30 Plant-Based Sources of Protein

Seitan steak. Pixabay

3. Seitan, the texture of meat

Seitan is a popular plant-based protein made from wheat gluten and water. It is high in protein and is a good source of minerals like selenium and iron. Seitan is a great option for vegans who cannot eat soy, since other popular vegan foods, such as tofu and tempeh, are soy-based. Seitan contains more protein than most other plant-based protein sources.

However, seitan isn’t a complete protein—it lacks the amino acids lysine and threonine.  As a high-protein ingredient, seitan can make a great-tasting addition to your diet. However, it’s not for everyone—people who can’t eat wheat or gluten should avoid seitan.
Seitan 3oz, 18g protein, 3 carbs, 1fiber, 90 calories