Eating Dates can Have Fantastic Health Benefits

By Trista
Eating Dates can Have Fantastic Health Benefits

Dates have always been in the list of favorites for all of us. Along with the delicious taste, it has several beneficial health properties. It is worth mentioning that dates come from a flowering plant of the palm species, which is chiefly cultivated for this mouthwatering fruit. According to several studies, it is estimated that the largest harvester of dates is Iraq. The peak season for cultivating the date begins from the middle of autumn (October) and stretches till the end of winter (January). Try to incorporate dates into regular meals, including desserts because they have amazing health benefits.

The date palm has been around and used for several centuries. Shutterstock.

The History of the Date Palm

In Middle Eastern countries, the fruit used to be a staple food. Even the inhabitants of the Indus Valley used to prefer dates as one of their main meals. The Middle East nations are home to a wide variety of dates. Moreover, according to Egyptian history, the dwellers used dates to make wine. Historical records tell us that the date has been surviving for 50 million years back.