10 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Garlic

Garlic is known for its curative value and there are bunches of medical advantages of garlic. From the olden days, the curative value of garlic has… Denis Courtney - January 25, 2017

Garlic is known for its curative value and there are bunches of medical advantages of garlic. From the olden days, the curative value of garlic has been valued. Sanskrit records guarantee that garlic cures were utilized 5,000 years back. Thus, Chinese medication has given much acknowledgment for the use of garlic for more than 3,000 years. Indeed, even the Greeks and Romans have been utilizing it from times immemorial. It might have been uncommon in English cooking, yet shapes a portion of Mediterranean Europe menu. Developers of pyramids devoured garlic for expanded physical quality and perseverance. The Spanish utilized it as an additive.

Garlic is a bulbous plant sharing the same family as the onion. The sulfur-based compound allicin gives its awesome taste, the taste tremendously got from the devastating, biting and cutting of cloves. This compound gives the therapeutic estimation of garlic.

Garlic is comprised of different mixes and in addition hostile to oxidants, which incorporate organosulphur, which comprises antimicrobial and pharmacological activities. Garlic is a plant that serves as a pharmaceutical also.

The taste may not be all that great, yet garlic can prove to be that much-needed food you really needed. This is conceivable as it has numerous medical advantages. Indeed, even individuals who are excellence cognizant and would lean toward a skin free from pimples can take garlic. The estimation of garlic can be valued on the off chance that we are knowledgeable about its medical advantages.

Scientifically, garlic is called Allium Sativum, an element of primal significance. A vegetable which includes that truly necessary flavor and upgrades the enticing remainder of the vast majority of our dishes, however, there have been open deliberations about whether to call it a spice, a herb, or a vegetable. Yes, we are discussing garlic, the ”stinking rose”, as the ancient people made reference to it. Other than being an important element in culinary purposes, garlic contains great medicinal value to the body.

Remember what our forefathers said, “nature cures, not the doctor” – Hippocrates, the father of western solution.

Have you ever thought about whether the vast majority of our diseases could be cured without taking in pieces of pills and tablets consistently? Garlic holds the way to a significant number of our well-being-related issues. Garlic contains vital sulfur mixes like alliin, allicin and diallyl. These sulfur mixes add to the sharp scent and in the meantime, make garlic an exceptional regular healer.

There are some who might oppose from using it in their everyday lives, despising its unconventional odor. Here are the 10 importance of garlic:

1. Improves Heart Health

Garlic is known to be one of the most important additives in one’s food as it not just improves one’s health but also improves one’s heart condition. Most people that use it as an additive in their foods escape from suffering from heart conditions and live healthy throughout their days, especially in their old age. As one takes garlic, it should be used daily although not in excessive amounts as it can also damage one’s joints, one is required to also do some exercises as he takes it.

Taking garlic improves one’s blood circulation in the heart and ensures that the heart lining is not damaged by making the tissues strong to Endeavour the pumping of the blood from the body to the heart through the blood vessels. Garlic also helps in slowing down the cholesterol level as it aids in the breaking down of excess fats in the body which ends up being sweat as they are excreted hence leading to one having a healthy body. The blood circulation of a person that takes foods containing garlic is far much better than that of a person that does not and the chances of him getting to suffer from heart disease are rare.

Garlic is the best additive as it gives one the morale to take the food as it is sweet and makes the food have a great aroma. In the heart, garlic plays a great role in slowing the development of arteriosclerosis which is known to effect to hardening of the arteries which leads to one being prompt to get a heart attack easily as a result of taking too much sugar and fats. Garlic also prevents one from suffering from stroke due to failure of functioning of some tissues as it ensures that the tissues are flexible and ready to absorb any sensitive factor that comes into contact with them.

For one to improve cardiovascular health and prevent the diseases that result due to heart failure one can use the following procedure take one or two crushed garlic daily in the morning, after doing that it is essential that you brush your teeth to avoid the irritating smell in your mouth. You can also take supplements of garlic and that is after consulting the doctor. Researchers have discovered that a standardized garlic powder is effective when one is required to take supplements.

