Top 10 Vinegar Home Remedies

9. Vinegar can make your house shine Now this remedy is something apart from your health, but watching a clean house that is free from stains… Melisa Silver - April 13, 2016

Despite of several advancements that are made in the field of science, we certainly cannot under any circumstances, deny the role of home remedies. Remedies have been present ever since man stepped onto this planet. When nothing works, remedies come in handy. We should be really thankful to our grandparents for imparting to us the sense of utilizing various normal stuff as home remedies.

Our elders certainly had some great sense of making medical boons out of natural agents, which may be why many of the food items that we usually see on the kitchen shelf and fridge, are now known for their great medicinal properties.

May it be curing a sore throat or getting rid of arthritis pain, your kitchen has most of the cures, many of which you may not be even aware of. Take the instance of vinegar. In medieval times, one may use vinegar to ward off evil. Yes, really! This evil was actually any disease that caught hold of a person. People associated any ailment with that the curse of evil, and so vinegar, since it used to treat most of the symptoms, was considered to be hostile to the evil spirits.

Even today, vinegar is employed in several home remedies owing to its powerful acidic component. Moreover, this natural agent has significant anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties.

1. Vinegar can control your blood sugar

Well, that sounds really great. And for those who are diabetic, here comes an extremely useful home remedy for you that is made out of vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has been blessed with certain ‘anti-glycemic properties’ which can improve insulin sensitivity.

In diabetes, either there is a total absence of this hormone in the body, or the insulin receptors become resistant to the action of the hormone. In both cases, the mechanism of incorporation of glucose into the liver, muscle and other body cells is significantly impaired, leading to spiking levels of sugar in blood. This produces several detrimental effects on the body such as damage to the nerves, obesity, etc.

Several drugs have been formulated to improve insulin sensitivity, an action that can simply be brought about by vinegar. Having a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water with each meal (at least three times daily) can bring you the desired effect. To those who are free from diabetes, you can follow the remedy to abstain from the risk of the disease.

Vinegar is known to improve fasting, as well as post-meal sugar levels. In case you are not willing to drink the vinegar solution, you may add vinegar to the salad dressings.

NOTE: However, do remember that there is a great deal of difference between a medication and a home remedy. Vinegar shall not be as effective as an anti-diabetic medication, and hence, under no circumstances should you replace your conventional treatment with the vinegar home remedy.

2. Vinegar can make your teeth shine

Are you embarrassed of the yellow teeth peaking between your lips each time you laugh? Well, it may be because you are not making use of this extraordinary home remedy.

Application of a certain amount of vinegar onto your teeth can scrape off the yellow debris which might be sitting on your teeth, hiding their natural shine. It is a relatively simple, as well as the cheapest method of teeth whitening. You do not have to go for dental appointments and sittings if you really know how to make use of this teeth whitening home remedy using vinegar.

Apart from removing yellow stains, apple cider vinegar also cleanses your mouth from bacteria, owing to its popular anti-bacterial properties. This may save your mouth from developing oral ailments that are as annoying as gingivitis.

Vinegar remedy for teeth whitening is quite simple. Just grab a glass of diluted vinegar and gargle it in the morning. You may brush your teeth normally after that. If you want enhanced effects, use cider vinegar with baking soda. Another way of whitening teeth using vinegar could be rubbing it over your teeth alone or in combination with baking soda for one minute. Do not forget to rinse it off after you are done.

NOTE: vinegar is acidic, and if used excessively, can corrode the enamel of teeth. Make sure that you use this remedy just twice or thrice a week. Adding baking soda can reduce the acidity of vinegar to some extent, and may be useful for those who face sensitivity issues of the teeth.

3. Vinegar can calm the acidity of your stomach

For those who have heavily grumbling and burning stomachs, vinegar remedy can provide effective relief. Patients of heartburn and gastric acidity are usually advised to resort to alkaline diets so that the acid in the stomach is less triggered.

