10 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Skin Tags

By Denis Courtney
10 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Skin Tags

Skin tags may be understood as minute lumps that are mostly found on the eyelids, along the neck folds and on the underside of the arms. Luckily, skin tags are completely harmless, therefore they do not threaten your health. Despite their harmless nature, skin tags can be unpleasant to look at. However harmless they may be, they take away someone’s comfort as he or she will feel irritated by the fact they have an unpleasant skin tag on their body. This in turn leads them to try to scratch it off all the time.

This may, for example, may require you to avoid sleeveless tops if you have one of these growths on the underside of your arm because you are conscious of your appearance. Doing this clearly shows that one’s comfort is being compromised. Skin tags can be very small, but may get uncomfortable over the course of time. If they appear in certain places, getting hurt becomes easy and may even lead to bleeding if clothing or jewelry catches them.

Skin tags can be diagnosed for you by your doctor. Even though skin tags are presumed to be harmless, they may need medical attention as one might be suffering from other internal medical conditions. The doctor will also conduct careful assessment in order to determine whether or not there are more serious problems of the skin. For you to be examined carefully, you need to seek medical attention from a skin specialist. It may sometimes require a biopsy test to ascertain that they do not pose any malignancy. A treatment strategy will be recommended depending on whether or not the skin tags are a result of a serious condition.

If it is simply a case of skin tags, we have some easy remedies to try at home that can get rid of these irritating growths. These home remedies are natural, and it’s easy to make the concoction. They are also inexpensive and do not have any side-effects on the person using it. Many of these remedies are made from the remains of certain fruits like banana sap, and they do not only serve one purpose as they can also be eaten and their reputation is impressive. If you want the most effective tips to remove skin tags, here are some of the world’s top ten amazing skin tag removal strategies.


1. Tea Tree Oil

Many skin ailments can be treated using tea tree oil. As they say, trees are the best natural source of medicines. Ancient people used tree bark and other parts of the tree to treat themselves, plus they heal faster compared to the rate of healing that one may go through when using modern-day medicine. Oily skin is one of those conditions tree bark treats.  That is why teenagers are the largest market for tea tree oil as they undergo their body’s hormonal changes. When this begins to happen, they tend to get various issues on their skin.

Tea tree oil has a pleasant smell and so one does not need to use any other oil to mix with it. This remedy can be used to get rid of skin tags. The procedure of using tea tree oil is very simple as you are required to just dip a ball of cotton in tea tree oil, and using circular movements gently rub the cotton ball over the skin tag. For best results, repeat this procedure two times a day. You can also use it as your oil during this period, thus avoiding it being mixed with other artificial chemicals from the other products that you are likely to use.

After the skin tag has disappeared, continue using tea tree oil, because it helps prevent any noticeable scars where the tag has come off. Tea tree oil is also a remover of unwanted scars on the body. In case tea tree oil is new to you, you should test its reaction on a small skin area before you apply it on the skin tag. This will help you to know if there is any negative reactions with your skin.

Mild acne can also be effectively treated using tea tree oil, just as it does with oily skin. To do this, prepare a solution of five percent concentrated tea tree oil and water. Apply this solution on your face daily. According to research, this treatment is as effective as when you use benzoyl peroxide to apply on your face; the cysts and pimples heal much quicker and any new breakouts of acne are stemmed. However, compared with tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide irritates the skin more and may even cause sensitive skin to peel off in some places. Therefore, those suffering from acne may prefer to use tea tree oil. Also, benzoyl peroxide bleaches fabric while tea tree oil does not.

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