2. Controls Hypertension

Researchers have shown that regular consumption of garlic also reduces one’s chances of getting to suffer from high blood pressure and other diseases especially a common disease known as systolic blood pressure which results from one failing to have enough antioxidant agents in her or his body. Garlic performs its function by acting as a vasodilator that increases the chances of one’s vessel opening wide during the pumping of the blood from the heart to the rest of the body at great pressure and enables the blood to flow smoothly throughout the entire process hence reducing the chance of one having struck or blood pressure.

It is advisable that people with blood pressure should eat raw garlic cloves daily on an empty stomach so as to enable the garlic to perform effectively and yield high results in reducing the number of times that one is affected by rising blood pressure and also reduces the need of one having to take artificial drugs that might lead to one being addicted to them or sometimes they fail to perform their function making the body suffer a great deal and might lead to an early death.

If one gets irritates by the taste of garlic, he or she can take milk after taking the garlic as it clears the traces of garlic taste on the tongue and is a natural drink without any chemical additives that might interfere with the performance of the garlic that you have consumed. Taking alcohol is not allowed during the period that one is using garlic as it worsens the conditions and kills the chances of one being able to yield results from the garlic paste that he or she has taken.

It is also advisable to take supplements if one cannot take garlic due to different reasons, these supplements should be taken strictly after seeking medical assistance from the doctors as different supplements that have been manufactured perform differently in people’s body and one’s body might not be able to withstand the effect of a certain supplement in his or her body. The procedure for making garlic paste is simple as another method is that you can add it in milk or water and drink it a few times a day, it is advisable to take the drink while it is still fresh as taking one that has lasted for more than a day might affect your body system.

3. Reduces Arthritis Pain

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in garlic help in reducing arthritis pain that results from one’s tissues not being able to withstand the friction that result from the tissues rubbing against each other. For centuries people have used garlic to escape from pain and joint inflammation asides from eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Garlic contains a compound known as sulforaphane that helps in the slowing of damage in the joint and arthritis pain. Garlic is discovered to be a member of the allium that includes onions too, they are discovered to contain a compound known as diallyl disulfide that helps in reducing the chances of one suffering from a disease known as arthritis pain, and it contains a compound that results in the reducing of the effect in the cartilage damaging enzymes.

Garlic fights inflammation and as a result, it reduces the result of one having inflammatory chronic-related disease. It is advisable not to take other chemical-related substances when using garlic like caffeine as it increases the rate of one’s joint weakening and therefore impairs the functioning of the garlic. Garlic does also contain a compound known as diallyl disulfide, this enzyme works in the body to ensure that limits the amount of cartilage-damaging enzymes.

People suffering from arthritis pain are advised to take garlic as an additive in their foods and to take it on an empty stomach mostly to ensure that the garlic performs effectively in the body. Regular exercise that does not include moving the body like running, jogging, or swimming is not advised, it is advisable to massage your joints smoothly after a few days while using garlic paste to rub around them so as to enable blood to circulate around the joints to be able to perform its functions again and to enable blood to circulate around it smoothly so that there can be reduced risk of one suffering from arthritis pain.

As usual, one is advised to take the garlic on an empty stomach as its performance might be disrupted when one takes food as it is not that strong on its own hence there is a need to consider the precaution. Taking garlic substitutes is also advised for persons that cannot withstand raw garlic, this should be done preferably after seeking doctor’s advice and being able to choose the right milligram dosage for the substitute you have been advised to take.

4. Boosts Immunity

The spice having vitamin C has greatly helped the people using it to boost their immunity, especially to the elderly and small children that the body is not strong to withstand the diseases that arise at their ages. Garlic also has minerals selenium and manganese that also helps in the boosting of the immune system. One does not have to worry about the need to take other artificial sources that contain them. When one has difficulties with the body’s absorption of minerals, the best solution is to take garlic as an additive in the food or to take it raw on its own.

