Top 10 Health Benefits of Almonds

By Denis Courtney
Top 10 Health Benefits of Almonds

Almond is a seed that comes from the almond tree. The tree produces the brown seeds that often resemble nuts, mostly, almonds are available throughout the year but they are considered fresh during the mid-summer period. Almond nut resembles a stone like seed just like the peach, cherry and apricot trees which are mostly referred as its cousins. Almond has both sweet and sour taste and can be used as food additives. It lightens up someone’s meal by adding the tasty and healthy products in it. Almond is harvested from a medium sized tree and some of the seeds can also be used for planting to yield another almond tree.

Nature has made it easier for the users of almond as it comes in different a variety that is sweater taste and bitter taste making it comfortable for the people taking it to choose their own taste. People use sweat almonds as foods and the bitter one is mostly manufactured to produce a better product. One of the products that are made is almond oil that can be used as a healthy oil for cooking especially by people with most complicated body issues in their lives.

It is healthy to eat almond as it is or you can soak them over knight before you it them in the morning, either ways they still get to have their nutrients intact. Almond has many end products and one of them is the production of almond milk, almond flour and almond butter which are available all around the worlds markets. It is uneatable that almonds are found to be very tasty, they do not just satisfy the sweetness in once mouth but also contains a whole lot of benefits for the consumer’s body any time there is consumption of almond.

Almonds come with a wide range of benefits like they provide us with, proteins, vitamin E, fiber, magnesium and amino acids. One can also benefit by getting copper, calcium potassium vitamin B, healthy fats, iron and so many others. However, almonds tend to carry a certain rate of calories just like any other fruit that provides us with oil, therefore it is not advisable to take them in excessive. The benefits that one yields from almond are however much like it prevents one from constipation, getting cancer and protects some of the body parts like hair and bone

Here are some of the most recently discovered top 10 health benefits of almonds:

  1. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Taking almonds regularly can help one to reduce his or her calories, almonds triggers the hormones that helps in the reduction of excessive fats in the body in turn leading to the reduction of calories in the body. It is mostly known that high cholesterol often accumulates in someone’s body after a habit of adopting bad lifestyle in the field of the consideration of taking diet. Also lack of physical exercises for one’s body after taking in the saturated fats leads to one risking his or her cholesterol level in the consumer’s body

Bad cholesterol in the body can lead to one ending up on having dangerous diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, kidney and liver failure which also comes about as a result of smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol the narrowing of arteries due to ones elderly age and genetics. Almond consumption can help one to escape all this simply by just taking it regularly. Almonds can fight all this because they contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats in them. One is also advised to bust in the sun as he or she takes almond regularly so as to allow the sun to turn the excess cholesterols in the body into vitamin D.

The presence of hypercholesterolemia in one’s body can be avoided by the consumption of almond. It contains amino acids that provide one with the ingredient for growth, and help one get sickness as it is proteins that are broken down into different amino acids and then the amino acids are kept into different groups that perform the same functions. The new groups that are formed are somehow what makes the solid matters of the body like the heart, skin, eyes, intestines, body muscles and of course the bones. With the composition of amino acids in the almond, it is clear that it helps in the formation of the body. This is the reason why it helps in the fighting of the bad cholesterol in the body as it helps the body to trigger the hormones that fights the unwanted calories in the body leading to their excretion.

A research that was made in 2002 discovered that almonds helps in lowering bad cholesterol also known as low density lipoproteins  by 15 percent depending on the amount of almonds level that one has consumed on his or her daily basis. It was also discovered that for every 7 grams that one consumes per day, bad cholesterol might be reduced by 1 percent.