The Truth About Male Fertility 

Some men surely know how to boost their male fertility rate! But, it isn’t something to think about too much. You will realize if your fertility… Trista - February 16, 2020

Some men surely know how to boost their male fertility rate! But, it isn’t something to think about too much. You will realize if your fertility rate is excellent or not when you plan to make a baby together. Semen quality matters a lot to determine male fertility.

If the count isn’t enough or the quality of your semen is not up to the mark, the chances are high that you will fall under the infertility category. Even if this happens to you, there’s nothing to worry about as the doctors are coming up with various treatments. Just catch up with these experts and get your problems solved from the core.

Not many men know that they’re infertile. Pixabay.

Signs of Infertility in Men

Before you get to the infertility treatment, you might want to know more about the symptoms of infertility in men. These signs are perfect if you’re going to get the procedure started way before the matter gets worse and out of your hand. The first sign is the change in sexual desire. The fertility of man is linked with hormone health. So, any shift in potency can be proficiently targeted by hormones, which might cause some infertility issues. Another sign is if you start facing pain or swelling in testicles. Multiple conditions are leading to this pain, which can gradually result in infertility in men.

Are you facing some issues with ejaculation? If so, then you shouldn’t wait any longer and visit a doctor now. The testicles are known to house a man’s healthy semen. So, its health is of prime importance. Firmer or smaller testicles mean potential issues, which must get covered by a health professional. Going through these points is enough to know if you have been the unwanted victim of male infertility. If you face any of these issues, be sure to get along with health personnel right away. After running down some necessary tests, these doctors will present you with the ultimate solution for getting that healthy semen flow back and working.

The blame usually falls on the women when a couple can’t get pregnant. Pixabay.

Differences Between Male and Female Fertility 

You must know that a woman is born with all her eggs intact, known as ovarian reserve. With passing age, they have fewer eggs within their reserve. Then you have some eggs whose natural DNA was damaged over time, and that might prevent them from fertilizing and getting pregnant when the right time comes. This section is called the reduction of egg quality. As the egg’s count and quality declines with passing time, it can be stated that with passing age, female infertility starts to get stronger.

Well, it becomes a tad bit different for the men then. To the contrary of limited and even non-renewable eggs in women at birth, the male testicles will create around 100 to 200 million new sperm daily. So, it is clear to state that men never have this issue of running out of sperm with growing age as that won’t happen like with women and their eggs. But, there are some factors like the age for sure, which can work with the ejaculation process and even sperm production in men. So, that results in a decline of male fertility in an individual.

There are many medical causes for a man’s infertility. Pixabay.

Medical Issues Behind Fertility Decline

Multiple reasons can interfere with the current sperm function or production and can further block the sperm passage out of your body. There are some medical reasons behind this cause as well, which you better be aware of. Some illnesses, such as epididymitis, orchitis, and sexually transmitted ones, can cause infertility in men. Sometimes, anti-sperm antibodies can mistake sperm to be harmful and start to eliminate them. Similarly, tumors or cancer can also affect the glands relating to reproduction. Other than these points, any testicle injury or hormonal imbalances might ruin your fertility rate.

There are some anatomical problems as well, which can cause fertility issues in men. Varicocele, for example, is a swelling of veins in testicles, which might easily interfere with sperm count. Any problems related to sperm ejaculation like the congenital absence of the vas deferens or inability to release sperm while ejaculating can also be stated as other causes leading to male infertility. Other than that, some men suffer from chromosomal defects, which will force the male reproductive organs to be in its abnormal form. Again, some issues with ejaculation or sexual intercourse like retrograde ejaculation, painful sex, and erectile dysfunctions can result in male infertility easily.

The radiation from microwaves can lead to a man being infertile. Wikimedia.

Environmental and Lifestyle Factors to Consider

Other than medical conditions, there are some environmental factors, which can even lead to a male fertility issue. Using some medicines like cancer medicines, testosterone replacement medical needs, and ulcer or antifungal drugs can impair sperm production, leading to the decline of male fertility. Sometimes, prior surgeries might block the sperm path, including testicular operations, hernia repairs, vasectomies, and more. Later, some environmental factors like exposure to industrial chemicals or radiation can damage the fertility count. Therefore, taking a quick note over these aspects can quickly help you take care of your fertility issue before it gets out of your hand.

