Top 10 Health Benefits of Almonds

Prevents Constipation. Constipation comes around when one is unable to excrete his or her waste through the annuls. This is as a result of body dehydration,… Denis Courtney - January 29, 2017

  1. Prevents Constipation.

Constipation comes around when one is unable to excrete his or her waste through the annuls. This is as a result of body dehydration, lack of some minerals like fiber in the body, too much consumption of chemicals and sugars in the body and not taking vegetables in your meals. Turns out that almonds are rich in fibers taking of almonds daily reduces the chance of one having to suffer from constipation as it is a very painful experience. Availability of fibers in the food and body helps in the maintaining of easy passage of foods in the digestive system.

It is also advisable to drink plenty water on a daily routine basis to ease the digestion and enable the bowel to move freely to make the waste excretion process less unpleasant. Reduction of constipation greatly reduces the risk of one getting colon cancer that is worse than constipation. It is also advisable for parents to monitor their children’s meals and ensure that they take water and almond regularly to help them in the avoidance of constipation. The process can also make one to feel nausea and loose strength leading to one collapsing. This can lead to external injuries and for the elderly persons, it might lead to them losing touch with their excretory body parts leading to one having to stay in their diapers which is less appealing.

Almonds are also known for treating heart burns too that result from lack of fibers in the body and water. A person that suffers frequently from hurt burn is also likely to suffer from constipation as it is the strenuous process that causes discomfort in the heart leading to heart burns. Their high acidity contents tend to smoothen the stomach lining leading to reduction in constipation. This in return makes peoples life easier and improves their experiences in the toilets as it is scientifically noted that people tend to spend most of their time in the toilets and some think clearly while in the toilets, this cannot therefore happen if one is suffering from constipation.

To prevent constipation, you are advised to simply take five to six almonds per day so that you can enable your digestion process and the bowel to regularly move around mixing the foods with fibers. Almond supplements can also be used that is after seeking medical attention and being advised on the best to use.

  1. Strengthens Bones

Bones are most essential part of the body. They give the body balance as the body muscles are attached to them; bones have joints that help the body’s movement. Bones also tend to have minerals that help in the functioning of the body, they are also the carriers’ of bone marrow which is an important part of the human body as it is the marrow that helps in the production of cells that fights diseases and transports essentials throughout the body through the blood. Most people especially the elderly tend to lose the strength of their bones therefore they end up either breaking or bending leading to impaired walking. This makes them need a walking stick; however, also people like athletics bones tend to be weakened due to their prolonged time of making them do a certain style like kicking a ball on a daily routine.

Almond seeds have a high supply of phosphorus and calcium that helps in strengthening of the bones. Calcium and phosphorous are known to maintain the strength of bones and teeth, taking water that is rich in both and also taking almond nuts is advisable. There is also a requirement in the body to contain potassium and manganese so as to be able to maintain the strength of one’s bones, well, this does not have to be searched in different artificial drugs as they can all be found by simply taking almonds on a daily routine and in high quantity for those that have weak bones and teeth. For the children that are shedding off their teeth, it is advisable for their mothers to give them almond milk or make porridge from almond flour so that they can have strong teeth that grow after the milk teeth is shed off.

Age related osteoporosis is also reduced from taking almond as they tend to reduce the number of free radicals in the bones. Almond butter and milk strengthens ones bones and prevents it from being fractured. The consumption of almond reduces the risk of one getting to suffer from osteoporosis. For the athletes a massage with almond oil will keep their fractured bones intact and as for the lactating mothers, they are advised to massage their babies too with warm almond oil to make them grow strong and prevent them from growing with bow-shaped especially the legs and the back not forgetting the fingers and toes.

  1. Keeps skin Healthy

The health of a person’s skin is essential as it is the most critical part of the body. The skin contains hair that vasculates and dilates depending on the climate surrounding the person’s body. Maintaining its cleanliness is essential as the maintaining of the health. The skin can be attacked by different problems like rushes, boils, wounds, cuts and bruises and also burns. When the skin is attached by all this, it is necessary that it should have all the necessary requirements for it to heal faster and so that the body can get back to relaxing. The skin is known to be one of the image boosters for people as the skin is also what people tend to see first when they set their eyes on you. With all this in mind, people should consider on the keeping of the skins health.

Almond is rich in vitamin E that helps the skin in moisturizing it and preventing it from drying. The almonds ability to have fats makes it possible for its users that have dry skin to use it and get better skin tone. Dry skin makes the body get cracks that in turn leads to someone being ugly.

The use of almond oil or any product that has almond oil in it makes the skin smoothen, the massaging of the skin makes it possible for the almond oil to be able to work on both the skin surface and within the skin as it is able to penetrate and close the cracks that might be available on the skin. Also the use of almond milk to soak your body inside makes the skin to improve its texture as it does not have the greasy substances that tend to close the skin pores therefore making the skin not to breath.

Almond milk can help in the treatment and removing of sunburns from your body, also, the use of almond oil can greatly prevent one from getting sun burns. Almond has anti-aging property as it helps the body to get rid of wrinkles and any factors that might suggest that someone is getting old. Supplements for almond can also be used even though it is highly advisable that one should skin a skin expert before choosing which supplement to take so that one can avoid the effects from getting worse. Almond will always be the best when it comes to taking care of one’s skin.

  1. Solves Hair Issues

Hair issues comes within a wide range, this are; dandruff, hair breakage, stagnant hair, frizzy hair, hair loss and itchy scalp. Hair is valued especially with ladies and as they say, once hair greatly shows her level of confidence in herself. Hair comes in different package and different people often have their taste in the different formation of their hairs like some love it when it is short, some long and others love bald head especially the men.

Almond contains a compound of many minerals and vitamins that help in solving the hair issues like vitamin E, biotin, copper and others. Almond oil is mostly used in beauty products as it is the best and with no any side effect. People that have used natural almond oil have yielded the results from it as their scalp is no more dry due to its anti oxidant factor therefore they are not suffering from dandruff any more. Almond helps in the strengthening of the hair as it has zinc and magnesium, this results to the prevention of hair breakage and in turn one leads a life where his or her hair grows fully without any disruptions. People can also avoid the use of wigs by simply using almond oil as it will ensure that it gives them the best hair care that they will grow to like their natural hair.

Presence of zinc also helps the hair to grow back for the bald headed people as its function is to regenerate the hair growth and also regenerates the dead skin that caused dandruff. Lack of zinc in one’s body often leads to hair thinning and hair loss. One can avoid all that by simply taking almond oil. Almond oil can also be used by applying it on your daily or frequently so long as the hair is clean and dry. You should also avoid applying too much oil on the head as it might attract dirt which will lead to skin diseases on the head

However, almond products are not to be used by people suffering from kidney failure and gallbladder problems as they contain oxalates that may worsen the condition of their being. For people that are suffering from skin split on their head, the best medicine is the use of almond oil as it is natural and its penetration to the skin only leads to its closure of the scars unlike other products whom the penetration might lead to the skins and hair condition worsening.