The Truth About Male Fertility 

The blame usually falls on the women when a couple can’t get pregnant. Pixabay.

Differences Between Male and Female Fertility 

You must know that a woman is born with all her eggs intact, known as ovarian reserve. With passing age, they have fewer eggs within their reserve. Then you have some eggs whose natural DNA was damaged over time, and that might prevent them from fertilizing and getting pregnant when the right time comes. This section is called the reduction of egg quality. As the egg’s count and quality declines with passing time, it can be stated that with passing age, female infertility starts to get stronger.

Well, it becomes a tad bit different for the men then. To the contrary of limited and even non-renewable eggs in women at birth, the male testicles will create around 100 to 200 million new sperm daily. So, it is clear to state that men never have this issue of running out of sperm with growing age as that won’t happen like with women and their eggs. But, there are some factors like the age for sure, which can work with the ejaculation process and even sperm production in men. So, that results in a decline of male fertility in an individual.