30 of the Best Foods that Boost the Immune System

By Trista
30 of the Best Foods that Boost the Immune System

There have been improvements in treatments for eradicating cancer from the body. However, there are also ways to lower the chance of getting cancer whatsoever. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce your risks, but your diet can make a difference too.

Eating healthy can help your body to fight off horrible diseases, even one as virulent as cancer. Here are 30 of the best cancer-fighting foods on the market that you should start including in your diet. These foods are also healthy for you in general and readily available.


1. Broccoli

That small tree-like vegetable that everyone used to hate eating as a kid. “Eat your broccoli, and then you can get dessert,” your parents may have told you at some point. Well, now is a great time to start liking broccoli, as it’s full of sulforaphane. Tests have shown that this compound, when ingested, has reduced the number and size of breast cancer cells and even kills off prostate cancer cells.

Also, because broccoli is also high in fiber, keeping you regular reduces the chances of colon cancer cells forming. Include just a few sprigs of broccoli in your meals each week to start experiencing the benefits. If you are having a hard time bringing yourself to bite some broccoli, try drizzling some cheese on it.