Some lifestyle changes can impact the rate of male fertility decline. If you are going for illicit drug use like cocaine, marijuana, or anabolic steroids, that will affect the lifestyle as well. Even alcohol use can lower the level of testosterone and might cause erectile dysfunction. Moreover, if you are into smoking, that might contribute to the lower count of the sperm. On the other hand, if you are way too obese, then that extra body weight might impact the sperm count. These factors can decline the current male fertility rate as well.

As a man gets older, the quality of sperm may decline. Pixabay.

Fertility and Age

When it comes to age-related decline rates, women are not the only ones related to it. Male fertility depends on age as well but proves to be less significant and less dramatic. Some studies demonstrate that even after trying to control the age of partners, increasing age in men is related to the decline of male fertility. One study showed that in over 8000 pregnancies, conception in just a year is around 30% less likely for men over the age group of 40 when compared to those less than 30 years.

Another survey firmly states that in nearly 2000 women, a stronger age effect can be seen. Research indicates that the average pregnancy time for men within 45 years of age and more was around five times greater than average time to pregnancy for men under the age bracket of 25 years. Another study consists of 901 cycles of intrauterine insemination, stating that men over the age group of 35 had a rate of pregnancy of around 25% when compared to the 52% rate of men less than 35 years. So, multiple studies are indicating that age-related male fertility is something to consider right now.

Men should make a regular trip to the doctor to get their sperm tested. Wikimedia.

Get Tested for Fertility 

Most of the time, men plan to keep infertility tests at bay because of embarrassment. What they fail to realize is that the faster the problems get treated, the easier it will be. It can further spare them from unnecessary expense and discomfort, which will grow if you cannot get the treatment right at its initial stages. Furthermore, testing out the patients beforehand will help the doctors to narrow down the potential issue, and start working on the solutions accordingly. To get tested for infertility, a visit to the doctor is a must, mainly a urologist. After running down any physical exam, the doctor will turn towards semen analysis.

The main aim is to check the quantity and quality of sperm in an individual. You must take the test quickly, so the doctors would recommend you to get the sample ready on your next visit or get it done from any nearby semen count center. A simple semen test is all that you need to get rid of discomfort for months and get the treatment started from its initial stages. In case the semen test comes out healthy, the doctor might opt for a second test to confirm. Two tests are usually taken to identify significant infertility based issues. If anything looks irregular, doctors will ask for further tests to get to the bottom of this.

Doctors will look at the sperm under a microscope to determine what the problem is. Wikimedia.

Semen Analysis 

There are so many issues, which a simple semen analysis can detect. It is a straightforward test to determine Azoospermia. It means no sperm gets produced, or the sperm count doesn’t appear in semen. The same test is used for detecting Oligospermia, where few sperms get produced. If you are suffering from sperm motility, a sperm analysis will help in determining the same. It means the sperm fails to move in its designated path and is less capable of fertilizing an egg. You can furthermore determine the problem with sperm morphology through a semen analysis, where the structure and form will be assessed for its leading infertility cause.

Even though these issues are some of the significant reasons behind male fertility decline and your partner not conceiving, each one of these issues might have one underlying medical condition to it. For investigating the matter a bit further, the doctor might recommend you head for the urine and blood tests, or similar such procedures to determine the leading cause. Once the object has been detected, finding the right solution can prove easy and effective. The doctors have been into this practice for years and can determine the root of the problem by checking out the causes now.

Sexually transmitted diseases and preventable illnesses such as German Measles can make a man infertile. Pixabay.

Male Fertility Issues

Several reasons can eventually lead to male fertility problems. Some are associated with physical challenges, and then you have other issues, which will affect the production and quality of sperm. Some of the sexually transmitted diseases can often lead to infertility in men. Even some of the genital infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia can cause infertility in men as well. Treat the virus to treat impotence. Similarly, congenital disabilities, blockages, and physical damage can further lead to male fertility issues. Sometimes, men are born with a blockage in testicle parts or some other abnormalities, which might prevent sperm from entering the semen. Surgery is a one-way solution for that.

Some men are suffering from retrograde ejaculation. Here, ejaculation does not lead to semen from the penis, but it enters the bladder. Some medications, diabetes, and even bladder surgery might be the reasons for such an issue, leading to infertility later. Even some genetic diseases might cause fertility problems in men, much like autoimmune or hormonal issues. Some hormonal imbalances in thyroid or pituitary glands can cause infertility among men. For that, some prescribed medications can help you big time. No matter whatever the issue might be, there are solutions to treat them as well. But for that, the doctors have to examine you first and your present health condition before making the right decision.

Please don’t be ashamed if you’re infertile. Pixabay.

