10 Home Remedies To Prevent and Treat Age Spots

By Simi
10 Home Remedies To Prevent and Treat Age Spots

The body naturally produces melanin (skin pigment). However, there are people whose bodies produce melanin in excess quantities. This is a very common issue that most people deal with. It is the excess production of melanin that leads to the formation of age spots, also known as solar lentigines or liver spots. This usually happens because of too much exposure to the sun. Those who use tanning beds or lamps have also been known to have age spots.

Typically, the spots appear in different sizes on different individuals. They can be seen on the arms, hands or the face, basically any part of the body that is exposed to the sun. The spots can be black, brown or tan, and are oval and flat where there is too much pigmentation. These are often referred to as age spots because they are prevalent in people who are at least 50 years old. There are, however, younger individuals who also have age spots, particularly those who are out in the sun most of the time. It is also worth noting that this is a common problem for those who have light skin.

There is nothing dangerous about age spots. Though harmless, most people usually worry about the cosmetic appeal. You can get rid of them through medical treatments or products for skin bleaching and lightening. The only problem here is that these products are, in most cases too expensive, and they also carry side effects.

Take note that while these natural remedies have been known to work well, there are people who have also had bad reactions to them, perhaps as a result of allergic reactions or contradiction with their gene pool. Before you begin any home remedy, make sure you consult your doctor. The following are some good natural remedies for age spots that you can find in your kitchen.


Sandalwood happens to be one of the best remedies you can use to fade the age spots away. The soothing relief on your skin is something you will appreciate more, in addition to the spots disappearing. Other than that, sandalwood has also been known to help in making the spots and scars on your skin heal at a faster rate. When you pay attention to most of the cosmetic products, you will notice that in the list of ingredients, sandalwood is usually a common essential oil.


  • Mix sandalwood powder and rose water in equal proportions (2 tablespoons each). In case you need to make a paste, add more rosewater and toss in some lemon juice.
  • Apply the mixture on the part that is affected and let it stay for 20 minutes. You can also just leave it on until it has dried out.
  • Rinse with clean, cold water. You should do this 2 – 3 times a week until you see the dark spots fading away

In order to get the best results with the sandalwood paste, apply it on days when you do not need to go out. If possible, stay inside the house most of the day, especially when the sun’s rays are intense. If you have to step outside the house, apply some sunscreen. It is also important to walk in a shaded area so that you can limit your exposure to the sun.

For those who would love to use sunscreen when going out, shop for sunscreen products with a sun protection factor SPF of no less than 15. Make sure the product you purchase also has UVB an UVA protection. Sunscreen should be applied no less than half an hour before you go out into the sun.