Top 10 Health Benefits of Almonds

Almond is a seed that comes from the almond tree. The tree produces brown seeds that often resemble nuts, mostly, almonds are available throughout the year… Denis Courtney - January 29, 2017

Almond is a seed that comes from the almond tree. The tree produces brown seeds that often resemble nuts, mostly, almonds are available throughout the year but they are considered fresh during the mid-summer period. Almond nut resembles a stone-like seed just like the peach, cherry and apricot trees which are mostly referred to as its cousins. Almond has both sweet and sour taste and can be used as food additives. It lightens up someone’s meal by adding tasty and healthy products in it. Almond is harvested from a medium-sized tree and some of the seeds can also be used for planting to yield another almond tree.

Nature has made it easier for the users of almond as it comes in different a variety that is sweeter taste and bitter taste making it comfortable for the people taking it to choose their own taste. People use sweat almonds as foods and the bitter one is mostly manufactured to produce a better product. One of the products that are made is almond oil which can be used as a healthy oil for cooking especially by people with most complicated body issues in their lives.

It is healthy to eat almonds as it is or you can soak them overnight before you eat them in the morning, either way, they still get to have their nutrients intact. Almond has many end products and one of them is the production of almond milk, almond flour and almond butter which are available all around the world’s markets. It is uneatable that almonds are found to be very tasty, they do not just satisfy the sweetness in one mouth but also contain a whole lot of benefits for the consumer’s body any time there is consumption of almonds.

Almonds come with a wide range of benefits like they provide proteins, vitamin E, fiber, magnesium and amino acids. One can also benefit by getting copper, calcium potassium vitamin B, healthy fats, iron and so many others. However, almonds tend to carry a certain rate of calories just like any other fruit that provides us with oil, therefore it is not advisable to take them excessively. The benefits that one yield from almonds are however much like it prevents one from constipation, getting cancer and protect some of the body parts like hair and bone

Here are some of the most recently discovered top 10 health benefits of almonds:

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1. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Taking almonds regularly can help one to reduce calories, almonds trigger the hormones that help in the reduction of excessive fats in the body in turn leading to the reduction of calories in the body. It is mostly known that high cholesterol often accumulates in someone’s body after a habit of adopting bad lifestyle in the field of the consideration of taking diet. Also, lack of physical exercises for one’s body after taking in the saturated fats leads to one risking one’s cholesterol level in the consumer body.

Bad cholesterol in the body can lead to one ending up on having dangerous diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, kidney and liver failure which also comes about as a result of smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol the narrowing of arteries due to elderly age and genetics. Almond consumption can help one to escape all this simply by just taking it regularly. Almonds can fight all this because they contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats in them. One is also advised to bust in the sun as he or she takes almonds regularly so as to allow the sun to turn the excess cholesterols in the body into vitamin D.

The presence of hypercholesterolemia in one’s body can be avoided by the consumption of almonds. It contains amino acids that provide one with the ingredient for growth and help one get sickness as it is proteins that are broken down into different amino acids and then the amino acids are kept into different groups that perform the same functions. The new groups that are formed are somehow what make the solid matters of the body like the heart, skin, eyes, intestines, body muscles and of course the bones. With the composition of amino acids in the almond, it is clear that it helps in the formation of the body. This is the reason why it helps in the fighting of the bad cholesterol in the body as it helps the body to trigger the hormones that fight the unwanted calories in the body leading to their excretion.

A research that was made in 2002 discovered that almonds help in lowering bad cholesterol also known as low-density lipoproteins by 15 percent depending on the amount of almonds level that one has consumed on his or her daily basis. It was also discovered that for every 7 grams that one consumes per day, bad cholesterol might be reduced by 1 percent.

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2. Controls Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that forms in the body as a result of the insulin produced in the body being impaired due to excessive consumption of junk like sugars and abuse of drug substances. The insulin is unable to perform leads to abnormal metabolism and increases the levels of sugars in the blood and urine. Diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus and comes in two types known as diabetes one and diabetes two. Diabetes one is not as serious as diabetes two but without taking serious precautions like eating almonds it can escalate to diabetes two. Diabetes can also lead to one getting heart disease as it impairs the arterial wall, stroke and one might be required to remove a limb if it gets worse.

Most people take almond after they have discovered that it helps one’s body by controlling sugar levels. This in return tends to lower the level of one getting diabetes. The fats that are present and fibers help in the processing of glucose in the body. The different minerals like magnesium that are present help one to break down the excess sugars that are present in the body and compile them into other uses while the rest are excreted from the body.

The consumption of bitter almonds helps in the lowering of sugar levels as it reduces the sweetness and helps the insulin in performing its function of breaking down the excess sugars. People with diabetes are advised to take almonds as it is a natural and safe way of reducing the blood sugar levels in their bodies and those that do not have been advised to take almonds daily to strengthen their insulin performance. Nuts like almond can help in controlling diabetes type 2 in men and women that are in post-menopausal period of their years.