Men Can Be Infertile 

So many people around the world face infertility issues. However, the harsh truth is that men suffer from the same problem as women. Most of the time, men usually do not suspect of having any fertility issue and always blame women for taking care of themselves if they find it hard to get pregnant. Recent studies have indicated that when a couple faces infertility issues, around 30% of that lies on the woman’s shoulder. Other cases will either have both the partners having fertility issues or only the men suffering from it.

The unfortunate truth is that men are not accessing the current healthcare system for their annual physicals and might not have any symptoms, which will help them to know they are suffering from fertility issues. So, when they get to learn about it, that causes some serious problems. But, some myths about male fertility need to be treated as soon as possible to get proficient results. There are some myths and little known facts regarding the subject of male infertility that you might have to consider here, at first.

There is more involved with ejaculation than some men realize. Pixabay.

All About Ejaculation 

Men always think that if they can ejaculate appropriately, then they don’t have any infertility issue at all, which is nothing but another myth to get to the bottom of. A sperm happens to be microscopic, and most of the ejaculated fluid that comes out of your body might not be sperm. The only way to know if you are fertile or not is by running down a sperm analysis, as mentioned before. This method involves having the semen adequately analyzed by the well-trained technicians before getting the final result here.

Now, when it comes to semen analysis, there are some ways in which you need to perform this task. For example, the report mostly takes place when you are planning to visit the urologist the second time. The first appointment is more like an initial procedure, which will help you to have a direct chat with the doctor and tell him about your issues. After listening to your problems, the doctors would either suggest you perform the sperm analysis while visiting the center next time, or might ask you to do it from a nearby sperm analytic lab and get the report. The trained technicians will do it for you.

Testosterone increases libido, not fertility. Wikimedia.

Myths About Supplements

One noted myth among men is to take supplement testosterone, which will enhance the fertility rate of a man. But the truth is its opposite! Taking any of these testosterone supplements, no matter from which brand, will often reduce the male fertility rate. Taking in the supplemental testosterone might be a good reason for improving the libido of a man and his energy level, but that’s not all. The negative effect of these supplements is hard to ignore once you come to learn more about it. The supplements are designed to suppress natural testosterone production in your body.

So, if you are planning to continue the use of these testosterone supplements, the chances are high that your entire sperm production might take a complete break. Everything depends on sperm production. So, if that fails to provide you with any positive results, it might lead to disastrous notes then. The sperm count will get lower with passing time, once you enter the realm of testosterone supplements. This lower sperm count will come to a dead-end shortly if you prepare to continue the use of these supplements. Even occasional use can harm the fertility count excellently surely.

Although marijuana is legal in some states, that’s not a reason to start using it. Pixabay.

Marijuana Affects Male Fertility 

It isn’t hard to state that smoking marijuana is detrimental to the fertility rate in a male. At least, that’s what you have known for such a long time. However, recent research suggests some other notes. In a journal published in December 2017, a lot has been targeted on marijuana use and its fecundability, which is also stated as a probability to get pregnant during one menstrual cycle. Some researchers have studied around 1125 couples, and procure information like frequency of the use of marijuana during the previous two months.

Women did their parts of completing the follow-up questions for every eight weeks to around 12 months, or until they are lucky enough to get pregnant or deal with their fertility treatment. This study found out that marijuana has a very minimalistic effect on male or even female fertility. The leading cause behind the lack of sperm count in men is because of alcohol and smoking intake, but not weed. So, next time you are making plans to keep marijuana at bay because of infertility issues, make sure to go through the research first. The more you research, the better points you will come up with.

Underwear doesn’t make a difference in male fertility. Pixabay.

Boxers, Not Briefs 

Some people have this weird belief that the choices of a man’s underwear will determine the fertility rate. This is nothing but an utterly absurd myth. Some people prefer wearing briefs over boxers and vice versa, especially if they are trying to conceive. Your apparel won’t have anything to do with your fertility count. Even if you have infertility, a chance in underwear won’t provide you with a solution. Rather than that, visiting a urologist as soon as possible might work better and with proven results. It does not matter the kind of underwear men wear.

It is always advisable for them to wear anything that makes them comfortable. This choice is entirely personal and will vary from one man to another. The only thing to consider is the scrotal temperature, which needs to be taken care of. The testicles might be a little bit cooler than the rest of the body temperature. It helps in producing proper sperm count. However, wearing any sung underwear does not make any difference, to be completely honest. But, one thing to consider is the material of fabric used for manufacturing underwear. Going for the cotton is a clear winner because of the breathable characteristic. You can wear such underwear for hours without feeling even a slight bit of discomfort.

