15 Easy Changes In Lifestyle That Boost Your Immune System Naturally

By Simi
15 Easy Changes In Lifestyle That Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Modern medicine is a marvel. The leaps and bounds taken by medical technology since the invention of penicillin are spectacular. Diseases such as polio have all but been eradicated, while others such as measles can be successfully vaccinated against.

Doctors occupy a place of honor and respect in our society, and so they should. Medical training is grueling and intensive. The slightest mistake in an operating room can cost a patient their life, doctors, therefore, spend their whole lives studying and practicing to avoid that. Medical practitioners are undoubtedly masters of their field, but does this mean that they know everything?

Alternative medicine and healing generally get a bad reputation. The claims being that these methods either do not work at all, or the desired effects that are produced are due to the placebo effect as opposed to the method or medicine itself. This is quite a harsh stance for modern medicine to take considering that these alternative methods have been around for millennia’s and there are some cultures which still wholly rely on them even today.

This is not to say that people should go ahead and ditch going to the doctor’s office altogether. But, would it not be wise to pause for a moment and consider that these methods call on the body’s natural defense mechanisms. They aim to produce and maintain balance in the body, which in turn boosts immunity and thus health and wellness. These are simple lifestyle changes which one could make, to naturally increase immunity.

1. Including uplifting and relaxing music on your playlist

Music is everywhere. With radios, televisions and cell phones, it has become almost inescapable. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Every person has their own music taste and they are completely entitled to it. There are, however, certain types of music which are more physiologically beneficial than others.

Mucous lubricates and protects the body. It might not be an appetizing topic, but this slimy substance is vital for our survival. While listening to music, a person produces increased amounts of Immunoglobulin A. This is involved in one’s mucosal system, thus an increase of Immunoglobulin A maintains the health and integrity of cells.

Cortisol is a hormone which is released when a person is stressed. It is necessary for survival but can cause harm if its levels are elevated for an extended period. Elevated cortisol levels have even been linked to obesity. Music can naturally lower these levels, therefore counteracting the harmful effects caused by increased cortisol. Classical music is known to be mentally and physiologically beneficial. However, this does not mean that listeners of other music types cannot benefit. A large part of the benefits of music is derived from the effect they produce on a person.

If a certain type of music makes you happy and you find it enjoyable, then that is sufficient to decrease cortisol levels and boost one’s mood.  The greatest thing about this simple habit is that it is neither time consuming or outside of an already established daily routine. The chances are, everyone listens to music at some point during the day. The trick here is to ensure that the music you are listening to is relaxing and enjoyable. A relaxed and happy countenance are good building blocks for a healthy immune system.