Also, research by medical doctors has concluded that almond consumption greatly protects one from the dangerous sugar spikes that people tend to encounter after a meal. As a result, it greatly helps one to reduce the risk of getting diabetes. In conclusion, it is said that to maintain a healthy life away from the suffering caused from getting diabetes, one is advised to take almond nuts, especially bitter one. Almonds should be taken raw and not cooked; it is also advisable for people who sit down for long hours to take almond nuts to prevent them from getting diabetes.

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3. Supports Heart Health

Almond nut contains many minerals that greatly help one’s body in maintaining its heart condition. Almond nuts are rich in magnesium which ensures the blood flows smoothly in the body and that there is enough supply of oxygen in the heart. The blood that flows smoothly in the body in return leads to more supply of other nutrients in the body that greatly helps in the maintenance of the arterial walls. The smooth flow also leads to the prevention of the heart from getting a heart attack or high blood pressure.

Almonds tend to contain monosaturated fats that are medically advised to be the best for the heart. Almonds also contain vitamin E which is the best anti-oxidant that helps the heart from getting inflammation that can risk tissue damage, therefore, leading to heart failure. Almond is a natural method of taking your heart’s medical condition seriously. It is also advisable for the elderly people in our society to put into consideration the use of almonds as they age because their heart tend to grow wheat and therefore one can be prompt to getting heart diseases like high blood pressure and heart attacks, it can even lead to a stroke.

Also, magnesium that is present in almond helps in the building of the heart’s masculine wall for it to be able to absorb pressure that comes about as a result of the pumping of the blood into the heart and out of the heart to all parts of the body at high pressure. Other minerals present in almonds also help in ensuring that the heart is supplied with all the minerals that are required to enable it to pump at a great speed hence avoiding the instances where one gets a faint heartbeat.

Medical experts advise people to include almond nuts or any of its products in their daily meal so as to maintain proper heart health and prevent the sugar spikes that might lead to high blood pressure in one’s body. Almond snacks are also available as one can have them and also mums can pack them for their children’s take during break times in the school. People that are busy with their schedule, they can take almond nuts during their working hours or make a smoothie every morning and take it to break fat so as to reduce the risk of one having problems with their hearts.

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4. Improves Brain Power

People that have toddlers and children under the age of ten, they are advised to use almonds products for preparing their foods as it is best known for improving one’s brain power. The vitamin E present in almonds helps the person’s brain by ensuring that there is enough supply of blood in the brain and ensures that the brain performs its functions at a required pace by improving its alertness. Also, elderly people can take almond products too as they help in preservation of memory and prevent memory loss. This also applies to busy people especially moms that have given birth to more than three children as they tend to lose their ability to store short-term memories when they are tired.

Almonds contain zinc, zinc is a good protector of the brain cells as it aids in ensuring that the cells are strong and that there is enough supply of cells required in the brain. Zinc also protects the brain from brain damage as it ensures that the brain is functioning at the required pace and that there is also enough supply of blood in the brain cells to ensure that they are regularly performing.

Vitamin B6 that is present in almonds ensures that the brain are prevented from damage and if any occurs ensures that they are repaired as quickly to prevent the brain from shutting down. Almonds also contain phenylalanine which helps prevent brain diseases like Parkinson’s. Phenylalanine also triggers the production of chemicals in the brain like adrenaline and dopamine that help the brain keep attention and store of memory. The presence of this helps the brain to be able to solve problems both in one’s daily life and also in academics and in job.

It is medically proven that if you take a handful of almonds daily in your life you are likely to improve your brain’s health and this can in turn lead to once brain being able to solve both simple and complex situations in your life. Taking products that are manufactured from the almond is also advisable but sometimes taking supplements of almond oil can not lead to one yielding the standard level that one would if he had taken the natural almond seed. Children that take almond nuts are known to perform better in class than those who do not so it is advisable to give them almond products.

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5. Aids Weight Loss

The nutrient density available in almond oil helps one to lose weight. The fiber proteins that are present in the almond seeds contain monosaturated fats that tend to make one lose her cravings for certain things that help in the increasing weight. This occurs after the almond seed makes someone full and nourished. One does not need to take anything else immediately after taking almond nuts as they satisfy one’s need of taking food and in turn, one does not have to get to the canteen or reach out to the fridge for any other foods. Almond nuts can be taken as a course meal for busy people and it will improve their health and increase their weight loss.

The presence of vitamin B and zinc in almonds also helps one to stop their cravings of taking foods rich in sugars. Almonds also take the lead of helping the insulin in the reduction of the levels of sugars in the body which in turn prevents one from increasing his or her weight. The anti oxidant factor that comes with vitamin E also helps in the breaking of excess fats into sugars and the rest is excreted from the body.

