35 Clever Uses for Coconut Oil

By Trista
35 Clever Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is having a major moment right now. Not only is it incredibly useful for external applications like cuticle oil, shaving balm, and taming frizzy hair and flyaways, it’s also a safe and stable oil for high-temperature cooking.

This unique substance is an excellent, healthy ingredient for foods ranging from dark chocolate for humans to delicious treats for our furry friends. Coconut oil also has myriad health benefits from anti-inflammatory properties to a unique ability to fight troublesome candida infections. Read on for 35 phenomenal uses of coconut oil including many fun DIY projects like lip balms and soaps!


Credit: janeshealthykitchen.com

1. Healthy Mayonnaise

Whether you’re looking for a source of a healthier fat in your diet, or are trying to remove animal products entirely, there is a coconut oil mayonnaise recipe for you. For a more traditional mayonnaise, many methods use a whole egg but substitute melted coconut oil for the conventional vegetable oil in standard mayonnaise.

For a vegan alternative, there are mayonnaise recipes that use solid, whipped coconut oil and vinegar or lemon juice along with a few other flavor enhancers to create an animal product free version that still has the richness and flavor of mayonnaise. Both egg and egg-free versions are loaded with healthy short- and medium-chain fatty acids.