Top 10 Health Benefits of Almonds

  1. Controls Diabetes

Diabetes is a diseases that forms in the body as a result of the insulin produced in the body is impaired due to excessive consumption of junks like sugars and abuse of drug substances. The insulin being unable to perform leads to abnormal metabolism and increases the levels of sugars in the blood and urine. Diabetes is also known as diabetes mellitus and comes in two types known as diabetes one and diabetes two. Diabetes one is not as series as diabetes two but without taking serious precautions like eating almonds it can escalate to diabetes two. Diabetes can also lead to one getting a heart disease as it impairs the arterial wall, stroke and one might be required to remove a limb if it gets worse.

Most people take almond after they have discovered that it helps one’s body by controlling the sugar levels. This in return tends to lower the level of one getting diabetes. The fats that are present and fibers help in the processing of glucose in the body. The different minerals like magnesium that are present help one to break down the excess sugars that are present in the body and compiles them into other uses while the rest are excreted from the body.

The consumption of bitter almonds helps in the lowering of sugar levels as it reduces the sweetness and helps the insulin in performing its function of breaking down the excess sugars. People with diabetes are advised to take almond as it is a natural and safe way of reducing the blood sugar levels in their bodies and for those that do not have are advised to take almond daily to strengthen their insulin’s performance. Nuts like almond can help in controlling diabetes type 2 in men and women that are in post-menopausal period of their years.

Also researches by medical doctors have concluded that almond consumption greatly protects one from the dangerous sugar spikes that people tend to encounter after a meal. As a result, it greatly helps one to reduce the risk of getting diabetes. In conclusion, it is said that, to maintain a healthy life away from the suffering caused from getting diabetes, one is advised to take almond nuts especially the bitter one. Almond should be taken raw and not cooked; it is also advisable for the people who sit down for long hours to take almond nuts to prevent them from getting diabetes.