Garlic has been able to strengthen the bodies’ defense; this is probably why most factories that produce food additives, beauty products and also medicinal drugs use it as one of the ingredients. For the mothers, they can use garlic when their infants are suffering from stuffy nose or cold or they are having chest problems, they simply make a concoction that has garlic as its main additive with milk and makes the infant drink it. This will help the baby’s nose be cleared and the chest will also be cleared from being congested therefore it will lead to the baby’s breathing problem disappearing without having to undergo a tiresome medical procedure.

It also has an antioxidant property that helps in reducing excess fats and sugars that might lead to one suffering from diabetes or obesity. This is done through the process of breaking down excess fats into glycogen that is used in the body and the rest is excreted, It is also advisable to do some exercises to make the body function properly and be able to pave way for a great immune system in the body.

Consumption of pure garlic has helped the body gain access to its antimicrobial property which helps in the fighting of unwanted microbes in the body and prevents one from suffering from fungal diseases like yeast infections. It strengthens the body’s ability to defend itself against any other unwanted diseases by improving its immune system; those people that care about their welfare should always consider the use of garlic for their immune system. Vitamin B6 that is present in the garlic is enough to help one from excessive bleeding as a result of lack of adequate platelets in the body as it helps in the production of the platelets in the required amount.

5. Treats Cough and Cold

Researchers have proved that garlic is a great antibiotic as it has antibiotic and antiviral properties that make it best for treatment of cold; garlic helps the body in the production of antibiotic hormones that prevent the body from producing pores internally as a result of inhalation of consumption of allergic substances. The antibiotic property aids the body’s to function by greatly improving the immune system and preventing the pores from being formed therefore leading to one not being attacked by cough or cold in the body as it also accelerates the sweat glands to produce sweat.

Garlic has a special taste that when a person suffering from cough taking a concoction that is prepared from it stops after taking it several times due to its antioxidant property as it opens up the breathing system and enables one to breathe in fresh air from the nostrils that is worm and therefore lead to one not getting cold or cough. The only requirement that one needs to make cold and cough disappear is to simply take a spoonful of raw garlic. The use of garlic simply provides decongestant effect, meanwhile, scientists have not been able to divide the components in the garlic so as to be able to access the different benefits differently, one just needs to take the whole raw garlic and it might even benefit one from gaining access from the whole garlic.

The procedure for making it is simply crushing fresh garlic then allowing the fresh garlic to gain some air and rest before using it. You can also opt to chop it by simply grinding it with your teeth if it will not irritate you. It, therefore, knocks out the cold and flu that affect your body daily in your life improving your health.

People that suffer from stomach problems are advised not to take raw garlic on an empty stomach as it may increase their chances of suffering from acid reflux and ulcers due to its high concentration in acidic properties. You can also use clove garlic by simply chopping them and putting them in between an apple slice to improve the taste of the garlic and to avoid using it with any other chemically concentrated stuff. Another method is the use of honey to prepare the concoction, especially for the children so that they can use it without causing problems as they consume it.

6. Fights Fungal Infection

Garlic has got an anti-fungal agent that can be used to ease fungal infection that results from one having infections due to having ringworms in his or her body, children that often experience the suffering from fungal infection as a result of lack of adequate hormones that cause the fighting of the fungi are required to take garlic paste when raw so that they can benefit from its effects. The anti-fungal agent in garlic has enabled people’s body system to be able to fight diseases that result in causing wounds on the skin’s surface.

People that are affected by Candida are also advised to use garlic so that they can reduce the itchiness that comes with it. Garlic also helps in the reduction of the production of excess proteins in the body so that if a person suffering from Candida has excess proteins in the body. Researchers have also been made and there has been discovered that garlic helps in reducing athletes’ foot infection that results from the foot’s excessive sweat and staying in dumb shoes for a long period of time. Its anti-oxidant property enables those that consume it to enable their skin to breathe frequently and exhale the excess sweat making the body free from infections, one is also advised to take a warm birth when infected with fungi infection to enable the body to breathe and prevent dirt that forms around the skin surface from becoming a wound.

