34 Ways To Rest Your Body Apart From Just Sleeping

By Trista
34 Ways To Rest Your Body Apart From Just Sleeping

Sleep is one of the most important things for your body. It helps to keep us healthy and also in a reasonable frame of mind. Even though it sounds silly, sleep gives us energy, but sometimes we still wake up exhausted. Your first step is to get enough sleep – between seven to eight hours of it. But, if you’re feeling exhausted even with that amount of sleep, you maybe need to look at other ways of resting throughout the day. This notion means giving your mind and body a break and allowing it to reset before moving on. Your body needs sleep to function correctly, but there are other ways to rest up and recover. 

Stress is something that takes a real toll on your body, so you need to take note of what causes you stress and if you can change that. Shutterstock.

Recognizing Stress

Most of us live very stressful lives. Work, money, relationships can bring on stress, and it affects our health sometimes. Our culture has become fast-paced, and we always feel the need to keep up with this – no matter the cost. 

Small things add to our stress, like getting stuck in traffic or answering a whole inbox of emails first thing in the morning. Because of this constant state of stress we are in, our sympathetic nervous system is activated.