Top 10 Vinegar Home Remedies

By Melisa Silver
Top 10 Vinegar Home Remedies

Despite of several advancements that are made in the field of science, we certainly cannot under any circumstances, deny the role of ‘home remedies’. Remedies have been present ever since man stepped onto this planet. When nothing works, remedies come in handy. We should be really thankful to our grandparents for imparting us the sense of utilizing various normal stuffs as home remedies.

Our elders certainly had some great sense of making medical boons out of natural agents, which maybe why many of the food items that we usually see in the kitchen shelf and fridge, are now known for their great medicinal properties.

May it be curing a sore throat or getting rid of arthritis pain, your kitchen has most of the cures, many of which you may not be even aware of. Take the instance of vinegar. In the medieval times, one may use vinegar to ward-off the evil. Yes, really! This evil was actually any disease that caught hold of a person. People associated any ailment to that of the curse of an evil, and so vinegar, since it used to treat most of the symptoms, was considered to be hostile to the evil spirits.

Even today, vinegar is employed in several home remedies owing to its powerful acidic component. Moreover, this natural agent has significant anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties.

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  1. Vinegar can control your blood sugar:

Well, that sounds really great. And for those who are diabetic, here comes an extremely useful home remedy for you that is made out of vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has been blessed with certain ‘anti-glycemic properties’ which can improve insulin sensitivity.

In diabetes, either there is a total absence of this hormone in the body, or the insulin receptors become resistant to the action of the hormone. In both cases, the mechanism of incorporation of glucose into liver, muscle and other body cells is greatly impaired, leading to spiking levels of sugar in blood. This produces several detrimental effects in the body such as damage to the nerves, obesity, etc.

Several drugs have been formulated to improve insulin sensitivity, an action that can simply be brought about by vinegar.

Having a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water with each meal (at least three times daily) can bring you the desired effect. To those who are free from diabetes, you can follow the remedy to abstain from the risk of the disease.

Vinegar is known to improve fasting, as well as post-meal sugar levels.

In case you are not willing to drink the vinegar solution, you may add vinegar to the salad dressings.

NOTE: However, do remember that there is a great deal of difference between a medication and a home remedy. Vinegar shall not be as effective as an anti-diabetic medication, and hence, under no circumstances should you replace your conventional treatment with the vinegar home remedy.start_article