30 Fun Ways to Get 30 Minutes of Physical Activity Today

Workout. Shutterstock.

3. Build your own workout

If getting to a gym class, or paying for one, is putting you off working out, don’t worry – you can get the same benefits from a home workout. Build workout plans that fit your schedule and goals! Learn which exercises to pick for your workout routine or program with this step-by-step ready-made Healthier. Happier. workouts or build your own routine of individual exercises. The aim of Healthier. Happier. is to ask people to stop and think about how small changes can help them be that little bit healthier and we are here to help you take the first steps.

Small steps, such as planning ahead of eating out, using smaller plates or adding fruit and vegetables to all your meals can make a difference. Understanding the importance of moving is also vital, as even gardening and playing with the kids can actually be classified as physical activity. And if you work up a sweat and get thirsty, why not grab a glass of water spiced up with a slice of cucumber or strawberry to quench your thirst?