According to a research published in 2012, at the world health journals, people who ate 2 tones of almond daily did not face the risk of increasing their weight as they did not change. This made almond to be considered a requirement for people in the weight loss programmers that are always prescribed by medical doctors. Almond consumption leads to weight loss and weight maintenance therefore leading to one avoiding the risk of suffering from diseases related to obesity and the body getting tired slightly after short exercises daily.

Consumption of almonds can also make one avoid the straining physical exercises that one has to go through so as to lose weight, the physicals can sometimes lead to one breaking a part of his or her body or might not lose weight at all. If one is taking almonds so as to maintain body weight and aid in weight loss, it is advisable not to take almond nuts or its supplies in excess as this might lead to decrease in its purpose. You can also take unsweetened almond milk during this period or roasted almonds to get high yields for consumption purpose.

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6. Prevent Birth Defects

During pregnancy period, women are advised to take great care of themselves and the babies growing inside them, this is to avoid complications during the pregnancy period and the birth-giving time. Pregnancy comes into different trimesters and in each period a mother is supposed to take great care of the infant. Almond nut is known to contain a high amount of folic acid that greatly helps in the cell growth of both the womb lining of the mother and the growth of the infant. Folic acids also help in tissue formation during this period of the month.

The fetus’s healthy growth is important; this is why the consumption of almonds during pregnancy period helps in the reduction of neural tube defects that occurs from problems occurring during pregnancy periods. This neural tube defects including spina bifida and anencephaly greatly affect newborn babies and if they are not discovered in time they grow into a most complicated issue. Women that are expectant are advised to take almonds daily in the required amounts to promote their babies’ good health and avoid complications when the baby comes into the world as it is every woman’s dream to give birth to a healthy smiling child.

The expectant mothers are required to help themselves too when taking almonds as it helps them by giving them the strength required to push the baby. Vitamin E is present in the almond helps the uterine wall from inflammation that can lead to miscarriage. Availability of vitamin B and zinc in the almonds helps one to reduce her cravings therefore greatly improving the lady’s health and her body weight is maintained to prevent difficulties during the pregnancy period. Lack of cravings gives the mother the ability to enjoy her pregnancy period by enjoying her shape and not being worried about shading the weight off after giving birth. Almond consumption also greatly helps the tissues elasticity around the cervix as the mother will not be required to undergo through caesarian section.

The heart of a pregnant woman and the baby is greatly guided after the consumption of almond from being attacked by high blood pressure and heart attacks as this can lead to loss of either the mother or the fetus. Almond also helps the baby in cell generation as almond helps in growth of skin, ears, intestines and eyes. It helps the baby to carry the genetic factors of both the mom and dad.

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7. Prevents Constipation

Constipation comes around when one is unable to excrete his or her waste through the anus. This is a result of body dehydration, lack of some minerals like fiber in the body, too much consumption of chemicals and sugars in the body and not taking vegetables in your meals. Turns out that almonds are rich in fiber, Taking almonds daily reduces the chance of one having to suffer from constipation as it is a very painful experience. Availability of fibers in the food and body helps in the maintaining easy passage of foods in the digestive system.

It is also advisable to drink plenty of water on a daily routine basis to ease digestion and enable the bowel to move freely to make the waste excretion process less unpleasant. Reduction of constipation greatly reduces the risk of getting colon cancer which is worse than constipation. It is also advisable for parents to monitor their children’s meals and ensure that they take water and almond regularly to help them in the avoidance of constipation. The process can also make one feel nauseous and lose strength leading to one collapsing. This can lead to external injuries and for elderly persons, it might lead to them losing touch with their excretory body parts leading to one having to stay in their diapers which is less appealing.

Almonds are also known for treating heart burns too that result from a lack of fibers in the body and water. A person that suffers frequently from heart burn is also likely to suffer from constipation as it is a strenuous process that causes discomfort in the heart leading to heart burns. Their high acidity contents tend to smoothen the stomach lining leading to reduction in constipation. This in return makes people’s life easier and improves their experiences in the toilets as it is scientifically noted that people tend to spend most of their time in the toilets and some think clearly while in the toilets, this cannot, therefore, happen if one is suffering from constipation.

To prevent constipation, you are advised to simply take five to six almonds per day so that you can enable your digestion process and the bowel to regularly move around mixing the foods with fibers. Almond supplements can also be used that is after seeking medical attention and being advised on the best to use.

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8. Strengthens Bones

Bones are the most essential part of the body. They give the body balance as the body muscles are attached to them; bones have joints that help the body’s movement. Bones also tend to have minerals that help in the functioning of the body, they are also the carriers’ of bone marrow which is an important part of the human body as it is the marrow that helps in the production of cells that fights diseases and transports essentials throughout the body through the blood. Most people especially the elderly tend to lose the strength of their bones therefore they end up either breaking or bending leading to impaired walking. This makes them need a walking stick; however, also people like athletics bones tend to be weakened due to the prolonged time making them do a certain style like kicking a ball on a daily routine.

