10 Differences Between an ADHD Child And a Normal Child You Never Knew About

2. Outbursts of emotions A brain going through ADHD finds it hard to keep its emotional component under control. Hence, such a kid shall exhibit outbursts… Melisa Silver - March 13, 2016

The purpose of adding this post to our health blog is to create awareness about Attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD). Many people consider ADHD to be a regular condition, being unaware of the fact that it is a real psychological disorder that needs special attention, care, as well as treatment.

For those who might be wondering what ADHD could be, well, it is a brain disorder that exhibits a continuous pattern of lack of attention and hyperactivity in the patient. ADHD patients find it pretty hard to keep their minds focused on a single task. Moreover, their hyperactive behavior which may include interruptive talking and being excessively fidgety may make them seem to stand out from normal people.

Children with ADHD might be mistaken for their childish behavior. Read out the following post and learn about the major differences between a normal child and that with ADHD, so that next time you come across a kid with such symptoms, you may be able to help them out and their family too.


1. It’s all about ME!

Children are pretty attentive. It is extremely normal for a child to exhibit anxiety and insecurity all the time. It’s quite normal that a child recognizes only his needs and demands. However, if such behavior goes beyond boundaries, one must be able to recognize and catch this attitude. An uneasy and restless child who is always in a hurry when playing games, becomes overly relentless in the class waiting for his turn, and is totally unable to comprehend other people’s needs, might be actually suffering from ADHD.

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2. Outbursts of emotions

A brain going through ADHD finds it hard to keep its emotional component under control. Hence, such a kid shall exhibit outbursts of joy even at minor events of happiness. Similarly, they shall exhibit too much anger and shall cry their eyes out when they feel even a little bad.


3. Cannot be still!

An ADHD affected child shall appear much restless when compared to other kids of his age. He shall not sit in one place. He will either flounder in the chair when forced to stay still, or shall run around the room even when asked to sit down or stay in one place.


4. Incomplete work!

A child whose mind is restless and hyperactive can never take a task to its completion. He shall always leave his homework half done, or shall quit in the middle of a game and start a new one several times. The reason for such a behavior is that ADHD causes the mind to divert its interest quickly most of the time.


5. Careless attitude

Children are careless most of the time, and it’s pretty normal. However, the frequency of careless mistakes rises in a child with ADHD. It is certainly a myth that such kids are less intelligent. However, the fact is that it is actually their restless mind that makes them go careless under the impact of haste and confusion.


6. Listens to commands often less

Imagine a child whose mind keeps telling him to run, do adventures, shout, laugh and cry at the same time, and react at the slightest change of a situation. Now try to think that whether such a child will be able to follow commands efficiently? Obviously no. In comparison to rest of the kids, ADHD children listen to their parents or teachers less often.


7. A normal energetic child and an ADHD child

You might be wondering how would one differentiate between an ADHD kid and the one who is normal but terribly energetic? Well, it is difficult in most cases, but a single clue might be helpful at times to bring on the differentiation. A normal energetic child displays CONSISTENCY in their work, whereas persistence is absent in the case of an ADHD child.


8. Befriending strangers

We need to warn children about talking unnecessarily to strangers. However, it is a natural instinct in children that they are shy and cautious upon seeing new faces. ADHD children seem to display lesser cautiousness when befriending strangers. This is because of their restless brain that doesn’t allow them to listen to their instinct most of the time.



9. Too much courage

You can expect an ADHD child to jump into dangerous situations too often since they contain lesser fear. That is because they are overwhelmed by emotional situations and cannot think properly about how to react. Hence, one has to be after an ADHD child and keep a watch over their activities.


10. The other side of ADHD symptoms

A restless, uneasy and loud child is typical of ADHD, but that is not the case always. Too much daydreaming and being unusually quiet is also counted as a symptom of this brain disorder.