10 differences between an ADHD child and a normal child you never knew about

By Melisa Silver

The purpose of adding this post to our health blog is to create an awareness about Attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD). Many people consider ADHD to be a regular condition, being unaware of the fact that it is a real psychological disorder that needs special attention, care, as well as treatment.

For those who might be wondering what ADHD could be, well, it is a brain disorder that exhibits a continuous pattern of lack of attention and hyperactivity in the patient. ADHD patients find it pretty hard to keep their minds focused onto a single task. Moreover, their hyperactive behavior which may include interruptive talking and being excessively fidget may make them seem to stand out from normal people.

Children with ADHD might be mistaken for their childish behavior. Read out the following post and learn about the major differences between a normal child and that with ADHD, so that next time you come across a kid with such symptoms, you may be able to help them out and their family too.