Vinegar can neutralize the overwhelming acidity in the stomach to much extent, and thereby makes a great home remedy for combating heartburn. Excessive acidity can occur owing to several reasons. Many times, it is due to unhealthy eating habits such as late-night snacking, sleeping right after eating, consuming too much junk food, etc. However, heartburn may also be associated with certain medical conditions such as GERD. It is also fairly common during pregnancy. A lack of proper functioning enzymes and probiotics also produces this condition.

People with acidic stomachs are advised to take a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water right before their meals. People with severe heartburn conditions are advised to first consult their doctor before going in for the remedy. In most cases, vinegar remedy for stomach acidity is pretty harmless.

Even if you are not a sufferer of this symptom, you may make use of this remedy to avoid getting one.

4. Vinegar takes good care of your weight

There is not just one reason why vinegar makes an effective home remedy. Drinking a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water imparts bliss to every cell of your body the solution passes through. Vinegar makes an impressive weight loss remedy. But how does it happen? Well, there are two great answers to this query.

Pectin is a polysaccharide that occurs naturally in foods such as berries and citrus fruits. It plays a great role in regulating the mechanism of appetite in humans. Vinegar also contains this agent and consuming vinegar anyhow before meals can induce the release of pectin in blood. This makes one feel full and so, they tend to eat less. To add more to your knowledge, apple cider vinegar contains the same quantity of pectin as an apple does.

Secondly, the vinegar remedy is advised for weight loss because it helps greatly in the digestion of proteins. Proteins form the core components of several body hormones, some of which aid in the breakdown of fatty acids. Vinegar before meal will speed up your protein digestion process, so that your body will have more proteins in handy when it wishes to break down those fatty acids. All this aids much in losing weight.

5. Vinegar boosts probiotics

Before going into the details of this vinegar home remedy, let us first tell you what are probiotics and why they are needed.

Your body contains several cells that fight-off foreign bacteria and viruses, whereas at the same time, it also accommodates some friendly micro-organisms that live in harmony with your body systems. They are known as the ‘normal body flora’. This flora provides one with good health and also participates in a variety of body functions such as digestion of food. Of these micro-organisms are ‘probiotics’ or you may say, yeasts and bacteria, that add great benefits to the health of a person.

Vinegar can promote the health of these probiotics so that they work better and benefit more than before.

Candida is a kind of yeast that normally occurs as a part of the body’s flora, but at times takes the opportunity to produce infections. Vinegar home remedy can help overcome this condition by boosting the health of probiotics. To combat Candida infections, take 1 tablespoon of vinegar daily and cut off sugar from your diet.

NOTE: this remedy shall work only in cases of minor infections, and the replacement of conventional treatment with vinegar home remedy is not at all advised.

6. Vinegar can treat constipation

Yes, you read it right. Vinegar makes a great home remedy for constipation. Now you do not need to take those unnecessary doses of laxatives or spend hours in the toilet straining to defecate till you interrupt your breathing. Consumption of apple cider vinegar on a regular basis can help you get rid of constipation.

In most cases, constipation is genetic. However, it may also occur in association with several ailments (where the reason is primarily reduced bowel movements), as a side effect of specific medications, and due to dehydration.

As it is already mentioned afore that vinegar contains high amounts of pectin, and this agent, along with making a great appetite satisfier, also forms an efficient water-soluble fiber. We all well know that nothing works as great as fiber in initiating and maintaining bowel movements. Hence, regular intake of vinegar can keep your bowels moving, which will certainly overcome constipation. Its malic-acid content also helps with the condition.

You may either use cider vinegar alone or add it to a cup of flaxseed water.

NOTE: results of vinegar home remedy in curing constipation occur relatively late, and immediate effects should not be expected.

7. Vinegar for beauty

Along with health comes beauty. A body reflects its health by displaying it on your skin, which is why you notice promptly changing skin conditions which actually occur in response to your inner health.