People that are suffering from HIV/AIDS are advised not to use garlic as it results in impairing their antibiotics from not working instead they are advised to take supplements after consulting the doctor about it. A simple method to treat an infected wound is by applying garlic gel or garlic oil on the wound as you massage the ages of the wound smoothly to make the waste in the wound be excreted. Simply do this for a few days until the wound dries up completely. When dealing with affected areas in the mouth, simply apply garlic paste around it. You should always include raw garlic in your diet so that you do not kill the main components in it. Its antioxidant property makes the body to relax after taking a shower and then applying garlic on the body so that the body can ingest the components through the skin without any side effects.

7. Combats Allergies

There are several forms of allergies that occur from one body not being able to perform due to the availability of substances like fur, dust and cold in the surrounding. Some of the allergic diseases are asthma, sneezes, cough, sore throat and some people get to suffer from their skin forming rushes. This is often a result of the body’s immune system weakening on some certain antibiotic. Researches show that some allergies go away but some stay through the living period of the person. People that suffer from allergies result from the body’s immune system being weak to fight the properties.

Garlic reduces airway inflammation that occurs due to allergic rhinitis. It is advisable that people with allergies take raw garlic frequently when they have been attacked by the allergies, for the people that have rushes throughout their body they should apply raw garlic on the skin to make the rushes disappear. It is also medically advised that one should avoid taking in food substances that trigger hormonal imbalance in their body system so that they can make the use of garlic as a prevention to work effectively always. As one takes garlic to fight his or her allergies they should keep in mind that it acts as a blood thinner so they are supposed to seek medical assistance to know if they are not supposed to take them.

Garlic supplements should also be used after seeking medical assistance from experts. Those that are stung by allergic bees are required to apply garlic paste around their infected area immediately as it is known to contain basic fluids that in turn merge with the acids from the bee sting and neutralize it. People are entitled to take control of their breath after using garlic by brushing their teeth. Researches from medical institution show that some of the side effects of using garlic are the suffering from stomach upsets. Garlic also fights infections. Supplements from garlic are advisable to be used even though they do not work effectively like natural garlic. With all that in mind, it is better to come to a conclusion every day as you choose something to fight off your allergy that garlic is the best as it is among the rare spices that boost your immune system any time you use it. This is simply because it has vitamin C among its components and calcium.

8. Cures toothache

Toothache is the constant pain that arises as a result of one having weak tooth enamel around the jaws and might result in some teeth falling off and creating holes in it. This normally occurs when the teeth come into contact with hot substances or cold substances. The pain is usually severe and one cannot wish to be injected in the jaws to ease the pain as it is more painful. People tend to suffer most when they are trying to make their body rest during the night. When one goes to seek medical attention, it is difficult to know whether the pain is coming from the upper jaw or the lower jaw. Toothaches that result from the upper jaw can make one feel nauseous; the lower jaw pain affects the teeth extending to the parts of the ear, chick bones and forehead.

Use of garlic helps in the stopping of periodontal diseases that result from bacterial infection on the teeth and hard substances that support them. When your toothache persists for more than a day, it is advisable to use garlic paste by rubbing it with your finger around the affected area or if the symptoms do not go away and the pain persists, you should seek medical attention. The use of garlic only helps you to calm the nerves around the tooth, but it is highly advisable to see the doctor.

Garlic helps one to able to succumb diseases that arise as a result of periodontal abscess which leads to causing pores around the gum. Also, diseases like sinusitis are prevented as garlic contains anti-oxidant properties. Also during teething, babies can be able to succumb the pain that arises from the process by applying garlic paste around the enamel of the baby. If one does this to his baby he reduces the chances of the baby suffering from problems of teeth filing.

As for elderly people, the tooth need to be taken off if they cannot be cured to reduce the pain and suffering around the mouth enamel. After using the paste of garlic, one should brush the teeth to avoid the traces decaying and causing the teeth to ache even more and bad breath in the mouth. The anti-bacterial and analgesic properties in garlic are the ones that greatly improve the tooth from being relieved from decay.

