8 Reasons You Should Use Epsom salt bath

By Denis Courtney
8 Reasons You Should Use Epsom salt bath

Taking a bath for most people usually consist of just soap and water. Adding anything else is just deemed luxurious especially for those running on a tight budget. Unlike health conscious individuals, this lot miss out on taking therapeutic baths like the Epsom-salt added bath which studies have shown to have very many benefits for your body, mind and soul.

Apart from bathing, Epsom salt can be used for many purposes which include gardening, household cleaning and for its main purpose which is detoxification. The good thing with this salt is that they can be found in most garden outlets in bulk and at a cheaper price. What sets Epsom salt apart from other salts is that it is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound containing magnesium and sulfate. These two minerals have been found to have a lot of health benefits which can help you in your detoxification programme as they can be easily absorbed by your skin.

How Epsom salt bath works

As stated earlier, magnesium and sulfate can be readily absorbed by our skin. The fact that the skin is a highly porous membrane makes their absorption easy. This porous property also helps in the elimination of toxins from the body. With the use of Epsom salt, which is a rich mineral base in your bath, it is effective in that it allows a process known as reverse osmosis to occur. This process simply works in such a way that waste and other harmful toxic substances will be pulled easily from the body while allowing the skin to absorb magnesium and sulfate into the body.