Almond seeds have a high supply of phosphorus and calcium that helps in strengthening the bones. Calcium and phosphorous are known to maintain the strength of bones and teeth, taking water that is rich in both and also taking almond nuts is advisable. There is also a requirement in the body to contain potassium and manganese so as to be able to maintain the strength of one’s bones, well, this does not have to be searched in different artificial drugs as they can all be found by simply taking almonds on a daily routine and in high quantity for those that have weak bones and teeth. For the children that are shedding off their teeth, it is advisable for their mothers to give them almond milk or make porridge from almond flour so that they can have strong teeth that grow after the milk teeth is shed off.

Age-related osteoporosis is also reduced by taking almonds as they tend to reduce the number of free radicals in the bones. Almond butter and milk strengthen one’s bones and prevent them from being fractured. The consumption of almonds reduces the risk of one getting to suffer from osteoporosis. For the athletes, a massage with almond oil will keep their fractured bones intact and as for the lactating mothers, they are advised to massage their babies too with warm almond oil to make them grow strong and prevent them from growing bow-shaped especially the legs and the back not forgetting the fingers and toes.

9. Keeps skin Healthy

The health of a person’s skin is essential as it is the most critical part of the body. The skin contains hair that vasculates and dilates depending on the climate surrounding the person’s body. Maintaining its cleanliness is essential to maintaining health. The skin can be attacked by different problems like rashes, boils, wounds, cuts and bruises and also burns. When the skin is attached by all this, it is necessary that it should have all the necessary requirements for it to heal faster and so that the body can get back to relaxing. The skin is known to be one of the image boosters for people as the skin is also what people tend to see first when they set their eyes on you. With all this in mind, people should consider keeping the skin’s health.

Almond is rich in vitamin E which helps the skin in moisturizing and preventing it from drying. The almonds’ ability to have fats makes it possible for its users that have dry skin to use it and get better skin tone. Dry skin makes the body get cracks that in turn lead to someone being ugly.

The use of almond oil or any product that has almond oil in it makes the skin smoothen, the massaging of the skin makes it possible for the almond oil to able to work on both the skin surface and within the skin as it is able to penetrate and close the cracks that might be available on the skin. Also, the use of almond milk to soak your body inside makes the skin improve its texture as it does not have the greasy substances that tend to close the skin pores therefore making the skin not to breathe.

Almond milk can help in the treatment and removing of sunburns from your body, also, the use of almond oil can greatly prevent one from getting sunburns. Almond has anti-aging properties as it helps the body to get rid of wrinkles and any factors that might suggest that someone is getting old. Supplements for almonds can also be used even though it is highly advisable that one should skin a skin expert before choosing which supplement to take so that one can avoid the effects from getting worse. Almonds will always be the best when it comes to taking care of one’s skin.

10. Solves Hair Issues

Hair issues come within a wide range, this is; dandruff, hair breakage, stagnant hair, frizzy hair, hair loss and itchy scalp. Hair is valued especially with ladies and as they say, one’s hair greatly shows her level of confidence in herself. Hair comes in different package and different people often have their taste in the different formation of their hair; some love it when it is short, some long and others love bald head, especially men.

Almond contains a compound of many minerals and vitamins that help in solving the hair issues like vitamin E, biotin, copper and others. Almond oil is mostly used in beauty products as it is the best and with no side effect. People that have used natural almond oil have yielded the results from it as their scalp is no more dry due to its antioxidant factor, therefore, they are not suffering from dandruff anymore. Almond helps in the strengthening of the hair as it has zinc and magnesium, which results in the prevention of hair breakage and in turn, one leads a life where his or her hair grows fully without any disruptions. People can also avoid the use of wigs by simply using almond oil as it will ensure that it gives them the best hair care so that they will grow to like their natural hair.

The presence of zinc also helps the hair to grow back for the bald-headed people as its function is to regenerate hair growth and also regenerates the dead skin that caused dandruff. Lack of zinc in one’s body often leads to hair thinning and hair loss. One can avoid all that by simply taking almond oil. Almond oil can also be used by applying it on your daily or frequently so long as the hair is clean and dry. You should also avoid applying too much oil on the head as it might attract dirt which will lead to skin diseases on the head.

However, almond products are not to be used by people suffering from kidney failure and gallbladder problems as they contain oxalates that may worsen the condition of their being. For people that are suffering from skin split on their head, the best medicine is the use of almond oil as it is natural and its penetration to the skin only leads to its closure of the scars, unlike other products whom the penetration might lead to the skin and hair condition worsening.