10 Best Natural Anti-Aging Oils to Rejuvenate Your Skin Over Age 30

By Simi
10 Best Natural Anti-Aging Oils to Rejuvenate Your Skin Over Age 30

Aging is one of the most pronounced insecurities of our society. People generally build their self-esteem around their appearance. This leads to a psychological catastrophe that can yield even bigger consequences. In these moments of desperation, we resort to unnatural means. Botox, artificial skin products, and many other solutions only bring harm to our skin.

In order to traverse this “malady”, we need to grow comfortable with the notion of aging. Our bodies are not eternal and therefore, we cannot expect for them to remain in the pristine state. But, there is a catch in this. Our skin, the largest organ in our body is what makes our appearance what it is. Although it isn’t possible for it remains perfect, we can, in fact, take care of it. If we do so, we can slow down the process of aging and retain a youthful look. So, what is the best natural solution to this problem?

The best way to tackle the aging of the skin is to keep it supple and hydrated. In order to do so, the best answer would be natural oils. These efficient essential oils have the ability to replace lost skin oils and transform our looks after minimal use.

Many of these healthy oils contain substances known as antioxidants. They have the ability to soothe the skin and reduce the damage caused by free radicals. On top of all that, they contain many different abilities that help your body. Let’s take a look at the ten best anti-aging oils for your skin.

Argan oil

Fatty acid content is something beneficial, despite popular belief. There seems to be a constant stigma revolving around fatty acids and the effects on our health. Yes, they can be detrimental in excessive doses, but isn’t that the case with every single thing in the world? The conclusion is that fatty acids are absolutely essential to the functioning of our organism.

One of these extremely important functions is the battling of free radicals. These substances are the chief cause of damage in every layer of our skin. Fatty acids in essential oils contain a lot of antioxidants, making them ideal weapons against skin aging. One way you can see the effect of antioxidants is by observing skin elasticity. One essential oil has proven to be especially useful in this aspect of skin health. We’re talking about argan oil, of course.

This efficient essential oil is found only in one special tree in Morocco, making it rare and sought after. Its greatest benefits are the immense quantities of vitamins A and E. These two micronutrients are the biggest factors in reducing age spots, wrinkles, lines and sagging skin. Aside from reversing existing effects of aging, it prevents new ones from establishing themselves. This includes eradication of oxidative damage and UV protection.

Dermatologists around the world love this oil for its easy absorption properties. You only need a few drops, which you can add boost by massaging them into your skin for a few minutes. On top of the topical application, you can also use it as a part of your dishes. Nothing tastes better than rice with the savory nutty flavor of argan oil. Many recipes make room for it, so don’t hesitate to experiment.