Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth At Home

By Trista
Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth At Home

A smile is worth a thousand words. Studies show that a smile is a positive facial expression that can make people feel comfortable around you. It can make you more attractive and give someone else a reason to smile. Think about it – how often someone smiled at you when you were feeling down and smiling back made you feel better? It doesn’t erase any issues, but it makes you feel better. You can’t always directly explain why, but you know it helps. 

Sometimes the struggle with your smile is your teeth. Going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned can be expensive, and you only do it every so often. Of course, things happen in life, and sometimes you need to deal with a situation like the current crisis that keeps you from seeing your fantastic dentist. When you feel that your teeth are getting yellow, you become embarrassed, and soon you start hiding them by changing your smile. You then wonder what you can do to whiten your teeth because you love your smile, and everyone loves seeing your smile. Fortunately, there are many ways to whiten your teeth to keep you smiling naturally. 

Commercial teeth whitening products can cost you hundreds of dollars and damage your teeth and gums over time. Shutterstock.

Why Should You Go the Natural Route? 

You probably wonder with all the commercial teeth whitening products why you should go the natural route. First. it’s safer. Naturally whitening your teeth doesn’t put harsh chemicals on them that can damage them over time. For example, they also contain artificial fragrances, artificial flavoring, and alcohol. Other than damaging your teeth, they can also cause problems with your gums. They can cause tooth sensitivity, pain, and gum irritation. 

Second, it’s cheaper. You can spend over $100 on commercial teeth whitening products. In fact, in 2015, Americans spent $11 billion on teeth whitening. This figure included about $1.4 billion on at-home whitening products.