8 Reasons You Should Use Epsom salt bath

7. Enhances metabolism Just like the magnesium present in the Epsom salt, sulfur is also important for most of the body’s biological processes such as metabolism.… Denis Courtney - July 19, 2016

7. Enhances metabolism


Just like the magnesium present in the Epsom salt, sulfur is also important for most of the body’s biological processes such as metabolism. Without adequate sulfur, studies have shown that glucose metabolism becomes defective and muscles and fat cells become damaged due to glucose intolerance. Sulfur deficiency can also lead to very painful inflammatory conditions of the connective tissues.  Impaired glucose metabolism due to sulfur deficiency will therefore lead to cases of obesity as a result of a condition known as metabolic syndrome. In a bid to compensate for the defective glucose metabolism, your body will instead gain weight. With adequate amounts of sulfur, chances of gaining weight will be minimal in that the mineral will prevent the direct conversion of carbohydrates into fat.

8. Treating mental disorders


Studies have also revealed that the sulfur present in Epsom salt is very good for treating mental disorders. After a study, findings showed that a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s had little to non-existent sulfur in their systems compared to a perfectly normal individual. Other findings have also shown that dealing with sulfur deficiency can reverse or halt the progression of dementia provided that the patient is still in the early stages where little brain damage has occurred.

As a precaution, you are strongly advised to stay away from an Epsom salt bath if you are pregnant, dehydrated or have open wounds or burns on your skin. Those also ailing from cardiovascular diseases should also consult their doctor first before using these salts for any form of therapy for proper guidance. Remember to also keep away from soap when using an Epsom salt bath to prevent interference with the action of its minerals as well as the removal of toxins from your body.

There are several benefits associated with the use of an Epsom salt bath. The above mentioned are just but a few of them. We therefore encourage you to try and ensure that you indulge yourself in his therapeutic bath even if it is once in a while because the results are just amazing. Just remember to stick to the stated precautions before indulging and you will live to testify the amazing things an Epsom salt bath did for you.