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Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH) in Singapore Here is another amazing elite hospital in Singapore! Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, or MNH as people call it, is… Trista - November 13, 2022
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Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH) in Singapore

Here is another amazing elite hospital in Singapore! Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, or MNH as people call it, is a private hospital in Singapore. It is a level III hospital with state-of-the-art facilities. The hospital has over 30 clinics catering to different medical and health needs. MNH is also a teaching hospital affiliated with Duke-NUS Medical School. The hospital has accreditation by the Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI is the gold standard in accreditation for hospitals worldwide. For the patients, this means they know they are receiving the highest quality of care. But the hospital’s mission is not just to be regarded as high in international accreditations but to be committed to delivering excellent patient care.

This value has also positioned the medical facility at the top of the medical luxury options in Singapore. All the suite rooms are single-bedded, so privacy is of utmost importance. Their views are inspiring, and the room features expansive marble bathrooms and the finest of linens. Of course, privacy with locked building floors and limousine transfers are part of the package. Again, in places like Singapore, the existence of facilities like these are a result of the growing need for medical tourism. The reality is that even with all the amenities and luxuries, many patients from around the world need serious and expensive procedures they cannot afford in their home countries.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

Surely, you have heard of this luxury medical care facility. You probably even use the Mayo Clinic site for a lot of your reliable healthcare info. This elite hospital is a nonprofit academic medical center. It focuses on healthcare as well as research and education. Mayo Clinic in Rochester is ranked as one of the best hospitals in America and around the globe. Adult and pediatric specialties are available this general medical and surgical facility. It is the best hospital in the state, and offers some of the top Diabetes & Endocrinology, Gastroenterology & GI Surgery, Pulmonology & Lung Surgery, and Urology in the country.
Mayo Clinic knows how to care for sick, medically complex patients. People come from all over the world. Why? Because Mayo Clinic performs nearly the highest number of transplants in the United States, including both solid organ and hematologic transplantation. Not only that, but experts qat Mayo Clinic strive to solve the toughest medical problems around the world, one person at a time. No matter how serious and complex — or rare — they are ready to face the challenge with ongoing research, education, and the utmost in elite healthcare practices. Keep reading to learn more about where the most elite get healthcare, and which luxury hospitals are around the world.

The Truth Behind These Luxuries

Are you wishing you could visit these elite healthcare facilities during your time of need? There is no doubt that the growing number of self-made millionaires coupled with the aging population has given rise to these types of offerings in recent years. Who would have thought only fifty years ago to be talking about making the hospital stay so enjoyable that the patient may not want to leave? But if that patient is shelling out thousands of dollars a night, why not? Although it sounds all so luxurious, the reality is that most of these places were not to turn a profit just with those offering alone. The majority of patients are still people like you and me, bound by insurance with the care directly tied to its limitations.

The bigger goal for medical facilities such as the ones listed here is to treat those few high spenders so well and make their stay so unforgettable that they may, in the future, turn into donors, and that’s where the money is. The real truth, and good news to us, is that the thread count does not determine baseline medical care. Furthermore, if the patient is bathing inside marble bathrooms does not matter. The expertise of the doctors and medical advancements are more important. A plethora of things relate to medical care. That includes innovation and high standards of the medical facilities in this article. If you are ever in the privilege to have the money to receive care in one of these, don’t hesitate for a second. Indeed, money cannot buy happiness. However, it is equally true that it’s more comfortable to cry in a Ferrari than in a Corolla.