9. Aids digestion

Digestive problems may be solved by daily inclusion of garlic in your food. This digestion problem may be caused by poor diet, side effects of some medicines and diet changes. Some of these digestion problems include ulcers, reflux and indigestion. Garlic helps in the normal functioning of both the small and the large intestines for the purpose of good digestion. This use of garlic was discovered over three thousand years ago. Garlic is known to be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-parasitic. This quality gives it the ability to tackle diarrhea, dysentery and even colitis. Raw garlic contains alliin which when chopped; minced or crushed joins alliinase to form allicin which gives the garlic its healing property. The garlic compound begins to work immediately after garlic enters the stomach as it dissolves almost immediately. It is then absorbed in the small intestines where it dissolves further. Garlic should be taken raw but if you are unable to take it raw then boil it a little because its healing power is reduced by heat. Garlic should be consumed in small amounts for large amounts of garlic intake may lead to severe stomach upsets. The best way of using garlic for digestion purposes is by adding it to your food during cooking.

For better results, garlic may also be used as spread on garlic avocado spread where the avocado is mashed with garlic cubes. Garlic for digestion may also be steeped in olive oil which can be used on foods as spreads, or dressing or can be added in other dishes. You can also go for garlic chaser, whereby, you put some garlic powder in your drink. Garlic protects the liver from harm as much as it triggers the liver to remove toxins from the body. Garlic is important as it triggers the mucous membrane of the uterus to prods mucus. This forms a stomach lining that prevents the gastric juices which have higher pH from corroding the stomach lining hence causing stomach upset and indigestion. Garlic has a natural sulfur component that confers not only a pungent smell and taste but also antioxidants that aid in digestion. Hence garlic is known to solve most digestive problems. Garlic also aids in dealing with intestinal gases due to its exemplary properties.

10. Inhibits cancer

To start with, cancer is a genetic disease containing super uncontrolled cell division. Garlic contains a lot of chemical components that are known and have been researched to protect against a lot of diseases including cancer, breast cancer and stomach cancer according to scientific findings can be prevented by garlic. Perhaps the health benefit of garlic can be traced back to photochemical which, during the extraction process are produced. This photochemical includes; ally cysteine and N-Alfa-fructose arginine. Gallic cultivated with selenium fertilizes natural garlic mostly prevents human cells from cancer development and spreading. Garlic in prevention and reduction of cancer cells is better option because unlike chemo which targets cancer tumor cells garlic targets the cancer stem cell.

Diallyl trisulfide commonly known by its abbreviation DATS is a byproduct of garlic that is metabolic and has been proven to inhibit the growth of the cells resulting from breast cancer in vitro and in vivo. ‘To control cancer, genes which promote cancer cell division must be completely done away with.

Allicin which is a product of garlic has been proven to contain growth-inhibitory properties for cancer cell. The allicin will fight the cancer cells that are present and inhibit others from growing or multiplying. Thus the presence of allicin in fresh garlic takes part in the altered morphology of cancer cells and growth reduction of the cancer cells.

The regular intake of Allium vegetables, garlic being in of them also helps in the control of cancer cells in the body. Some types of cancer that can be relieved by allium vegetables include the following; endometrial cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, hepatic cancer and cancer of the pancreas.

In the treatment of skin, it has been found, through scientific research that the molecular mechanism of garlic which is derived from a component ally sulfides aids in the inhibition of the progression of skin cancer. Allyl induces endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria-mediated apoptosis including the capsize-dependent. Garlic especially deals with cancer of the lungs and cancer of the digestive system. For those with cancer history in their families, garlic is the best preventive medicine.

Other than the above-named importance, garlic has its own side effects. This is; bloating, stomach upset, bad breath, gas and digestion problems are some of the problems related with garlic. So when using garlic one should be very careful while using garlic. People on blood thinning medication should avoid using garlic because it may temper the functioning of the medication. People with HIV too should avoid using garlic for it may block the Human Immunodeficiency Virus drugs