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A Minute of Hard Exercise Pays-Off 45 Minutes of Moderate Workout
UncategorizedNever ask a weight-loss seeking person to exercise, since this… Melisa Silver - May 9, 2016
Poor Directional Skills Can Lead to Alzheimer’s in Later Life
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The Suicide Rate in U.S Reaches New Heights
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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Parallels Death in the Youngs of America
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Certain Antibiotic Shots Kept HIV Infection at Bay in Monkeys
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Mindfulness Therapy Can Keep Recurrent Depression at Bay
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The Risk of CHD in Night Shift Workers is Modifiable – Study Suggests
UncategorizedOur body works by means of a particular circadian rhythm.… Melisa Silver - May 8, 2016
19 Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency
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10 Signs of Magnesium Deficiency
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Top 10 Vinegar Home Remedies
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Some bizarre medical conditions you would be amused to know about
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Smoking Eats Away Your Employment Chances – Study Suggests
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