Testicles need to remain at a cooler temperature than the rest of the body to promote sperm production. Pixabay.

What About Hot Tubs?

Some people believe that spending hours in a hot tub might change the production count, but that won’t stop a man from helping a woman to conceive. A hot tub does not have the power to impair a man’s sperm production. However, some studies have indicated that spending time in an environment with elevated temperatures can reduce sperm production, like sitting in a hot tub or steam sauna for long. For maximized sperm production, the man’s testicles should be in a temperature, which is 2 degrees cooler than the rest of the body temperature. So, most of the time, doctors will recommend men to stay away from such hot tubs or even keeping laptops over genitals for avoiding unnecessary heat exposure.

Even though heat exposure might be inadequate for producing good sperm, that won’t harm the fecundability too much. The connection of a man’s genitals being in a hot temperature with a woman being not pregnant is pretty scant. But, if you have any plan to maximize the present count and production of your sperm, it is always a healthy choice to avoid hot tubs. You will receive not more than one to two percent of benefit by avoiding hot tub bath, but in the long run, that small percentage will prove to be of ultimate help.

Sugary drinks don’t cause infertility, but it can lead to obesity, which does. Pixabay.

Sugary Drinks Might Make a Difference 

Consuming around one or more sugar-based drinks daily might impede the fertility of a man, as found in one study in May 2018. Some other researchers have evaluated the present consumption of sugar-based beverages by women planning to get pregnant and their male partners. For both genders, consuming any sugar-based drink was related to reducing the probability of conceiving while running down through a singular form of the menstrual cycle. Researchers have concluded by stating that drinking fruit juice or diet soda will have very little association when it comes to the infertility rate among men and women both.

However, obesity is one of the significant causes behind male infertility as it has been proven millions of times. So, drinking way too much sweetened and artificially flavored drinks can easily lead to fat accumulation in your body. This pure fat can turn into obesity trouble in no time, leading to male infertility to some extent. So, even though these drinks don’t have a direct connection to sexual impotence, indirectly, it might have some. That’s because of its association with obesity. So, curbing down the drinking ratio can help you maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Cutting back on alcohol can increase sperm production. Pixabay.

Drinking Alcohol and Sperm Production 

Some research shows that a mild form of alcohol consumption might lead to male infertility. There was a journal published in 2014, where researchers have analyzed the drinking habits of around 1200 male military recruits between the ages of 18 and 28. They further procured blood and sperm samples. As per the average count, men were studied to have consumed 11 drinks in the previous weeks. Half of these recruits told the researchers that the number of bottles that had the last week was their regular schedule. The more these recruits start to drink, the lower their sperm count turns out to be. It further lowers the sperm’s proportion that was previously normal in size and shape.

When it comes to male fertility issues, it has been found out that drinking too much alcohol is related to obesity and poor health. These two are the significant prognostic factors when it comes to assessing the infertility rate in a man. So, whenever a couple is planning to conceive, it is always recommended to limit the intake count of alcohol to help give them the best chances. As mentioned already, sperm remains active for the initial two to three days. So, trying to limit the use of alcohol two to three days prior intercourse might improve the chances of fertility.

Not enough sleep affects all normal functions of the body, including the sexual organs. PxFuel.

Poor Sleep and Male Infertility 

Some of the research studies have indicated that a lack of proper sleep can always affect the fertility rate of a man. Some studies were on fecundability and sleep duration, as published in March 2018. This study analyzed the relationship between productive strength and sleep duration among 1000+ couples trying to conceive. Men sleeping less than six hours every night on average will have more trouble getting their partners pregnant.

The standard form of per-cycle probability of men with less sleep, trying to get their wife pregnant, was around 40% less than those who had a good sleep at night for a minimum of 8 hours. So, getting proper sleep at night is a must if you want to get your wife pregnant. However, the natural way of getting good sleep is always recommended, as taking slowly induced sleeping pills might have adverse effects on your body, leading to male infertility as well.

Taking care of your body is essential to ensure that everything is working correctly, but there’s no shame in making an appointment with the doctor. PxFuel.

The Bottom Line

Taking good care of your health and introducing a healthy diet plan is all that you need to improve the fertility rate. When a couple fails to conceive, it is not always the woman’s fault. Visiting a doctor by keeping embarrassment at bay is one way to get rid of infertility issues right from the core. Always remember that the faster you can diagnose the problem, the easier it will be to find a solution and remove the stigma from your life. So, if you are making plans to conceive a human being with your partner, you better get yourself treated first!