Eating Dates can Have Fantastic Health Benefits

Lunch and Dinner “Dates” Not only breakfast dishes, but you also can eat dates even in your lunch. But, make sure not to repeat consuming the… Trista - June 20, 2020
Dates are quite versatile and can be paired with savory meats at lunch. Shutterstock.

Lunch and Dinner “Dates”

Not only breakfast dishes, but you also can eat dates even in your lunch. But, make sure not to repeat consuming the fruit. Select any one time of the day to eat the fruit. The best way to eat dates for lunch is to add the fruit in salad. You can even have dates with wrapped meals. You might cover the fruit either with vegetables or with fish. However, do not munch on the fruit after having heavy meals. As dates have fiber, it may slow down your digestion and can upset your body.

If you like to take your dinner light, opt for a fruit salad and put some dates in it. You can also make some delicious sandwiches adding dates. Most of the time, people prefer eating dates out of hand. You can also include some dates in your pasta. But, be careful about taking dates at night. If you walk straight to bed after having dates at dinner, the results might not be suitable for your health.

Dates are mostly included in desserts because of the rich quality of their sweetness. Shutterstock.

Date Desserts

Who does not like to lift their taste buds with some delicious desserts? Have you ever thought about increasing the health value of desserts? If not, then start thinking now. Desserts might taste awesome, but they are not always better for health due to the presence of sugar in it. But, if you replace the sugar with dates, you can savor both the sweet taste and obtain nutrients from the dishes. Dates work perfectly as a natural sweetener as it has a high level of fructose in it. The caramel-tasting fruit compliments the maximum number of dessert dishes.

Bake a few dates into some muffins, and you have a very delightful snack. Shutterstock.

Dates in Muffins

Christmas cakes are incomplete without dates. The fruit enhances every baking recipe instantly. When you bite on the cake and feel the taste of the sweet, soft, and often nutty dates, it gives you a heavenly feeling. If you are into baking, you can try out preparing new recipes of muffins or cakes using the date palms. This is a great way to get the nutrients along with savoring something lip-smacking. You can simply add dates in your pumpkin oats muffins. The dish tastes delicious, and the cooking time is less as well.

Dates can also be crushed and added to cookies for a delightful treat. Shutterstock.

Honey-Date-Stuffed Cookies

Dates are a good contributor in the baking game. No matter what you bake, the fruit is there to support every item. Apart from cakes and muffins, you can opt to prefer some delicious and healthy cookies to feed your tummy. One of the most excellent examples is honey-date stuffed cookies. As its name, the cookies taste delicious too. Moreover, it has the nutrients of honey besides the dates. If you want to make the dish more palatable, you might include peanut butter and varieties of nuts along with the honey and date stuffing. 

Making your own orange syrup to add to date bread is a dessert everyone in your family will love. Shutterstock.

Date-Stuffed Bread with Orange Syrup

Have you tried out orange syrup with dates? If you are yet to try, without any delay, prepare the date-stuffed bread with orange syrups at home today. If you have kids, the dish is a must-try one. Orange juice and dates taste delicious together. Furthermore, both the ingredients are good for health. However, when preparing the meal, opt for the organic orange syrup to maintain the health benefits.

Add a few dates to your morning porridge, and you have a very heart-healthy meal. Shutterstock.

Creamy Porridge with Dates

Hot creamy porridge with some dates is the most wholesome dessert dish to relish. The recipe is perfect to have both at breakfast and for evening snacks. It keeps you full and brings out a happy mood to spend the overall day. All you need is a cup of milk, 2-3 drops of vanilla extract, cinnamon powder, nuts, and of course, the prime ingredient of the dish- lots of dates!

Share dates as a snack during TV night, and your friends and family will love it. Shutterstock.

Include Dates In Your Balanced Diet

Dates work outstandingly if you consume it rightly. Daily life schedules are hectic. Thus, it is essential to supply your body with the right choice of compounds. With dates, you get the most crucial ingredients that one requires to stay healthy. It is a complete package of power-compounds. But, you should always check the quality of the items before consuming it. Generally, the dried dates remain intact. 

The problem occurs in choosing the fresh dates. Hence, whenever you are purchasing dates, opt for the plump looking one. If the dates have crystallized sugar on the surface, do not make the mistake of buying it. You can store the dates in your refrigerator straight for six months, keeping them in an air-tight container.