30 Foods People Need To Reconsider

28. Fish

Generally, fish is regarded as one of the healthier foods that you can eat. It is loaded with important nutrients and protein. It is the best source of omega-3-fatty acids which is important for your brain and body. However, the fish from China can be regarded as poison rather than a superfood. Roughly 50% and 80% of America’s Cod and Tilapia respectively come from China. Both of these species are widely farmed in China.

Both Cod and Tilapia are extremely rugged fish which can survive in the most putrid of water. This is one of the reasons why they are not the best fish to indulge in. While the Chinese are happy to export their fish, they won’t even let their own families eat it, because they know where the fish are farmed and under what conditions. On the other hand, you might think that you are buying fish, but in reality, it is something completely different. China has been known for labeling a product as Cod, where it wasn’t even fish, to begin with.