Vinegar makes a great home remedy for glowing skin. So all the beauty seekers, stop wandering outside heavily priced beauty saloons, and better peek into your kitchen cupboard.

Being a good astringent, apple cider vinegar clears away blemishes. So instead of searching for overly-priced blemish removal creams, try out the vinegar remedy, lest you are not allergic to it. The remedy may also help in smoothing out wrinkles and in toning the skin. Just apply some cotton dabbed in apple cider vinegar over your face. Let it dry out before rinsing it off. Follow the scheme regularly and observe significant effects in a month. For better toning effects, apply a mixture of half a cup of vinegar dissolved into a cup of water.

Vinegar also helps in restoring the skin’s pH, which shall keep the skin infections at a bay.

So generally, vinegar makes you a remedy that tones your skin, flattens wrinkles, removes blemishes, and prevents infections, and that too at a relatively cheap price. Sounds pretty interesting, isn’t it so?

Want to know an even more interesting vinegar remedy miracle? Well, try it out for sunburns then. In a lukewarm bath, add one-fourth cup of coconut oil, lavender essential oil and a cup of apple cider vinegar. Notice your sunburn vanishing after regular use of the remedy.

NOTE: before trying out the vinegar home remedy for glowing skin, first test whether your face is compatible with the agent. Try applying some vinegar on a small patch of your skin. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes. If nothing happens, you may continue using the remedy.

8. Vinegar protects you from flu

Think about it! Vinegar boosts the probiotic component of your body, which in turn improves digestion, immunity, etc. It also treats constipation. Vinegar has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Then how is it possible for any sort of flu to reach you?

Vinegar makes a great boon for keeping away cough and flu. Even if you have already fallen for it, vinegar consumption can cure you of cough, sore throat and cold.

Influenza, a viral infection that never leaves us alone, presents most of the time with nasty cold symptoms. Quite a big factor in making one susceptible to catching a cold is the altered pH level of body fluids. Vinegar helps in restoring these pH levels owing to its highly acidic properties, thereby building massive immunity against influenza. Germs find an alkaline body environment pretty unappealing.

If you have already caught hold of the flu, take a teaspoon of this remedy at the start of the first symptom. This shall prevent bouts of flu from increasing.

If you are reluctant towards taking vinegar alone, owing to the unappealing taste, then try taking it in a cup of warm water, maple syrup or hot tea.

Vinegar can also protect you from the claws of seasonal allergies. Since this apple cider product breaks the mucous plugs and nourishes the lymphatic system, regular consumption of the vinegar remedy can save you from going all sneezy.

NOTE: Do not try to replace vinegar with your flu medications, if you are prescribed any. Vinegar is just an adjunct remedy, which shall accelerate healing so that you don’t moan in flu for long.

9. Vinegar can make your house shine

Now this remedy is something apart from your health, but watching a clean house that is free from stains is in one way going to give your mind some pleasure, isn’t it so? You can make a perfect household cleansing agent out of vinegar. Its acidic properties can scrape-off stains from your household items really easily, without having you put much effort into rubbing hard the objects.

Moreover, vinegar also contains useful anti-bacterial properties, and cleaning your household agents with diluted vinegar is going to make them free from dirty bacteria. To all the germ-phobic peeps! If you want a bacteria-free set of household items, use diluted vinegar for cleaning purposes.

For cleaning windows and counters, try out making some spray liquid by combining 50 percent vinegar with 50 percent water.

Now you can easily sweep your furniture and spray clear your windows with an astringent that is available at your home and is pocket-friendly.

10. Vinegar can clean your pets

You obviously won’t allow flea-ridden pets in your home. However, this is a natural thing, and vinegar home remedy can take care of that too. In case you are surveying the market for getting some quality anti-flea shampoo for your pet, the cost of which fits into your pocket, then take a look at your kitchen and better grab that cider vinegar bottle. In a tub filled with water, add half the quantity of vinegar to it. Make your pet bathe in that solution. Repeat the remedy for several weeks.