The Truth About Male Fertility 

Sugary Drinks Might Make a Difference  Consuming around one or more sugar-based drinks daily might impede the fertility of a man, as found in one study… Trista - February 16, 2020
Sugary drinks don’t cause infertility, but it can lead to obesity, which does. Pixabay.

Sugary Drinks Might Make a Difference 

Consuming around one or more sugar-based drinks daily might impede the fertility of a man, as found in one study in May 2018. Some other researchers have evaluated the present consumption of sugar-based beverages by women planning to get pregnant and their male partners. For both genders, consuming any sugar-based drink was related to reducing the probability of conceiving while running down through a singular form of the menstrual cycle. Researchers have concluded by stating that drinking fruit juice or diet soda will have very little association when it comes to the infertility rate among men and women both.

However, obesity is one of the significant causes behind male infertility as it has been proven millions of times. So, drinking way too much sweetened and artificially flavored drinks can easily lead to fat accumulation in your body. This pure fat can turn into obesity trouble in no time, leading to male infertility to some extent. So, even though these drinks don’t have a direct connection to sexual impotence, indirectly, it might have some. That’s because of its association with obesity. So, curbing down the drinking ratio can help you maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Cutting back on alcohol can increase sperm production. Pixabay.

Drinking Alcohol and Sperm Production 

Some research shows that a mild form of alcohol consumption might lead to male infertility. There was a journal published in 2014, where researchers have analyzed the drinking habits of around 1200 male military recruits between the ages of 18 and 28. They further procured blood and sperm samples. As per the average count, men were studied to have consumed 11 drinks in the previous weeks. Half of these recruits told the researchers that the number of bottles that had the last week was their regular schedule. The more these recruits start to drink, the lower their sperm count turns out to be. It further lowers the sperm’s proportion that was previously normal in size and shape.

When it comes to male fertility issues, it has been found out that drinking too much alcohol is related to obesity and poor health. These two are the significant prognostic factors when it comes to assessing the infertility rate in a man. So, whenever a couple is planning to conceive, it is always recommended to limit the intake count of alcohol to help give them the best chances. As mentioned already, sperm remains active for the initial two to three days. So, trying to limit the use of alcohol two to three days prior intercourse might improve the chances of fertility.

Not enough sleep affects all normal functions of the body, including the sexual organs. PxFuel.

Poor Sleep and Male Infertility 

Some of the research studies have indicated that a lack of proper sleep can always affect the fertility rate of a man. Some studies were on fecundability and sleep duration, as published in March 2018. This study analyzed the relationship between productive strength and sleep duration among 1000+ couples trying to conceive. Men sleeping less than six hours every night on average will have more trouble getting their partners pregnant.

The standard form of per-cycle probability of men with less sleep, trying to get their wife pregnant, was around 40% less than those who had a good sleep at night for a minimum of 8 hours. So, getting proper sleep at night is a must if you want to get your wife pregnant. However, the natural way of getting good sleep is always recommended, as taking slowly induced sleeping pills might have adverse effects on your body, leading to male infertility as well.

Taking care of your body is essential to ensure that everything is working correctly, but there’s no shame in making an appointment with the doctor. PxFuel.

The Bottom Line

Taking good care of your health and introducing a healthy diet plan is all that you need to improve the fertility rate. When a couple fails to conceive, it is not always the woman’s fault. Visiting a doctor by keeping embarrassment at bay is one way to get rid of infertility issues right from the core. Always remember that the faster you can diagnose the problem, the easier it will be to find a solution and remove the stigma from your life. So, if you are making plans to conceive a human being with your partner, you better get yourself treated first!