients with pediatric needs all the way to general surgery, staying abreast of the latest technology to provide top-of-the-line patient care. Their deluxe suites are known to have the most comfortable medical beds in the world, don’t ask me who had that joyful task of deciphering it! But if having the best sleep while hospitality is not enough for you, it sure would be for me. Then I am sure the 24-hour room service will seal the deal.

Interior of a luxury sweet in Gleneagles, Singapore. Luxury Launches.

Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore

Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore, is a world-renowned medical institution that offers a wide range of treatments and services. Founded in 1976, the hospital has a long history of excellence in patient care. Today, it offers a comprehensive range of medical services, from general health check-ups to specialist treatments. The hospital is also home to a state-of-the-art research center, which is constantly developing new and innovative treatments. In addition to its world-class medical facilities, Gleneagles Hospital also offers a wide range of recreational and leisure facilities. From swimming pools and tennis courts to a gym and spa, the hospital provides everything you need to relax and enjoy your stay. Whether you are seeking treatment, this is certainly a luxurious offer.

Their suites are equipped with oversized bathrooms, high-speed internet, and DVD players to enjoy whichever movie you want during your stay. But come on, that is pretty standard in our list. How about the private nurse? Yes, I mean private, exclusively for you. That is, with a personal stylist on call or the ability to book a massage during your medical stay. How about that? If that does not speak luxury to you, not sure what else can. It is truly a place of excellence in patient care. And before you leave, you can book a private celebration with cocktails with a maximum of ten people if you are feeling celebratory about the birth of your newborn or the recuperation of your loved one. Keep reading to learn more about where the most elite get healthcare, and which luxury hospitals are around the world. Keep reading to learn more about where the most elite get healthcare, and which luxury hospitals are around the world.

Henry Ford Hospital

Henry Ford Hospital, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Michigan is home to one of the best hospitals in the country. In 1978, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital first opened its doors to patients in Michigan, USA. Henry Ford Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility that offers a full range of services, from primary care to specialty care. It is popular for its maternity services to cardiovascular and surgical procedures. The hospital is also home to a world-class cancer center, which provides cutting-edge treatments for patients battling this disease. But this hospital makes our list for its medical treatments, luxurious accommodations, and exquisite facility. Meticulously designed with the aesthetics of a tropical park in mind, the facility has natural light, manicured greenery, and rainwater collections.

All the most exclusive private suites have views of lush landscapes or peaceful ponds with light and cream colors to create a space full of serenity no matter the reason for your visit. The facility’s interior corridors feature many trees, winding walkways, and plenty of seating areas, more in line with what a sanctuary may look like than a medical facility. And to make welcoming mothers as comfortable as possible, the suites in that unit have Jacuzzis tubs. You can welcome the new bundle of joy in complete relaxation and comfort.

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New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell in Manhattan, New York

Let’s head back to the Big Apple. At the NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, they believe that each of their patients deserves the highest quality care. And they make it their mission to tend to the body and soul’s needs during those tough times in life! Located in Manhattan, this has been a point of reference for the very wealthy because, in addition to their medical advancements and access to the latest technology, they offer the most elite top-level accommodations and, most importantly, privacy and security.

Their VIP suites offer views of the river and come with the highest thread count bed sheets. And the bathrooms, oh the bathrooms, are constructed of marble and come with Molton Brown toiletries. Say no more. But wait! The suites all have a fully stocked minibar, and the chef will prepare, on demand, whatever you desire. Patients can enjoy these delicious and custom meals in their room or the VIP private eating room. Not only are the suites expansive, but many of them offer to join suites which, if you are willing and can afford it, can be booked for the family member keeping you company during your stay. And you know by now, the mind blowing price tag will run you from $500 to $3,000 per night. That is cash on top of what insurance covers.


Boca Regional Hospital in Boca Raton, Florida

The 400-bed Boca Raton Regional Hospital is a not-for-profit healthcare organization that dates back to 1967. It provides patient services such as cardiovascular treatment and oncology therapies for patients with cancers of various types. It is popular because of its breast cancer treatments. They are in an affluent community in South Florida. Their luxury suites are famous as the Rockwell Suites. The price tag for these accommodations starts at $800 per night and goes all the way to $1,500 per night.

