10 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Skin Tags

9. Potato Potatoes are mostly used for preparing foods and snacks; it is one of the natural products that people use to prepare their favorite foods… Denis Courtney - July 5, 2016


9. Potato

Potatoes are mostly used for preparing foods and snacks; it is one of the natural products that people use to prepare their favorite foods like fried and mashed potatoes. This product can also be used for healing your skin of skin tags. While you may be baffled how a skin tag could be removed using potato, it is in fact a popular home remedy for various skin conditions like rashes and itchy skin. The reputation of the potato is impressive, though it is still a mystery what makes the potato an effective remedy, it is easily accessible and cheap to acquire. For one to make a product that will take away skin tags, they only need one average-sized potato.

From a white potato, which is preferred to other types of potatoes, obtain a thin slice and place it on the skin growth. You can use something to hold the potato slice firmly in place, such as a bandage. This should stay on for several hours in order to allow its oxidizing characteristic to work, plus the fact that the potato is semipermeable, the fluids in the potato are transferred into the skin over time. Remove the slice of potato after it gets dry.

With this in mind, one should avoid placing any strange things on the skin because the skin can absorb the fluids from the product. If the product has dangerous components to it, it might lead to skin complications. One should take great care of the skin as it is the largest organ of the body, and it is one of the organs that allows the body to breathe. It also has nerves that sense the different activities around your body, and so if it becomes damaged, it may not only lead to one getting a skin tag infection, but it also may impair the overall functioning of the skin.

For one to get effective results from the potato method, he or she should repeat this treatment daily. After about a week or so, the skin tag will be gone.

It is important to note that after using the potato once, you need to dispose of the remaining portion of the potato. You are not to use it again, because any potato that has already been peeled prior to the application should not be used, due to the fact that when the white part has been exposed to the air, it loses its effectiveness. If one wishes to use the portion of the peeled potato that was not used earlier, he or she could prepare the remaining portion as food, or it could be preserved carefully by covering it with bread. But if you see any discoloration on the peeled potato, do not use it; peel a fresh potato instead.

The use of a potato to remove skin tags is one of the more effective methods that do not leave the skin with an uncomfortable feeling. Plus it seldom has any adverse effects on the skin.


10. Banana Peel

It is easy to access banana peels. Ordinarily, before one discovers the importance of banana peels, he or she tends to see it as garbage and immediately after eating the fruit, it is thrown in the trash. Banana peels contain potassium and other important mineral components which work well to clear skin tags. The two acidic components are good in clearing many skin issues; this is why many skin drugs contain these two components.

Instead of one wasting his or her money in buying the drugs or other products, they should consider the use of raw banana peels. To use this remedy, cut off a small part of a banana peel, secure the inside part of the peel to the skin tag with a bandage and leave it on for the night. You will need to maintain extra care and try to avoid unnecessary movements that might shift the banana peel off the skin tag. In the morning, wipe the skin in a gentle manner. Repeat the procedure daily and within two weeks, the skin tag will have disappeared.

It is not necessary to only do the procedure overnight. You can do it during the day if you prefer, but you may feel uncomfortable with the smell that comes from the banana peel over time. On the other hand, the skin picks up new products more efficiently during the night while one is resting. But, the downside of doing the remedy at night is the possibility of the banana peel coming off during the night and soiling your sheets. If you do the remedy at night, you will need to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and ensure that your beddings are exposed to sunlight frequently.

After you take off the bandage, ensure that you rinse your skin with warm water only; do not use scented products. Apply oil on your skin after five minutes; the oil should have fewer chemicals, as this might affect the working of the product from the banana peel.

Seek the services of a dermatologist if your skin tag continues to be stubborn. The dermatologist can remove the skin tag using an ointment to dry the growth, or using dry ice. The doctor might even recommend using laser to get rid of the skin tag. The skin tag can be eliminated in just a single visit to the doctor using some of these simple and popular techniques. However, the procedures can be rather expensive, therefore many people prefer to explore other options, such as the home remedies mentioned in this article before consulting the doctor.