Each suite comes with a full-time concierge, and the selection of curated menu is served to patients and up to two guests in Mikasa china. The bathrooms showcase marble throughout, and guests can stay overnight in comfortable pull-out sofa beds to accompany their loved ones. Each suite has two flat-screen televisions, and the VIP floor even has a private library for premium patients. A medical facility like this sees itself more like a destination than a community hospital, which is why it can think outside the box and offer amenities that patients, willing to pay to be most comfortable, are looking for nowadays. Being in such a vacation spot, you can get discharged from the hospital after getting better and be in the perfect sunny spot to take in the beaches, the sun, and the salty air. Keep reading to learn more about where the most elite get healthcare, and which luxury hospitals are around the world.

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Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH) in Singapore

Here is another amazing elite hospital in Singapore! Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, or MNH as people call it, is a private hospital in Singapore. It is a level III hospital with state-of-the-art facilities. The hospital has over 30 clinics catering to different medical and health needs. MNH is also a teaching hospital affiliated with Duke-NUS Medical School. The hospital has accreditation by the Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI is the gold standard in accreditation for hospitals worldwide. For the patients, this means they know they are receiving the highest quality of care. But the hospital’s mission is not just to be regarded as high in international accreditations but to be committed to delivering excellent patient care.

This value has also positioned the medical facility at the top of the medical luxury options in Singapore. All the suite rooms are single-bedded, so privacy is of utmost importance. Their views are inspiring, and the room features expansive marble bathrooms and the finest of linens. Of course, privacy with locked building floors and limousine transfers are part of the package. Again, in places like Singapore, the existence of facilities like these are a result of the growing need for medical tourism. The reality is that even with all the amenities and luxuries, many patients from around the world need serious and expensive procedures they cannot afford in their home countries.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

Surely, you have heard of this luxury medical care facility. You probably even use the Mayo Clinic site for a lot of your reliable healthcare info. This elite hospital is a nonprofit academic medical center. It focuses on healthcare as well as research and education. Mayo Clinic in Rochester is ranked as one of the best hospitals in America and around the globe. Adult and pediatric specialties are available this general medical and surgical facility. It is the best hospital in the state, and offers some of the top Diabetes & Endocrinology, Gastroenterology & GI Surgery, Pulmonology & Lung Surgery, and Urology in the country.
Mayo Clinic knows how to care for sick, medically complex patients. People come from all over the world. Why? Because Mayo Clinic performs nearly the highest number of transplants in the United States, including both solid organ and hematologic transplantation. Not only that, but experts qat Mayo Clinic strive to solve the toughest medical problems around the world, one person at a time. No matter how serious and complex — or rare — they are ready to face the challenge with ongoing research, education, and the utmost in elite healthcare practices. Keep reading to learn more about where the most elite get healthcare, and which luxury hospitals are around the world.

The Truth Behind These Luxuries

Are you wishing you could visit these elite healthcare facilities during your time of need? There is no doubt that the growing number of self-made millionaires coupled with the aging population has given rise to these types of offerings in recent years. Who would have thought only fifty years ago to be talking about making the hospital stay so enjoyable that the patient may not want to leave? But if that patient is shelling out thousands of dollars a night, why not? Although it sounds all so luxurious, the reality is that most of these places were not to turn a profit just with those offering alone. The majority of patients are still people like you and me, bound by insurance with the care directly tied to its limitations.

The bigger goal for medical facilities such as the ones listed here is to treat those few high spenders so well and make their stay so unforgettable that they may, in the future, turn into donors, and that’s where the money is. The real truth, and good news to us, is that the thread count does not determine baseline medical care. Furthermore, if the patient is bathing inside marble bathrooms does not matter. The expertise of the doctors and medical advancements are more important. A plethora of things relate to medical care. That includes innovation and high standards of the medical facilities in this article. If you are ever in the privilege to have the money to receive care in one of these, don’t hesitate for a second. Indeed, money cannot buy happiness. However, it is equally true that it’s more comfortable to cry in a Ferrari than in a Corolla.